Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 13


Pragya sitting on her bed was thinking, What he did only made me weaker but it made me to be in love with him again….I know I can’t love him now but then why do I feel I have to love him now at the same time? Enough Pragya! The more u think about this the more u get affected…..
With that thoughts, she covered herself with a blanket and doze off to sleep. It was not a peaceful sleep as she was keep on getting the visuals of her dance with him….
As for Abhi he was feeling that for now this is enough and he will irritate Pragya even more later.

The next day:
Pragya was walking down the streets after shopping and she was only having his thoughts. Pragya, I can’t understand one thing…even though I know thinking about him is like making me feel bad but I am still thinking about him? Why is this so? And the worst is I even miss him calling me Leiko nowadays…. Thank god! Ma didn’t accompany me today if not she would be asking why am I so silent! I think Bulbul by now would have told what happened to me…. That doesn’t matter now…What matters now is how to get rid of his thoughts!

She received a call and answered it. Pragya “Hello Ma…Why did u call now?” Sarla ma “Where are u now? Can u go to the following address that I tell u as the person there will pass u something!” Pragya “Why can’t u go later?” Sarla ma “I thought of going but I am very tired now and my legs are also in pain…Please help me today!” Pragya “Ok can Ma…tell me the address…” Pragya took note of the address and thought, why this address looks familiar to me? Never mind I don’t even have the mood to think about whose address is this now! I just go there and receive what the person wants to give me!

She reached the place and thought, This is such a big house! Should be some big shot’s house! What is there to receive from here?
By thinking that she entered the house and looked around in disbelief. Pragya looking at the photo frames thought, This is Abhi’s house? Now what do I do?
She heard footsteps from the stairs and was relieved to see his Dadi coming down instead of Abhi.

Dadi “You are Sarlaji’s daughter?” Pragya with a smile said “Yes and Ma asked me to get something that u have to pass me…” Dadi “Sure I will pass you and you just take a seat here for a while…” Pragya “Ok Dadi…” Dadi smiled in response and went to a room to get something. Pragya, I hope he don’t comes down now! I also hope Dadi faster passes me what she have to give me….
Now she heard footsteps again which made Pragya’s heart to beat faster. Pragya, Oh no! It’s him!
Abhi “Dadi! Where are u?”

Pragya with full of nervousness thought, I should not be here when he comes down! I should…I should…Oh god! I can’t even think….
Pragya without thinking rushed to somewhere not near to the stairs and ended up in the kitchen.
Pragya, He won’t come here! I shall just hide here until he leaves!

Abhi came down the stairs and looked at the shopping bags on the tea table. Abhi, Who went shopping today? Dadi went to shopping and that too to designer shops?
Dadi just then came out of the room holding a box and asked “Where is the girl who was sitting here?” Abhi “Who Dadi?” Dadi “I am supposed to pass her something and now she disappeared!” Abhi “So this is all her bags?” Dadi “Yes Abhi…but where she did go leaving all this?” Abhi “Maybe she had something important that she need to leave first….Don’t worry Dadi if she comes back then I will return all these to her!” Abhi “But now I have to go to the kitchen to see something important!” Dadi asked with a clueless face “Kitchen?” Abhi “Dadi…How can u forgot? But I know u would have done it for me!” By saying that he headed towards the kitchen happily. Dadi still couldn’t figure out what Abhi wants….
Abhi reaching the kitchen was looking around for something. Pragya, Why is he even here? Thank god! I am hiding under the table! But why does this happen to me??
Abhi was looking around and said “Where are u my pyaari pani puri?” Pragya hearing that thought, He even give nicknames for foods? This is so unbelievable!
Abhi after searching for so long was fed up and went out of the kitchen. Pragya slowly coming out of the table tried to listen to Abhi and Dadi’s conversation. Abhi “Dadi! I told you yesterday right that u have to make pani puri for me!” Dadi “Sorry Abhi…I totally forgot about it as I was busy with other things…Will make for you later today!” Abhi with a sad face said “It’s ok Dadi….you rest first as u are looking tired too….You can do for me some other time….” Dadi smiled in response for his understanding and Abhi went up the stairs with a sad face. He suddenly turned behind and Pragya who was secretly looking at all this quickly hid herself.
Pragya, He looks so sad and disappointed….I don’t know why it makes me even more sad looking at him like this….

After she was sure that he was not in the living room, Pragya came out of the kitchen. Dadi looking at her coming from the kitchen was surprised. Dadi “Why did u went to the kitchen?” Pragya with hesitation said “Wo..Dadi I felt thirsty…I tried to call you but…I am sorry for entering the kitchen without your permission…” Dadi “Oh my dear…You don’t have to worry for this…It’s fine and already my grandson is upset and now u are upset for such a trivia thing!” Pragya “Your grandson is upset?” Dadi “Haan…he is upset that his pyaari pani puri is not around…” Pragya hearing that chuckled lightly and asked “Why Dadi he likes that so much is it?” Dadi “Yes…He told me yesterday but I totally forgot about it but now I am feeling tired to cook too…” Pragya “If you don’t mind….I can cook for you….” Dadi “You know how to prepare it?” Pragya nodded her head in response with a smile. Dadi “I don’t mind…come with me and you can cook it!” Pragya was happy inside thinking that he will be happy eating his favourite food….
Dadi gave instructions of the ingredients in the kitchen and Pragya started to prepare and cook it. All the while Dadi was sitting and admiring how swiftly Pragya was cooking. Dadi, How I wish she can be the bahu of this house?

