Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 23

High Alert: The following update may be filled with the word that some of u all don’t like me to use but still it’s my responsibility to tell u all and its ……

Back to the story:
Purab reached their house and both Abhi and Pragya were in their respective rooms doing their own works. Purab yelled from the living room “Anybody here?” Abhigya were unable to hear as both their doors were closed. Purab’s voice was not loud enough to be heard.
Purab, This two are not even respecting when a friend of them is here!

With irritation, he called Abhi’s phone and he answered the call. Abhi “Hello Purab! Where are u now? We were waiting for u so long in the living room just now!” Purab in a frustrated tone said “I am at the living room now!” Abhi “Ok then we will come down now!” Before Purab could say anything Abhi ended his call. Purab “How rude is he? Never even say a sorry!” Abhi called up Pragya and asked her to come out. After a while, Purab saw both coming in opposite directions from different rooms. Purab, No wonder this two are like this.

Abhi walked in front as fast as he could and hugged Purab. Pragya, He is just overacting! He met Purab just earlier today and now he is hugging and kissing him as if he never see him for years!

Purab “Pragya di…How are u?” Pragya “Fine Purab as long he is far from me then I am fine…” Abhi looking at Purab said “As long she is near me then I am not fine Purab!” Purab “No! Not again! If u two want to tell each other something then tell it straight to each other’s face! I am not your messenger to convey both your feelings to each other!” Abhigya looked at each other as Purab blurted out his words.

Pragya in a low tone said “Sorry Purab….In our fights we bothered u….” Purab “No Pragya di..this is not what I want….” He said that by looking at Abhi. Abhi, Why is he looking at me like this? As if he is a police and I am a theif!!

Purab walked up the stairs and asked both to follow him. Abhigya too followed him not knowing what is he up to!
Purab “Pragya di where is your room?” Pragya pointed her finger to the room she stays. Purab “Where is yours Abhi?” Abhi pointed his finger to the room he stays. Purab again asked “Where is both your room?” They still pointed their finger to the rooms they stay. Purab “Really? So you two stayed in different rooms ah?”
Pragya “No Purab….he works in that room and I do my works in the room that I pointed at….” She signaled to Abhi to agree with him. Abhi “Haan she is right…both of us stay in the room that u are standing in front of….” Purab looked behind and opened the door of the room. Pragya came close to Abhi and whispered “Who ask u to say this room?” Abhi “You!” Pragya “I just signal u to agree with my words!” Purab “Acha…So you two stay in this room but it’s not occupied with any of your things….”
Abhi “Wo…Purab we just like to keep it simple!” Pragya, what is he blabbering again?
Purab “Ok from now onwards u two stay in this room….” He said that by taking pictures of the room.
Then he walked to Abhi’s room asking Abhigya to give way. Abhigya were still standing there clueless.
Purab took pictures of Abhi’s room and was about to pass Abhigya when Abhi stopped him. Abhi “Why are u taking pictures like as if u are investigating?” Purab “Ya I am investigating both your minds na…let me take pictures!” He made his way to Pragya’s room and took pictures there too.
Pragya whispered to Abhi “Is he like doing some property business? And planning to sell this house?” Abhi “How would I know? He is your bhai na…you should know what he does! Not me!” Pragya with frustration said“I shouldn’t even asked u!” She said that and looked at Abhi with a feeling of irritation.
Pragya “Why are u keep on taking pictures when u told us that we have to do something Purab!” Purab ”You are right di….I asked u all to the something already!” Abhi walking towards him said “What? When u said?” Purab “Both of u staying in that room together!” Abhi “We are already staying na…Am I right Pragya?” Pragya nodded her head in response. Purab in a sacarstic tone said “Ya ya I can see….and all the pictures also show that….”
Pragya “We can’t stay in the same room!” Abhi “Hey Pragya….why are u telling the other way now?” Purab “Listen….I have evidence that both of u are not staying in the same room…how long will it take for me to spread the news that Abhi the famous actor is acting with his own wife showing this pictures as proof?” Hearing that Abhigya were shocked and were keep on looking at each other. Purab walked to them and snapped his finger in front of them. Abhigya came back to senses and looked at Purab. Purab “I am not only friend to both of u but I can also be an enemy!” Pragya looking at Abhi said “This is all because of u!” Abhi “Me? It’s because of u! You started this arguments and fight!” Purab “I like when both of u are talking to each other rather than using my name!” Abhi “ Purab! You are very bad yaar!” Pragya “Yes I agree with that too!” Purab “So now u two are a team against me?” Abhi “Yes! Come on Leiko! We will discuss a way to defeat this frenemy!” Purab with a light chuckle asked “Frenemy?” Pragya who was standing beside said “Yes You are our friend and enemy! Frenemy!” Abhigya walked into the room that Purab asked them to stay in and before closing the door Abhi signaled a thank u sign to him by bowing a bit to him while Pragya was not looking at his doings.

