Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 15

Pragya with a smile said “I will find out for what other reason u married me! Not now but I will tell u soon!” Abhi “I am waiting and As u know this marriage have a benefit for both of us so don’t ever try to act funny!” Pragya “Funny? What do u mean by that?” Abhi “Just do as I say and try not to do as per your plans!” Pragya “That’s not fair! I also have my own opinions, right?” Just then Dadi came behind Pragya and was trying to listen to their conversation. Abhi seeing Dadi tried to signal Pragya not to talk but she didn’t understand. Pragya in a demanding tone “Why are u silent? Speechless, is it? U better answer me now!” Dadi patted her shoulder and she turned around. Pragya in shock “Dadi…. When did u came?” Dadi “I came when u were threatening Abhi! I didn’t expect u to be so demanding!” Pragya with hesitation and not looking down said “No Dadi….he always tease me and that’s why….I had to….” Abhi with a innocent look said “Me? Teasing? Dadi u see I am very innocent… and your bahu is always like this!” Pragya “No Dadi don’t believe him!” Dadi looking at both burst into laughter….

Dadi “Enough! Both of u just come and have breakfast! Already u two gave shock to all of us by the sudden marriage and now just be silent!” Abhigya looked at each other and followed Dadi to the dining area.

Dadi “I know both of u married suddenly but you two have to understand something too….To accept this marriage is very difficult to Sarlaji and me!” Abhi “Why is that so Dadi?” Dadi “I can’t tell about that….but it’s difficult….” Pragya “Then what should we do Dadi?” Dadi “I am sorry to tell but you two have to leave this house!” Abhigya in shock asked at the same time “Why??” Dadi “Just for 3 months and then come back here!” Abhi “But why? How can we leave u alone?” Dadi “I can manage myself but you two have to live in the place that I say…” Abhi “Why Dadi? We can’t agree to this!” Dadi “Abhi! If u never listen to this then u won’t be able to see me again!” Abhi “Dadi! What are u telling and why are u telling like this?” Dadi “My decision is final and Pragya after having your breakfast pack the bags and get ready to leave!” Abhi was angry with Dadi’s decision and he left the dining area leaving Pragya to be shocked. Dadi “He won’t eat now…. Pragya take the breakfast and make him eat…” By saying that she continued to eat. Pragya, How can I make him eat? Why Dadi is like this?

With those thoughts, she brought the breakfast to his room. Abhi in a loud voice said “You have that breakfast and don’t try to make me eat!” Pragya remained silent and sat down at the couch with the plate of food. She started to eat slowly. Pragya “You seriously don’t feel like eating ah?” Abhi “How to eat when our plan is not working properly?” Pragya still munching the food said “It’s your plan not working properly…..not our plan!” Abhi “Ya I know but….” Pragya “Don’t show your anger in food…It’s very tasty…I think u can’t miss it!” Abhi looked at Pragya “I didn’t know that u are such a foodie!” Pragya “Just eat now and then we shall think how to handle this problem!” Abhi “Then give me that plate!” By saying that he grabbed the plate of food to eat.
Pragya “You could have politely asked me for the plate! Not like in this way by grabbing the plate!” Abhi “I am also hungry! Anyways pack our bags as Dadi had ordered u!” Pragya “I will only pack my stuff and u pack yours….” Abhi “Please Pragya….I am very bad at packing….” Pragya mumbled to herself while trying to take her bag “Ya very bad at packing stuff…but very good at packing me up here….” Abhi “What are u mumbling there? Will u pack for me? Please….” Pragya “Haan I will pack for u…but first finish your meal!” Abhi smiled in response and happily ate his meal.
After a few hours,
Dadi had mentioned the place where Abhigya had to stay to the driver. They were brought to the place and Abhigya were shocked to see the house. Pragya dropped her bags in amazement and asked “Are u thinking the same thing as I am thinking?” Abhi looking at the house “I think so….” Both stepped inside the house and were in awe of the sight in front of them.

Pragya “Already your house is big for just the 3 of us but now this house looks even more bigger! As if 30 people can stay here….” Abhi “I know! Why Dadi ask us to stay in such a big house?” Pragya “You should ask her! Not me…” Abhi “Ya wait let me call her!” Abhi called Pragya instead of Dadi in frustration. Pragya looking at her phone, shook her head in disbelief. Pragya “Excuse me! You are calling me instead of Dadi!” Abhi “Oh…Is it? Anyways u will also become Dadi one day right…maybe that’s why I got confused!” Pragya hearing that found it embarrassing and turned away not to face him.
Abhi “Dadi! Why should we stay in such a big house?” Dadi “It’s our ancestral house…all the married couples stayed there after their marriage…It’s our family custom… Just stay there for 3 months then return back home….” Abhi “But Dadi if not we can stay here for 3 days too na…why 3 months?” Dadi “You won’t understand…Just do as I say…if not you won’t be able to see me again!” Abhi “Oh Dadi….don’t blackmail me like this! Ok I will just stay here!” Dadi “Not only u…It’s both of u!!” Abhi “Haan I know! It’s your bahu and me! Are u happy now?” Dadi with wide smile answered “That’s like my lovely grandson…” Abhi ended the call and looked at Pragya who was now exploring the house.

