Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 18

Abhi, Why is she not awake until now? Let me go and see.

He walked towards her room and she opened the door. Pragya “You are here?” Abhi “Haan just came to check why u are not awake until now!” Pragya “You could have called me….” Abhi “Leiko! Are u ok? Why your eyes look so red and swollen?” Pragya “Nothing…maybe because of sleeping too long…” Abhi “No it’s not like that….it’s like as if u cried badly….” Pragya not looking at him said “I am saying right that I was just sleeping for long hours. Just leave me alone….Don’t disturb me!” By saying that she slammed her door and Abhi was disturbed looking at her actions.

Abhi, Why is Leiko so angry again? Is this the side effect of jealousy? I thought she was alright from last night.
He was walking back to his room and thought, sometimes this leiko is like a puzzle…. sometimes her mind is clear and she behaves like she is clear about every single thing happening around….but sometimes she is confused….filled with confusions! I can’t understand her mind but I wish to be filled in her minds that clears her confusions….
By saying that he was thinking about Pragya and the following song played in the background…..(It’s a Kannada song…)

Kadalo kadalo kann kadalo, mugilo mugilo mana mugilo
Kadalallo mugilallo nee nanna thelisu, kadalallo mugilallo nee nanna badukisu
Nudimutthu surisabeda premapathra ravaanisabeda
Ninna muddina naguve saaku, aa naguvali oppige haaku
Eyes are like an ocean, the mind is like the sky
Help me float in the ocean or in the sky, rescue me in the ocean or in the sky
Don’t shower words like pearls, don’t mail me a love letter
Your cute smile is sufficient, stamp your approval through that smile

Are saaku are saaku aa naguva bisaaku
Manada banada onti marada aase rembege
Bigide neenu snehada sarapali thooguyyalege
Olage chiguru horage sibiru nanna aasege
That’s more than enough, please cast that smile
A branch desires a lone tree in the mind’s forest
You tied the chain of friendship to the swing
My desire is fertile on the inside and dry-shelled on the outside

As for Pragya in her room was worriedly looking at the door that she slammed hardly in front of Abhi.
Aathura kaane avasara kaane yaakee preethige
Naanu henne kaanade nanagu ondu manaside
Why do I see neither hurry nor impatience in this love
Can’t you see I’m a woman and I have a mind too

Abhi turned back and looked at her door…..
Indo naale naguve neenu antha gotthide
Nagade iddare nannee praana kodalu gotthide
I know you’re going to smile very soon
If you don’t smile, I know to give my life to you

Abhi dropped the idea of going back to his room and walked back towards her room.
Eshte januma aadaru padeyo shapatha nannadu
Kadalige eradu theeravide, mugilige koneye kaanadide
Winning you over take many lives and that is my oath
The ocean has two shores, the sky has no end

Manasina mugila belagisu omme nannee hambalake
Gelathiyaranu kelabeda meghadoothara kalisalu beda
Please consider my wish and light the sky of my mind once
Don’t ask your friends, don’t send a divine messenger

Ninna sannane naguve saaku, aa naguvali oppige haaku
Are saaku are saaku aa naguva bisaaku
Your subtle smile is sufficient, stamp your approval through that smile
That’s more than enough, please cast that smile

Abhi, I don’t know how to tell her that what she is doing is not wrong at the same time it is not right.
Pragya, I am sorry for being rude but I have don’t know any other way….I shouldn’t get near to u….at the same time I shouldn’t be far from u…..
Abhi called Pragya and she answered his call. Abhi “Leiko…” Pragya “Hmm…” Abhi “Nothing…Sorry to disturb u!” Pragya “Sorr…Nothing too! Bye!” She ended the call and came out of the room to be shocked to see him still standing outside her room. Pragya “I thought u had gone to your room!” Abhi “I did but then came back again to check when u are coming out of the room….” Pragya “Ok….I need to go to the kitchen…Will u give me the way to walk?” Abhi realized he was blocking her way. Abhi by saying sorry moved aside. Pragya walked towards the stairs and turned behind to see him. Pragya “By the way….” Abhi “Are u talking to me?” Pragya “Is there anyone else that I can talk to?” Abhi “No….” Pragya with a smile said “Then it’s u….by the way u no need to be sorry for so many times in a day….As u know I am your wife….It makes me feel sorry for being your wife if u say sorry to me!” Abhi walked towards her and asked in confusion “What?” Pragya “U don’t understand, is it?” Abhi “Yes! Why can’t u say it directly?” Pragya “I just meant don’t say sorry to me from now onwards…” Abhi with a sigh said “Oh ok!” Pragya “You always look a kid in confusion!!” By saying that she patted lightly on his cheek. Abhi “Excuse me! You are patting my cheek as if I am a child who did good work!” Pragya “You are doing good works right?” Abhi “But I am not a child!” Pragya in a gentle tone said “That u can’t decide! It have to be decided by those around u!” With that she walked down the stairs leaving Abhi to be clueless of why is she confusing now…..
Abhi, What is this? First she was angry with me and now she is patting my cheek softly and saying I am a kid! Is she like suffering from split personality disorder? Should check that out with her family! But wait why is she not even telling anything about her family?

Pragya, I have to act as if I am confused….Only in that way I can make u confused…I don’t know how long I have to act like this….but making u confused is not my intention….making u confused about me is my intention!

With that thoughts in her mind, she was preparing breakfast and that’s when he heard his voice together with some lady’s voice.
Pragya, Who is that talking to him? Is that some heroine who kissed him? Let me go and check!
She hurriedly went out of the kitchen and was relieved to find Sahana there talking to Abhi.