Purab, This Abhi na…he made all this plans but now he is signalling thank u to me….then Pragya di she is also smart as she wanted them to be in the same room too! She called me earlier and asked me to do something to bring them closer in some way……Whatever it is my work is done and now I can leave from here!

Abhi inside the room looked at Pragya who was sitting on a chair over there. Pragya “What are u looking at?” Abhi “Leiko….I am sorry…”Pragya “Sorry?” Abhi “Sorry for being irritating….” Pragya “No…I should be the one sorry na….Sorry Kiddy….” Abhi “You really like to call me Kiddy?” Pragya pleasingly said “Please…Let me call u this way….You know I thought for so long about this nickname!” Abhi “Why is that so?” Pragya “You are such a superb star! So the name also should be superb right?” Abhi in a mocking tone asked “In what way is this superb?” Pragya “In a childish way…” Abhi “How long had u thought about this name?” Pragya “Always….whenever I saw u….From the day your interview was telecasted where u said I would love to have pet names from your loved ones!” Abhi in a surprised tone asked “That was like more than a month ago….and u are thinking from then? It means u think I consider u as my loved one?” Pragya looked blushingly at him but tried to cover up with her words. Pragya “Yes u are my friend who is like a loved one to me!” Abhi “Very good one! A friend who is a loved one…I like that…” Abhi walked towards where Pragya was sitting. It made her breathe heavily in his closeness towards her but he extended his hands to take the remote control on the table behind her. She gave a deep sigh and Abhi with a witty smile said in her ears “Don’t worry Leiko….now only u said I am your friend na…so I won’t cross my limits as a friend!”

Pragya, But I am worried what if I cross my limit falling in love with u….what if I love u limitlessly?
Abhi started to watch TV but mostly his attention was on Pragya who was in deep thoughts looking aimlessly at different directions.
Abhi, I know her glance is not towards me but every glance of hers is saying something…it’s saying something to clear my confusion….I feel intoxication at every glance of hers. The intoxication that clears all my confusion.

Pragya now looked at Abhi who was intently looking at her.
Pragya, I don’t know why do I even have to confuse u and make so many confusions in your life….Is it because I love u….Is it because I love this confusions that makes u intoxicated in my love….Maybe in my life confusions are intoxications…Even confusions are intoxications but does it matter when I love this intoxication? The intoxication that makes u love me…..

Abhi unknowingly increased the volume while still looking at Pragya. Both came back to senses when the volume was extremely high.
Pragya “Are u trying to make me deaf? Lower the volume!!” Abhi “Sorry…I just…wait I am lowering the volume..” Pragya saw him turning off the TV instead of lowering the volume. Pragya “Why u turned it off? You are not watching TV?” Abhi “No mood Leiko…Feeling sleepy now….” Pragya “Ok…then I shall sleep in my room….” Abhi “No!! You remembered what Purab said? His spy is still around…You can’t leave now!” Pragya “Who is his spy?” Abhi “Who else? The person I ask me to work for…Ronnie!” Pragya “Oh ya…I never thought about this…ok I sleep here too…let me switch off the lights first….” Abhi “You can sleep beside me too!” Pragya “No Kiddy…I sleep in the couch here…it’s good here too!” Abhi was disappointed inside and cursed the couch being in the room. Abhi “Ok Leiko….Sleep well and tell me if u need anything…” Pragya smilingly said “Thank u…and u make me feel like a guest in your room…” Abhi “Do u feel that way?” Pragya walking towards the switches said “Kind of…you sound like that…” Abhi from his bed asked “Then teach me how to be not like a guest to u…” Pragya switched off the lights and headed to the couch to sleep. Abhi “Tell me na….” Pragya “Good night Kiddy…Feeling sleepy and don’t have the energy like u to talk!” Abhi “You are always like that…leaving me in confusions!” There was no response from Pragya which made Abhi realize that she had slept.
Abhi, I will make sure she reveal all her inner feelings for me as long she is near me…More planning needs to be done and for that I need to sleep…..
With that he slept with the thoughts of her…..
Abhi very innocently asked “I need your help Leiko…” Pragya asked in amazement “My help?” Abhi “Yes….it’s complicated though…first u have to close your eyes then close your ears and mouth….and lastly close your mind that is always making me confusing!” Pragya made a loud sound “Huh?” Abhi “I said na it’s complicated…just follow what I say so that u can help me….” Pragya, Now what is he up to…he is the one always confusing me…how am I even going to close my mind?

Very sorry for the late update as I was busy with some events as mentioned in the another update. Hope this was not b….. if it’s so then I am very sorry again…..

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