Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 19

Pragya, How can he not be angry at me even for the fact that I was the reason for the goon attack? Ok He said I am not the real reason behind the attack and there is someone else who made me do it! But still he should be angry right? Or at least question me why I did like that? He don’t even care to question me? How is that possible?
Pragya was in her room and don’t even feel like getting out of the room. That’s when she heard loud bang noise.
Pragya, What’s that sound?
She wondered what was that and opened the door to check it out.
Pragya, What is this? Why are there so many people? Why are they decorating the house?
Abhi “Finally u came out from the cave!” Pragya hearing that looked to her left side. Abhi was standing there and winked at her. Pragya “Huh? What cave?” Abhi “Your room! It’s like a cave to u right? Always staying inside it and sleeping like a bear!” Pragya “What? Bear?” Abhi “Yes! But u are small in size so maybe teddy bear?” Pragya “Stop it! And tell me what is going on here?” Abhi “Decorations!” Pragya “I can see that too but why?” Abhi looking at Pragya said “I feel a bit shy to tell here….” Pragya “Shy? For what?” Abhi “You come with me to my room then I will tell u!” Pragya “Why there? Just tell me here!” Abhi “Ok nevermind! Let me tell inside your room then…” Pragya “Ok….” Abhi went inside her room along with her. He locked the door and said “You shouldn’t get shocked!” Pragya “First tell me why is the decorations for!”

Abhi “Why are u so impatient?” Pragya “Because I am also staying here!” Abhi dragging his words said “Ok…I am telling u now….It’s for Suhaag raat celebrations!” Pragya in shock screamed “What? Are u serious?” Abhi “Sssh! Please be silent!” Pragya was totally confused hearing that and said “Who will have celebrations for that? Are u really in your senses?” Abhi sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at Pragya. Pragya “Say something!” Abhi “It’s a family custom again!” Pragya “Bakwass! How can any family have this has a celebration?” Abhi with a sad pout said “Our family is having it and what can I do for it?” Pragya “Don’t play with me like this if not I will call and ask Dadi!” Abhi stood up and walked towards where she was standing. Pragya was keep on frowning in anger. Abhi being near to her asked “How will u ask Dadi? Dadi is there any celebration for Suhaag raat? Like that?” Pragya without thinking said “Haan!” Abhi looked at her surprisingly and Pragya realized what she said and mumbled “No! like…oh god! What is this?” Abhi holding her arms said “You look cute when u are confused! By the way it’s a celebration for our wedding! Some sponsors want to throw a party!” Pragya with a sigh said“Oh I see….” She looked at his hand still holding to her arms. Abhi noticed that and said “In the party, I have to hold u too! If u are feeling uncomfortable for this….then later it would be even worse…” Pragya “I know…now leave me.. Later it’s just acting…it’s easy for u right?” Abhi hearing that left her hand suddenly. Abhi “Not always it’s acting…sometimes acting can be acts of love too….” By saying that he immediately headed towards the door and unlocked it. Abhi turned back and looked at Pragya. Abhi “Sometimes…we need to act to get the acts of love! Anyways Get ready for the party Leiko! It’s at 7 pm in the evening!” Pragya nodded her head in response.

Abhi went off from there. Pragya, He said that I am not direct in my words…but he is also like that…playing with words like acting and acts of love! He makes me confused and is saying I am cute in confusion!
Pragya was looking at her wadrobe to see what to wear for the party.
Pragya, I won’t wear saree…what if he touch my waist like the last time in the dance? Yes should be safe this time!

Just then she got a message from Abhi. Pragya looked at it and smiled widely. Someone knocked the door and she opened expecting to be Abhi but was disappointed to see some other person.
The person “Abhi sir had asked u to pass this bag!” Pragya taking the bag thanked the person and went inside her room.
Pragya, So this is Dadi’s selection of attire for me? Not bad…the design looks amazing with the intricating stone works! Wait! It’s a saree! Oh god! Why like this should happen to me?
Abhi once again texted her but it was a whatsapp message.
Pragya, He sent a video? What is this?
It was loading to be downloaded and Abhi sent a message now.
Pragya, What is this now? How can he even just text me and tell this?? I won’t leave him for doing this!!
She stomped out of her room with her phone. But was surprised to hear his voice from the living room. Abhi was talking to one of the person working for the decorations. Pragya went down the stairs with full of anger. Abhi not facing her whispered to the man in front of him “Is she coming near us?” Man “Yes sir!”Abhi “Now watch how I will make her go back!”Abhi loudly said to the man “Do u know like some people always come behind u to just ask u why u never tell me this or why u never tell like that?” Pragya hearing that thought, Is he like referring to me? But he never saw me! Let me listen what is he trying to tell….