Sahana looked at Pragya and asked “Madam! Were u so busy that u can’t even pick up my call today?” Pragya with stammering said “No…It was just….” Abhi “Leave it Sahana! I was pestering her from early morning onwards for big fat breakfast. That’s why she couldn’t pick up your call!” Sahana “Really? You want big fat breakfast! You are still talking like a kid!” Abhi giving a sulky face “Why everyone is saying I am like a kid??” Pragya “Because u are looking cute like a kid!” Sahana in a teasing tone asked“Cute ah?” Pragya looked shy and said “Haan…anyways I have to go to the kitchen!” Sahana “This is an excuse to escape!” Abhi hearing all this was keep on looking at Pragya and Sahana patted his shoulder and said “Hello Abhi! She is gone to the kitchen and u are still looking at the direction she walked off!” Abhi “It’s my one direction of love!” Sahana “What?” Abhi “Ya whichever direction she goes is my one direction of love!” Sahana “Oh I see…I think u are still having love fever and now it’s never ending!” Abhi “What is that love fever?” Sahana “You don’t know right…let me tell u…Purab named your antics as love fever!” Abhi “When did this happen?” Sahana “When Meri Mehbooba happened….” Abhi “This Purab na is always teasing me with some lame names!” Sahana “Is it lame?” Abhi “Ofcourse! If he falls in love then I will surely show my revenge!” Sahana “He is already in love!” Abhi in shocked asked “With whom? When did this happened?” Sahana “With Pragya’s sister Bulbul…first they were trying to be cupids for your love…in the end they turned into love birds!” Abhi in a tensed tone “How can he do like this? What if Pragya knows this?” Sahana “She already knows!” Abhi “Then why she never tell me?” Sahana “How would I know?” Abhi “Ok…I will ask her later….”

After having their breakfast together,
Sahana met Pragya alone in her room.
Sahana “I know you two will be living in separate rooms! But how long u two will be acting with each other?” Pragya “He is not acting…I am the one who is acting!” Sahana in a harsh tone “Fine then when will u stop your acting?” Pragya in the verge of tears said “I don’t know….I really don’t know” Sahana “By shedding tears, it won’t make anything easier….You have to tell him that u are the one who planned the attack by goons that day! What if he finds out himself? Won’t he get disappointed that the person whom he loved planned to kill him?” Pragya “Don’t say like that Sahana….I know what I did was wrong….but why can’t u see the rightness in it?” Sahana “Rightness? What rightness? What if he was killed in the attack?” Pragya “I didn’t let him killed….Then why are u telling like this again?” Sahana “Pragya! You better go and tell him everything now….I am here for u…I won’t let anything bad happen!” Pragya “I trust u….but I am scared….let me be like this….I just need some time…” Sahana “How long? This is why u have been confusing all this while!” Pragya “I know…actually there is one more thing that I have never told u too…” Sahana “What is that?” Pragya told her and it made Sahana to be stunned. Sahana “How many things are u hiding?” Pragya in a shaky voice said “Only this…” Sahana “This is the limit Pragya!” Sahana unlocked the door and walked fast towards Abhi’s room.
Pragya going behind Sahana who was walking fast towards Abhi’s room said “Sahana! Please don’t tell him whatever I told u…You are my friend also right…please listen to me!” Sahana “Yes I know that’s why I am waiting all this while for u to tell him everything that u had done…but u are not even trying to tell!” Pragya “It’s not about trying….It’s about being scared what if he tell something that I can’t bear to hear!” Sahana “So what? This marriage is just based on a purpose, right?” Pragya “No….Marriage can never be for some purpose….I married him only because I love him!” Sahana “That’s also considered as a purpose!” Pragya looking at her pleadingly said “Why are u telling like this? It hurts me…” Sahana “I will only talk like this if u never tell him everything!” Pragya finally said “Okay I will tell him everything today!” Abhi was behind Pragya and asked “What is the everything that u have to tell me?” Both Sahana and Pragya looked shocked looking at him……
Abhi “Leiko! What is the everything u have to tell?” Pragya looked at Sahana helplessly….
Sahana “Tell Pragya….If not nobody can help u!” Pragya nervously told whatever she had done and looked at Abhi with nervousness.
Abhi gave a deep sigh and said “I know all this! Is there anything new that I can hear?” Pragya in shock asked “You know everything?” Abhi looking at Pragya “What are u thinking Leiko? I am a celebrity who have contacts with all kinds of people! How long will it take for me to get information of that petty goons? It was just a matter of few days after that incident happened!” Pragya “Then u don’t feel that u should punish me? Why u never even reported me to the police?” Abhi “Are u sure that u are the master mind behind that goon attack? You were being used as a trump card by someone else! But the funny thing is you are not even aware of that!” Sahana hearing all this said “My head is spinning with so much of confusions that is faced between the two of u!” Abhi “Not confusions Sahana…it’s conspiracy!” Sahana curiously asked “Conspiracy!! and Who is the someone else?” Abhi “Sahana! I don’t know too…Investigations are going on….Until then you two just stay out of this! If I need help I will ask both of u!” Pragya hearing all this remained silent and was welled up with tears in her eyes. Sahana looking at Abhi “I am leaving Abhi….You take care of Pragya!” Abhi said bye to her and looked at Pragya who was standing still. She was still not able to accept the fact that he was not at all angry towards her…..
Abhi hugged her and said “I know u are in shock….slowly u will understand why I am not angry towards u! I feel I don’t deserve to be angry towards u….that’s what I can say for now….”
Abhi broke from the hug and walked back to his room. Pragya still couldn’t accept or understand why is he not angry!!

I don’t know whether I am limiting u or controlling u….but whichever way it is…..I am only limiting u or controlling u by my love……….

Thank u everyone for reading! Will reply u all soon! 😉 Until now I am confused about this ff which is why the word confused mentioned in every update!

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