Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 22

Abhi just left a note on the tea table saying that he won’t be back to house for few days as he is busy in his night shoots. Pragya was left alone in the house and thought he was really angry with her nickname. That was the reason why he didn’t even texted or called and inform her.
Pragya, It’s okay….In a way it’s good that he is busy…it also helps me to concentrate on getting Raj uncle’s whereabouts. How can Raj uncle just message me and say that he left the country but his name was not on the passenger’s list! Have to think where he could have gone….Maybe he could have gone somewhere that he likes…..

Pragya left the house with a baggage locking the door and told the security guard that she is leaving somewhere for few days.
Abhi, What is this? Why did they even say there is schedule when all the junior artistes are on strike? Now I ended up sitting in caravan playing candy crush in my phone!
He was getting bored as time passed as he was keep on winning in the game.
Abhi, So boring! There is no ups and downs in this game! I think I just go back to home! At least I can tease Leiko…Anyways I don’t think they would start the shoot…..
He went out of the caravan to inform the producer of his decision to leave from there.
Producer saw him and said “Sorry sir! Still there is some issues going on….why not u leave first and we will shoot the rest of the scenes when we settle everything.” Abhi “No problem! I was also about to say that I want to leave….Hope everything gets settled and call me if u need anything too!” Then Abhi left from there straight to his house when the security guard signaled to him something. Abhi “What are u trying to signal?” Security guard “Sir! Madam left the house!” Abhi in a panicking tone asked “What? What are u saying?” Security guard “Madam said she is leaving somewhere for few days…” Abhi “Why can’t u say like that before? Why do u even have to say she left the house? I got scared for a second!” Security guard “Sorry sir….” Abhi with a frustrated face said “It’s ok…”
Abhi continued to drive in and after parking the car went to the house. Abhi wondered, where did she go and that too in night? Why she never even inform me? Is she fed up with my anger?
Abhi saw the note the he placed on the table and saw something written on it in a different ink color from he used.

Pragya wrote:
I am going somewhere to get something…If u want something (food) u can get it from fridge….I wrote this just in case u return early as sometimes something happens suddenly to change some of our plans!
Bye Kiddy….(Don’t be like a kid thinking about me…)
From Leiko….

Abhi smiled seeing the note but he couldn’t stand the word kiddy! He drew a heart around the word and started to color with his pen.
Abhi, Now it looks better without that name and it looks lovely with her heart for me! But wait this work is not even my plan…it was already planned for me and I just need to go and act na…..then why she wrote like that? Doesn’t she know this? Whatever it is she is still a puzzle to me!
Abhi went to his room and got changed to a comfortable wear and was curious to see what’s in her room!
Abhi, Why not I go and see what’s in her room as she is not around!
Abhi tried to open the door but it was locked. Abhi, I should have guessed it before! How could she leave her room unlocked! Wait is there any other way that I can enter her room?

He called Dadi. Dadi “Why u called me at this time Abhi?” Abhi “Dadi! She went out somewhere and I want to enter her room!” Dadi “Ok for that why are u asking permission?” Abhi “I didn’t ask permission Dadi but I can’t enter! She locked it!” Dadi with a smirk asked“Oh I see….then what should I do for that?” Abhi “You know what I am telling! You are just making it difficult Dadi!” Dadi “Alright…. where are u now?” Abhi impatiently told “At house Dadi if not where else?” Dadi “I know that too where in house?” Abhi “Outside her room!” Dadi told to follow her instructions and he reached the storeroom of the house. Abhi in amazement said “Dadi! This is the first time I am seeing a storeroom like a mini house!” Dadi “Oh Abhi! Control your excitement and did u see a black cabinet there?” Abhi “Yes!” Dadi “Open it!” Abhi “Omg! Why there are so many keys?” Dadi “All are spare keys for the rooms and for Pragya’s room….I think it should be one of them!” Abhi “Dadi! Are u serious? How can I even try every single key? It will take hours!” Dadi “For your love u can spent all night trying!” Abhi looking at the keys in disbelief said “I will try….” Dadi “But where did Pragya went?” Abhi with hesitation said “I don’t know Dadi…” Dadi “What? You don’t know? Why u never ask her?” Abhi “I will tell u everything later…Bye!” With that he ended the call. He took the bunch of keys and walked back to her room.
Abhi, Which one is the key to her heart’s room?