Pragya moving her head forward tried to hear what he was telling.
Abhi “You know bhai… If we never inform them in person meant we are busy! We are not free like them to tell every single thing face to face! You should understand na…at least we send a message to inform about it!” Pragya, Now it’s sure he is only talking about me! I just have to accept what he informed me through message.
Pragya walked back the stairs slowly and the man informed that she was not near to them anymore….Abhi asked the man “Is she turning back and looking back many times?” Man “Yes sir! How u know without even looking behind?” Abhi with a smile said “It’s the looks of love! How can I not know? Anyways u continue the work! Thanks for the help Bhai!”
Abhi walking out of the house thought, I know u are worried Pragya….but this is not like I am limiting u or controlling u just for a party…I don’t know how u will even feel about what I expect u to do…. I don’t know whether I am limiting u or controlling u….but whichever way it is…..I am only limiting u or controlling u by my love…

Pragya, Controlling! He is just controlling my actions! Who is he to say I should control my baks baks and also tell me to dance with him with no control? I know he is my husband but that doesn’t mean he can control me in this way!! This is not even control! This is like ordering me! The worst thing is he even sent me a video of the dance that he expects me to dance with him!!
The time came for the party with all the guests coming slowly and Pragya was all dressed up in the striking saree. She was already in the living room inviting the guests together with Dadi. Her family was present but Abhi was not at home. Dadi asked Pragya “Does he even know the party is for both of u?” Pragya “He knows Dadi….I think he should be stuck in traffic! Let me call him and ask….” Pragya called Abhi but his phone was unreachable. Pragya, He is purposely doing this! Always making me tensed!
She was about to hit her head with the phone and that’s when she heard his voice.
Abhi “Hello everyone! I know u all are waiting for my arrival! That includes my worried wife too!” Pragya hearing that smiled reluctantly and thought, I am not worried! But where is he? I can only hear his voice!

She looked around everywhere along with all the people. Abhi “I am everywhere! Everywhere in all your hearts!” Hearing that some girls placing hands on their chest and said “Aww that’s so sweet of him!” Pragya, Very lame! And this is not at all sweet!
Abhi “Ok enough of waiting for me when I am just in behind my wife!”
Pragya, What? He is behind me?
She and everyone present there looked behind and there was no one there!
Abhi “Wow! I am impressed with everyone here for following my words! This shows how much u all follow me!” Pragya, This is the limit and he is just making fun of everyone!
Abhi “Look in front….I am coming inside the house now!”
Everyone followed his words except for Pragya. Abhi came in with an ovation by others. He smiled and greeted everyone while walking towards the direction of his love.
Abhi, Looks like she is frustrated by my words!
He patted her shoulder and she turned back. Abhi “How are u my worried wife?” Pragya rolling her eyes said “Fine!” Abhi slowly placing his hands around her waist whispered to her “You have to smile…and that too always….” Pragya “Haan I know….” She continued to smile and he walked with her still holding onto her.

Abhi “Looks like u are still angry towards me…” Pragya “Why should I be angry?” Abhi “Because u are an angry bird!” Pragya “Very funny!” Abhi “I am sorry….u are not a bird! U are a flower! How can flowers get angry?” Pragya hearing that tried to hide her smile but couldn’t seeing his face secretly. Abhi “Ok now I will leave u as everyone is looking at us talking!” Abhi left her and went in front to address everyone. Abhi “Thank u everyone for coming! I didn’t plan this party and it’s a sudden one just like my marriage! Everything was done by my sponsors. So I thank them too!” Pragya hearing that thought, Everything is sudden in our case!
Abhi “But it’s ok guys…Sudden and unexpected events in life is interesting too!”
Pragya, Interesting? But it’s irritating too!
Abhi “Now Pragya and me will dance together! Not on the stage as it’s very usual!”
Pragya, What? It’s usual? Then he thought of something unusual now?
Abhi walked down the stage and made his way to Pragya. Abhi with a wink said “Hold my hands lady!” Pragya with a confused smile held his hands and he brought her to the center of the living room where the space is empty.
Abhi “Song please!” Pragya was clueless but she knew the song so in that way she was relieved.
Pragya heard the starting music and was petrified. Pragya coming close to him said “Cheater!” Abhi “Cute cheater!” Abhi before pushing her lightly said “Start the dance! Look u have dancers too!”
Abhi lip sync to the following lines dancing with dancers,

