Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 21

Abhi reaching the place stared at her and then looked back at the place again. He was repeatedly doing that. Pragya by removing the seat belt said “Wait here! I will be back!” Abhi was still sitting on the car and looked at Pragya. Abhi “Stop! You can’t go!” Pragya impatiently said “Why are u stopping me? I need to go!” Abhi “Wait!” He turned behind and took his jacket that was placed on the back seat. Abhi “Wear this and leave! Can’t you see how wet u are!” Pragya took the jacket and wear it in a hurry and was about to open the door of the car. Abhi “Zip it up!” Pragya looked at Abhi and was trying to zip it up but couldn’t do it properly in a rush. Abhi leaned forward and zip the jacket making Pragya feel his closeness towards her. Abhi “It’s so simple! Now u go!” Pragya quickly opened the door and rushed off.

Abhi, What is she trying to do? She could have just said she want to go airport! For this she was giving me instructions as if I am new to this city! If she want to sent off someone, why did she ask me to come with her? Funny girl!

Abhi was now looking at the airport entrance with a couple arguing and saw the woman leaving with tears by taking an auto and the man walking towards the airport in a tensed face. Abhi yelled “Oh no! Is Leiko leaving the country just because we argued before?” Abhi rushed out of the car and searched for Pragya in the airport.

Pragya saw him running towards somewhere and tried to go behind him. Abhi looked perplexed and thought, Where is she now?
Pragya patted his back and asked “What are u doing here?” Abhi turning back hugged her. Pragya was shocked. Abhi started to cry and kissed Pragya’s forehead. Both had eye lock until Pragya realized he was leaning forward to kiss her lips. Pragya “Arrey! What are u trying to do?” Abhi still crying said “ I thought u left me Leiko!” Pragya looking around saw a lot of people taking pictures of them with their phones.
Pragya “Oh god! You just come with me!” She held his hand and dragged him out of the airport amid the crowd. Abhi was keep on crying. She had to say sternly “Enough of crying!” Abhi stopped for a while and asked “Where are we going?” Pragya “To your car!” Abhi again cried. Pragya “Will u stop?” Abhi “I am trying but it’s coming again!” By then they reached the car and Pragya “I will drive! You sit beside me!” Abhi wiping his tears with his hands said “Ok….” Pragya could still hear his weeping sounds. Pragya couldn’t believe he was such a cry baby!
Abhigya reached house and Abhi left the car first and walked fast to his room. Abhi closing his door thought, How foolish was that! Why did I cried so much! It’s so embarrassing and how do I face her now?

Pragya knocked his door. Abhi “I am busy! You come later!” Pragya “ Just open the door!” Abhi “No! You come later!” Pragya opened the door and looked at him sitting on the edge of the bed. Pragya “I came to return your jacket!” She walked passed him and placed the jacket on a chair. Pragya looked at Abhi who was looking at her intently with a worried face. Pragya sat beside him. Pragya taking a deep breath said “Ok…I am sorry!” Abhi “Why do u need to feel sorry? I was just over emotional for no reason.” Pragya “I know…leave that aside…I should have told u why I brought u there…I should have told u why I asked to wait for me too…..but I made u confused…” Abhi “As always….” Pragya “What as always?” Abhi “Make me confused!” Pragya “It’s u who make me confused all the time!” Abhi “Hello! I am not like that! Then why did u said to Dadi that u like to be in confusion?” Pragya hearing that said “Huh? When did I say like that?” Abhi “The day after we came here and u were handling Dadi in kitchen….Don’t u remember that?” Pragya “Oh that one….that was just…” Abhi “If I confused u it’s all for fun and pass time! I have no one here to be fun with!” Pragya “Excuse me…are we here to have fun?” Abhi “I don’t know!” Pragya “Don’t say u are going to start the I don’t know mantra!” Abhi with a wink said “I don’t know!” Pragya stood up in irritation. Abhi pulled her hand and made her sit again. She was folding her arms and was not looking at him. Abhi “Acha Leiko…so u don’t like to be confused?” Pragya nodded her head in response. Abhi “But I can’t understand one thing Leiko…” Pragya “What is that?” Abhi “Why are u so confusing? I mean who will make others to be this much confused when in the first place you don’t want to be confused!” Pragya with a calm smile looked at Abhi.

Abhi “Will u say something?” Pragya “I am not confusing….I am just giving u hints so that u won’t be confused! My confusions are your hints kiddy!” Abhi “What? I shouldn’t have asked about this! This is even more confusing now! Wait u called me kiddy?” Pragya “Yes kiddy! My nickname to u! You always behave like a kid! Which means u are kiddy!” Abhi in shock “What kind of name is this? It sounds so childish!” Pragya “That’s what it meant! Like a small child!” Abhi got angry hearing to all this and walked away from her. Pragya was still sitting at the place where she was and looked at him walking out of his room. Pragya, I like his concern….but what to do when my concern for him is confusing?
Pragya was about to leave the room and that’s when she something caught her sight. She saw a dvd of a movie named A Confucian Confusion on his dressing table. Pragya smiling pleasantly thought, Itna confusion….until he is watching movies titled with confusion? What can I say? If I think about what happened earlier today makes me feel Does he thinks life is like movie where the heroine leaves the hero suddenly by taking a flight? He is really a kid in his thoughts….

Abhi, I don’t like that name! Kiddy! How weird is it!! I want to kill her for that name! No no killing her is too cruel…. maybe I should kill her mind! Ya her mind is my enemy!

Purab “You really need some counselling Abhi!” Pragya “You are right Purab!” Abhi “What right? You all think I am mad or what?” Purab “Not like that Abhi…Anyways Pragya also needs it!” Pragya in disbelief asked “Why me?” Purab “Listen carefully…both of u will be counselled by me…ok?” Abhigya at the same time yelled “Not ok!!!” Purab felt like hitting his head with the paper weight on the table as he saw Abhigya starting their nok jhoks.

This is in reply to eshe, I can only type whatever comes to my mind for that day….The length of each update just depends on my brain’s capacity. My brain is another confusing component in my life haha…That’s why my updates are sometimes short and sometimes long… And I also have hand pain that is on and off for some strange reason…so hope u all understand. That’s why I can’t reply anyone for the past 2 updates. Once again thank u everyone for reading!

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    nice di…his crying…becoz of the thought of losing her..and the funniest part is the nickname..loved it…as always u r superb….

  6. Kiddy???? This name really suits him?? and the episode was superb??abhi crying with the thought that pragya is leaving him was so cute????? loved it❤️❤️❤️ Waiting for the next one!

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