Abhi found it waste of time to try one by one. He closed his eyes and randomly picked two and looked at them.
He tried but both also didn’t turned out to be the correct one. In the he ended trying everything until he found the last one to be right key!
Abhi, It’s always like this! Is this why she said sometimes something happens suddenly to change some of our plans! My plan was to use luck but in the end it was trial and error!
He went inside and with the lights on he looked around.
Abhi, not bad…the room is nice just like her….
He went to her cabinet and looked at her things.
Abhi, What is this box? Let me see….it seems to be very old….He took the box and placed on the bed.
Abhi, Let me see what is inside this….
He slowly opened the box and looked around if anyone is watching him.
Abhi, How silly of me! Why am I scared to open this when no one is around here?? Come on Abhi! You can do this!
Once he opened the box he was disappointed to see nothing in it!
Abhi, For this I was scared! Why there is nothing in this? I thought usually in this kind of antique boxes they keep something special…like in movies….but she never keep anything! It’s just an empty box and for this she kept it in her cabinet! Let me keep this out on the side table….
He kept it on the side table and left her room as he couldn’t find anything interesting to explore….

Few days later:
Pragya returned home with a sad face and saw Abhi sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. Abhi “How are u?” Pragya with a tired look said “Fine…I am going to my room to rest….” Abhi “Ok and rest well…” He was in contact with her for past few days with messages and calls so he was relieved in that way but he didn’t enquire where she was all the while. Abhi understood she was not interested to tell him and he also felt he shouldn’t be disturbing her asking her whereabouts.
Pragya opened her door and saw the box out of her cabinet! She rushed out of her room and went to see Abhi.
Abhi “I thought u said u want to rest and why are u running like this to see me?” Pragya in a frustrated tone said “Did u went to my room?” Abhi “Yes…no…Why should I go to your room?” Pragya “You said yes first! So it means yes!” Abhi “Ya so what?” Pragya “Who ask u to go to my room?” Abhi with a smirk said “To help u tidy your room just like the way u helped me that day!” Pragya “I went to your room as it was left open! But u went to a locked room! Don’t u have the manners to ask permission before entering someone’s room that is locked!” Abhi “I went and I never do anything….then for what are u now screeching like this?” Pragya “You did something! Didn’t u open my cabinet and took out my box?” Abhi “It’s just an empty box! And I never steal it too!” Pragya “Acha…entering other’s room is also stealing! It’s like stealing their privacy!” Abhi “I don’t care and I am leaving! You entered my room without my permission and I entered yours! Tit for tat!” Pragya “Arrey! How can u leave just like that?” Abhi was irritated with her senseless argument and left the house.

Pragya went near the entrance and saw him driving away in his car and he saw her through the car’s rear mirror where Pragya was standing with irritation.
Abhigya were annoyed with each other and were not talking to each other for the next few days. Abhi then one day came with a person. Pragya was in the kitchen and hearing his voice came out of the kitchen. Abhi “Ronnie…this is Pragya…the madam of this house! Just ask her what she wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You will manage anything regarding my works and this house too! So appoint a cook, helper and as much people u want to help u in the works that I want to finish!” Ronnie “But sir…why can’t u tell Pragya madam about this?” Abhi “Just do as I said and don’t ask any questions!” Ronnie nodded his head in response and Abhi walked up to the stairs giving a deadly stare to Pragya. Abhi from the stairs not looking back said “One more thing Ronnie! I am your boss and Pragya madam will tell something to confuse u! But u shouldn’t be affected by it! If u can do this then I will give bonus in your salary every day!”