Tu yaar tu hi dildaar tu hi mera
Pyaar tera mere dil mein hai darbaar
Kar de ek baar beda paar
Mujhe ghar baar lage
Bekaar phiroon main banke tera jogi

Pragya along with the dancers
Tu yaar tu hi dildaar tu hi mera
Pyaar tera mere dil mein hai darbaar

Abhi together with Pragya and others….
Kar de ek baar beda paar
Mujhe ghar baar lage
Bekaar phiroon main banke tera jogi

You are my friend, You are my sweetheart
You are my love
In my heart is your palace
Once give me fulfillment, to me it will feel like home
Aimlessly, I go around like your devotee

Abhi looking at Pragya standing beside with Dadi
Hey eh, la la la la la la la la la la aah
Kehta hai deewana tera hi afsaana
Tere bin duniya mein kya khona kya paana
Aarzoo hai dil hai tu hi tu
Tere sang banaa hoon malang
To sab hai dang hui yeh duniya mujhse tang
Laayi hai umang ek tarang baaje mirdang
To badle dhang phiroon main banke tera jogi

I am saying your legends crazily
Without you in this world, what is there to lose? What is there to gain?
You are my heart, you are my desire, only u!
With u I have become a nomad
Everybody is amazed, this world is fed up with me
This desire has brought a wave, the drum sounds
My manners have changed, I go around like your devotee

Pragya again back to dancing along with the dancers and going around Abhi,
Tu yaar tu hi dildaar tu hi mera
Pyaar tera mere dil mein hai darbar

Abhi again looking at Pragya,
Kar de ek baar beda paar
Mujhe ghar baar lage
Bekaar phiroon main banke tera jogi

Pragya now looking at Abhi,
Dharti ke aangan mein ambar ke daaman mein
Suraj ki kiranon mein saagar ki laheron mein
Har kahin harsu hai tu hi tu

In the entrance of the earth, in the lap of the sky
In the sun’s rays, in the ocean’s waves
Anywhere, everywhere is you, only u

Abhi coming in front of Pragya and making her dance with him
Sab log manaaye sog kahe
Yeh jog hai mere mann ka koi rog
Hai yeh prem aag to
Belaag raat ko jaag daaon main
Raag phiroon main banke tera jogi

Everybody expresses sorrow, they say
That this attachment is some disease of my mind
This is the fire of love
Constantly at night, I stay awake afflicted
I go around like your devotee

The song ends with both dancing to the lines of banke tera yogi (I go around like you devotee) Both were enjoying themselves with out of control by going around each other. They were surrounded with all the guests dancing with them too.
Pragya laughing loudly looked at Abhi and Abhi was looking at her too with all happiness. Suddenly Pragya’s expressions changed. Abhi did looked at that but dancers came in between and prevented Abhi from reaching Pragya. Pragya walked fast as if following someone.
Abhi tried to move from the crowd. But all were surrounding him to compliment his dance.
Pragya followed someone entering the room and she too entered. Pragya “I know u will come here!” Someone “You know? Then why are u telling?” Pragya was about to tell something when Abhi called her. Pragya panicked and said “Just stay here! I don’t want him to know that u are here!”
Pragya quickly went out of the room and saw Abhi looking at her strangely.
Abhi then saw the person behind Pragya and felt like fainting!
Pragya “Oh god! Who ask u to come out? Now u see he is shocked and is fainting!” Pragya had to place his hand around her shoulder to prevent him from falling. Pragya “At least help me in holding him!” Someone “That’s not my problem!” By saying that someone went back to the room again.
Pragya, Now what do I do? He is so heavy! If I bring him then there will be fuss….if I bring him in then he will be shocked again…Ok let me make him conscious first.
Who is that someone?

Abhi “Why are u standing like this? Just come with me!” Pragya remained silent and was standing still. Abhi pulled by holding her hand and Pragya resisted him. Pragya looking at Abhi “Why are u after me when u know that I am disturbing u?” Abhi “What are u saying? Just come with me…It’s raining heavily Leiko…Don’t be stubborn!” Pragya “I know everything! I know that u are disturbed by me….by my thoughts and dreams!!” Abhi was shocked to hear that and asked “From when did u know all this? Did Purab or anybody told u?” Pragya “How does it matter?” Abhi “It matters as I feel u are something to me….” Pragya “If that’s the case…. then I have decided that you have to accept something too…. Except for u nobody will be able to accept that!” Abhi “Ok but What’s that?” Pragya held his hands and brought him away to somwhere….Abhi was totally clueless by Pragya’s actions.

Thank u everyone for reading and I have replied everyone in the last update! Thanks for bearing with this confusing ff haha!

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