Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 14

Pragya waking up from the bed never realized that she would end up in this way! She was in his room and everything that had happened in her life are all fast. From love and now being married to him as well!

Pragya, Why did this happen to me? I know I love him but now how would I even face him every day??
Just as she was trying to get up from the bed, she heard his footsteps and she acted as if she was asleep.
Abhi, This leiko na always acting….it’s okay now…I have no choice but just to see her every day!!!
Abhi yelled “Pragya! Wake up!!! Dadi is calling u!!” Pragya waking up asked “Really? Wait let me get ready first!” By saying that she immediately rushed to the closet not giving a glance at him.

Abhi “I will be waiting for you here and you have to make it faster!” Pragya replied “Haan but don’t keep on disturb me by saying something!” Abhi in return smiled and sat on the couch waiting for her.
He was thinking, how would anyone expect my marriage would happen in a sudden way and that too with Pragya? Only if I never asked Dadi that day about Sarla aunty….then all this wouldn’t have happened….
As for Pragya she was thinking that this marriage wouldn’t have happened if she never asked about Abhi’s Dadi to her Ma.
It was the next day after Pragya had came to Abhi’s house. Abhi had enquired about Pragya’s family and went to ask Dadi about Sarla aunty.
Abhi went inside Dadi’s room while she was reading something. Dadi “How come u are here? I thought u would have gone to work now…” Abhi “Dadi…I am going soon but I want to ask u something…” Dadi “What u want to ask Abhi?” Abhi “How did u know Sarla aunty?” Dadi looked at Abhi and remained silent. Abhi “Dadi! Why are u silent?” Dadi with a worried face said “Sarlaji and her family was the reason for the fall of our Mehra family!”

At the same time, Pragya was asking her Ma “How did u know Abhi’s Dadi?” Sarla ma was looking at Pragya and with tears said “Abhi’s family is the reason for the fall of our Arora family! Other than this don’t ask me anything….I can’t tell anything else….”

Abhi and Pragya were shocked hearing this and were clueless.
Abhi, Why Dadi is saying like this and still have contact with Sarla aunty?
Pragya, Why Ma is saying like this and still have contact with his Dadi?
Abhi met Pragya to discuss about this. Abhi “Pragya…I know u are wondering I called u here to talk….but we have to know how did your family affected my family!” Pragya “Huh? It’s your family which affected my family! That’s what Ma said!” Abhi “What? No way! It’s your family!” Pragya “How are u so sure about that?” Abhi “My Dadi told that!” Pragya “Ok…if that’s the case who is saying the truth?” Abhi “It’s of course my Dadi!” Pragya “We need to know both sides before coming into a conclusion!” Abhi “You are right! But how?” Pragya “I also don’t know….” Abhi “Will you accept an idea of mine?” Pragya “What’s your idea?” Abhi “Let’s get married!” Pragya “Are u serious?” Abhi “Not serious marriage but just like a contract until we know the truth!” Pragya “Don’t u think this is ridiculous?” Abhi “Why do I have to think like that? By the way I know u are working hard to get back your house! If u marry me then I will make that easier too!” Pragya remained silent for a while thinking.
Abhi “I won’t cross my limits too! By the way you would get popular by being my wife too!” Pragya “I don’t go after popularity and I know u won’t cross limits too!” Abhi was amazed to hear that and was smiling inwardly that she understands him. Abhi “Then what’s your decision?” Pragya “But how can we suddenly get married?” Abhi “You see Pragya…already our friends know that we were in love and then had a break up…so now let them think as a patch up! For our family if we just stand in front of them being married, they would have no choice but just to accept us! Ya…they would be angry but that’s for a short period too…” Pragya “Do u think it’s that easy as u are saying?” Abhi “We will make it easy together…” Pragya “But why we have to get married to just know something that is not relevant to us now!”Abhi “It is relevant as I remember your Ma….but I can’t remember for what reason she came to my house….” Pragya asked in confusion “Ma came to your house?” Abhi “Yes she did! I saw her many times…. Even after my accident she came to see me in hospital….but after that she didn’t came and see me…” Pragya “Accident? You mean the car accident?” Abhi “Yes…how did u know?” Pragya in a tensed tone said “I saw it in news…but marriage is a very big decision and how can I agree to it now?” Abhi “You don’t have to agree now! You can agree to me by today!” Pragya gave a confused look at him. Abhi “Just agree Pragya….I will help u in what u want and u can help me clear my confusion….”
Pragya agreed to the marriage and their families were shocked to see them married suddenly!
Pragya “I am ready but I have a question!” Abhi looking up at Pragya “Why do u always ask me questions?” Pragya “Because you make me confused!” Abhi “Ok what’s your question now?” Pragya “It’s been a week already and u still haven’t make any plans to find out the truth and regarding the house! Why?” Abhi with a smirk “What’s the hurry? Everything needs time….You can’t rush and by the way….” He walked closer to her and she was keep on walking backwards and hit against the wall….Abhi “ Be careful! And Why are u looking so scared?” Pragya with stammering said “I…not scared!” Abhi “Do u think I only marry u for the reasons that I told u that day?” Pragya in shock asked “Then for what else u marry me?” Abhi “Think for what else I marry u…..Think for what else u are useful to me….” By saying that he moved away giving her way to walk. Pragya started to walk in confusion and looked at Abhi who was walking beside her. Abhi “Thinking ah?” Pragya “I hate you for always making me confused…” Abhi “See there! Dadi is looking at us…so please smile!” Pragya smiled looking at Dadi.

Pragya with doubt asked “Is it possible to happen?” Abhi “Do I need to promise you that it is possible to happen?” Pragya asked “Will you promise me?” Abhi “It’s possible as long you are able to believe my promise…” By saying that he looked at Pragya waiting for her to believe his promise……

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  1. Omg!!Abhigya married
    Superb dii…hehe confusing pragu…poor girl???
    Im eagerly waiting for nxt part di…pls update soon…

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    Superbbb dii… It is a awesome twist…. Love it..??????

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  3. Omgggggg its a bigggggg twist n now u made me confused????????? totally unexpected but very much happy that they got married n wat will be abhi’s other resaons????????????????????????? I just loved it completely sissy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????? full of suspensesss reveal it soon bfr i go crazy sissy????????eagerly eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy……??????❤❤??

    1. Maya

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  6. This was so unexpected IB! But still it was awesome?? loved it❤️❤️

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  8. Nivethaa

    superb… loved it alott… always either confused abhi or confused pragya… awesome update..

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      Haha ya even the person who writes is also confused and that’s what is reflected in confused abhi or confused pragya??? anyways thank u Nivethaa???

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  10. Monesha

    AWESOMEEEEEEE Akka but confusing pragya also and poor girl (me) also… ???? Super episode. I loved it. Keep rocking….. My dear ROCKINGGGGGGG princess akka. Love you a lottttttt ??? loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa….????

    1. Maya

      I am also confused so don’t worry u are not the only one??? Thank u for the lovely comment and loads of love to u??????

  11. Its really a unexpected twist diii….sudden marriage….precap is very nice…can’t wait… pls post the next one soon dii….

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  12. Abhigya marriage superb twist di loved it.Now we can see abhigya’s crazy doings being together waiting for the next episode

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    Pichale saal Break up hua dha……Ab nayi saal mein Shaadhi hogayi!!!!!!!!!!Such a Unexpected Turn!!!!!!!!!!!!You Always Amaze readers by giving such shocks yaar……….Realllyyyyyy lovinggggggggg it sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Haha ya new year so new twists??but don’t worry i am trying not to give shocks ???? glad that u are loving it

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