Pragya hearing all this was completely annoyed but gave a smile and said “Ronnie….tell your boss that he is still a kid in his actions…..” Abhi with anger just headed towards his room and never looked back at her.
Ronnie asked Pragya “Pragya madam…is there any fight between u and sir?” Pragya “Not a fight…just a small irritation and by right I was irritated with him….but he is irritated for no reason…” Ronnie “Madam…I think u shouldn’t prolong this too much….what if it affects his work?” Pragya “You are right Ronnie…I know he is a bit emotional person too….” She said that by remembering what he had done in airport. Pragya “But he is not even looking at me! He is always in his room and when he is out of room, he just leaves the house…..” Ronnie “I can make u two meet someone I know….he is very good at dealing husband and wife issues….” Pragya “You mean counsellor?” Ronnie “Yes madam….I can make sir come there and u can also go there…”

Ronnie somehow managed Abhi to bring him to a place. Abhi “Ronnie! How can a fan of mine wants to meet me at here?” Ronnie “Sir he is a counsellor here and he would like to meet u! It’s his small wish before he leaves this country!” Abhi “I don’t have much time….Just for a while! Did u get that? I am just here because u were keep on requesting me…” Ronnie “Ok sir! I will go and ask him whether is he free to meet u….” Abhi “What are u telling ah? He should be free now to meet me! I don’t have time to wait!” Ronnie in a scared and shivering voice said “Sorry sir…I am going now to tell…” With that he quickly rushed inside to the room…..A few minutes later, Pragya also reached the place and Abhi seeing her was shocked. Pragya acted as if she was also shocked to meet him and sat on the sofa in the reception area.

Abhi, Because of this Ronnie I need to see her again! Who is the counsellor? Why can’t he come and see me? I have to come here to see him!! That’s so ridiculous!
Pragya, He looks so irritated….looking at his face there is no sign of smile…Did he forgot to smile?

Ronnie came out of the room and signaled Abhi to come in and he was relieved that he escaped from Pragya. Abhi “You are here??” Purab in a cool way said “So it’s u!” Abhi heard someone opening the door and turned back to look who it was. He saw Pragya and asked “You are here??” Purab “Don’t u have anything to ask other than this?”Abhi was about to stand up from his seat. Pragya “Purab sometimes some people are scared of others!” Abhi “Purab! I am not scared of anyone…it’s some people who are just irritating for no reason!” Pragya “Purab there is always a reason for irritation…” Abhi “Purab…” Purab “Stop it!! Wait!! First Pragya di take a seat!” Abhi “Pragya di? When did this happened?” Purab “Abhi bhai…Is that ok?” Abhi “I don’t want respect like this from my friends…it’s ok call her whichever way u want….” Pragya “You see na Purab..he is getting annoyed and angry for this kind of small things!” Abhi “So u are here to complain about me to Purab?” Purab “Abhi…please be silent for a while….let her tell her point of view….” Abhi remained silent and Pragya told whatever she felt for past few days….Abhi “Now can I tell what I felt? She is done right?” Purab nodding his head in agreement said “Ok Abhi….” Abhi told whatever he felt and hearing to both Purab smiled. Purab “Ok so…for the box u all had an argument?” Abhi “Don’t u find it funny too?” Pragya “It’s not just a box….it’s….never mind u two won’t understand….”Purab “Ok di….I can understand there is some connection that u have with it….but the problem is not because of the box….the problem is with both of u…. And You really need some counselling Abhi!” Pragya “You are right Purab!” Abhi “What right? You all think I am mad or what?” Purab “Not like that Abhi…Anyways Pragya di also needs it!” Pragya in disbelief asked “Why me?” Purab “Listen carefully…both of u will be counselled by me…ok?” Abhigya at the same time yelled “Not ok!!!” Purab felt like hitting his head with the paper weight on the table as he saw Abhigya starting their nok jhoks.
Purab in a firm tone said “Ok stop!” Abhigya stopped arguing. Purab drank a glass of water to cool him down. Abhigya at the same time said “We need water too!” Purab “First stop talking like this non-stop….Just listen to me to what I have to say….Look it can be clearly seen that both of u have to do something now!” Abhigya at the same time in confusion asked “What?” Purab “I will tell both of u if u two respect me as your friend….” Abhi “Ofcourse Purab!” Pragya too nodded her head in response. Purab “Ok then I will meet both of u at your house tonight!”

I feel intoxication at every glance. The intoxication that clears all my confusion.
Even confusions are intoxications but does it matter when I love this intoxication?

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