Abhi “You can explore this house for 3 months….Now we need to choose the rooms! All the rooms are of the same sizes so let’s choose!” Pragya “ That’s fine but What did Dadi said?” Abhi told Pragya whatever Dadi said. Pragya hearing that looked doubtfully at Abhi.

Abhi “Why are u looking at me as if I am not telling the truth!!” Pragya “I believe u…..but I was just wondering why even your Dadi is now confusing?” Abhi “She is not confusing! She is just bound to family customs and values!” Pragya “Fine…It means both of us have to live here alone?” Abhi “Then what else do u think?” Pragya doubtfully looking at him said “Ok but….” Abhi “I can understand what u mean…since we are alone…u can choose a room of your choice and I will choose a room for myself!” Pragya “Ok….But I don’t understand one thing….why Dadi is not staying with us?” Abhi looking puzzled said “I also don’t understand that!” Pragya saw that he was as confused as her and decided to divert his mind. Pragya “Let’s leave that aside…. Which room do u want to choose?” Abhi pointing his finger said “That one!” Pragya “No u should choose this one! This is near to the staircase!” Abhi “No! The door’s design looks so boring! Just like u!” Pragya “Oh god! U choose the room by looking at the door?” Abhi “Ya first impression is the best impression! By the way why do u choose room for me?” Pragya with a smirk said “I am your wife! Don’t u remember that?” Abhi “That doesn’t mean u have to choose for me!” Pragya “Arrey u are not getting my point! What if Dadi suddenly visits us and if we stay at the rooms beside to each other then it would be easier to manage!” Abhi “She won’t come!” Pragya “What if she comes?” Abhi “Just give me a call then I will come to your room or u can come to my room!” Pragya “Why are u like this?” Abhi with a wink asked “Like how? Like cool? Like handsome?” Pragya with a faint smile said “Like a child!” Abhi “I am not talking to u! I have fixed it and that’s my room!” By saying that he walked up the stairs with his bags and luggage. He kissed the door which made Pragya only to laugh at his childishness. He entered the room and closed the door.
As for Pragya while walking up the stairs thought, The distance between his room and mine is so far….Should I stay beside his room? Never mind! I just stay in the one that I chose and he is also very sure that Dadi won’t come here! I believe him…. Not sure why I always believe him even if my mind says don’t believe him….Maybe it’s because of my belief of love that I have towards him….I can’t believe that my love for him is the only belief that is believable to me….I am not sure whether he still loves me…..Believing that he still loves me is enough for me to live this life!

Later Pragya walked towards his room and before she was about to knock the door, Abhi opened the door. Pragya “Did u know I am coming here?” Abhi “No! Just felt that u are coming!” Pragya beamed with happiness hearing that he felt her presence….Abhi “Come in!” Pragya “I just came to ask u….Will u be really able to help me regarding my house? As I have tried my best to get back my house….but it’s very difficult to win the case!” Abhi “I know…but u will get back your house as I know the best lawyers to win it! So don’t worry too much and I also know that the rights for the house is only to your family…You will get back your house!”

Pragya with doubt asked “Is it possible to happen?” Abhi “Do I need to promise you that it is possible to happen?” Pragya asked “Will you promise me?” Abhi “It’s possible as long you are able to believe my promise…” By saying that he looked at Pragya waiting for her to believe his promise……Pragya “I always believe u and that means I believe your promise too right?” Abhi “Thank u for believing me!”

Dadi’s sudden visit and Pragya trying to handle Dadi

Pragya in tensed tone said “Dadi!! He is still sleeping…I will wake him up later but u should clear my doubt first!” Dadi “What’s your doubt?” Pragya brought Dadi to the kitchen and asked “Dadi! Looking at this potato…what do u feel?” Dadi “Why should I feel about potato?” Pragya “No…Dadi…u should feel for the food before cooking….like feel which path it should take…Like the frying path or boiling path?” Dadi looking at Pragya asking her doubts and not standing in one place made her confused….

Hope u all like it and very soon the confusions will be cleared as behind every confusion there is a complication that needs to be solved….
Sorry for not uploading ytd as I had to go hospital for some reasons…

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