Pragya made sure Dadi was sitting even though at times she wanted to help Pragya.
Pragya “Done Dadi!” Dadi “I know dear…Thank you for spending your time in this…” Pragya “What Dadi? You shouldn’t thank me for all this…Ok Dadi already I am late…so I shall leave now…” Dadi “Arrey wait…let me introduce u too Abhi…He should also know that u have prepared this for him!” Pragya hearing that was tensed and said “No Dadi…I can meet some other time…now I have to leave..” Dadi “It’s ok then and take care!”

Pragya quickly left from there but she forgot to take her shopping bags back in a rush.

Dadi went to Abhi’s room. Abhi was using his laptop and noticed Dadi coming with a bowl. Abhi “What is that Dadi?” Dadi “You can look for yourself what is this!” Dadi showed the bowl and Abhi smiled in happiness and kissed on her cheek. Abhi “You are the best Dadi! How did u do this when u are tired? I know u are my super Dadi and u have done it!” He said that winking at her. Dadi “No Abhi…I never did this! She did this…” Abhi “Who is the she?” Dadi “That girl who left her shopping bag…she was at the kitchen to drink water…then she came back and talked to me. She was the one who prepared pani puri….But again she forgot to take her bags!” Abhi “That’s strange….I also went to kitchen just now but why I never saw her drinking water?” Dadi “You would have all your attention on finding for pani puri!” Abhi “Dadi! Don’t tease me like this!” Dadi “Okok first u eat all this and if she comes back u return her the bags! It’s in the drawer in the living room…and one more thing I am going to mandhir…so can u stay in the living room so that u can pass her the bags if she returns?” Abhi eating the pani puris said “No problem Dadi…By the way she really prepared all this just like u!! I have to thank her too!” Dadi “Eat first then talk! If u talk like this u will choke Abhi!” Abhi was gobbling his favourite food and just winked at Dadi for what she said.
Pragya with shivering thought, Why did I even become so forgetful?? Now I have to go back to his house just for my bags! I hope he is not there! What if he is there? Oh god!! Why am I so scared??
She walked back to his house and saw the door to be closed. She pressed the door bell and waited for it to be opened.
Pragya, Why is it taking so long to open the door?

When she was thinking like that the door opened and she was shocked to see Abhi in front of her!

Abhi in shock asked “You are here?” Pragya “Haan…I want to take my bags back!” Abhi “Come in!”
Pragy walked up to the living room where Abhi was walking behind her. Pragya looked around but her bags were missing from the tea table. Abhi “Wait! I pass you the bags…Dadi have kept somewhere else….” He took the bags and passed it to her and looked at her intently. Pragya “Thanks!” She walked in front holding the bags with both her hands. Abhi “Thank u too!” Pragya stopped for a while and smiled hearing that. Then she kept walking in front. Abhi holding onto the bowl of pani puris rushed in front of her and looked at her. Pragya was stunned looking at him in an excited look. Abhi asked “You haven’t tried the pani puri that u have prepared right?” Pragya “No…” Abhi with a smirk asked “Do u want to try?” Pragya “No thanks…I got to go…” Abhi still blocking her way said “Wait…I can understand u can’t try as both your hands are occupied!” Pragya “Not because of that…I just have to leave!” She tried to move away but he grabbed her by his waist with one of his hand!

Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “Wait! Just be quiet for a while!” Pragya remained silent and he took a pani puri with his mouth from the bowl. Pragya looking at that thought, What is he trying to do?

Abhi with the pani puri in his mouth moved closer to Pragya’s mouth and fed her with his mouth making her eyes to be widely opened in shock! His lips touched hers sensuously making her even more shocked!

Abhi by winking asked “How was it?” Pragya eating the pani puri fastly said “How? How? How could u?” Abhi “It tastes really good right? I felt both the pani puri and the person who did it taste heavenly!” Pragya “I hate you! Just leave me now!” Abhi loosened his grip and let her go….
Pragya just ran out of the house and Abhi was keep on smiling widely at her reactions….

Abhi asking Dadi “How did u know Sarla aunty?” Dadi looking at Abhi with a worried face said “Sarlaji and her family was the reason for the fall of our Mehra family!”
At the same time Pragya was asking her Ma “How did u know Abhi’s Dadi?” Sarla ma was looking at Pragya and with tears said “Abhi’s family is the reason for the fall of our Arora family!”
Abhi and Pragya were shocked hearing this and were clueless.

I am also clueless haha but hopefully something good comes inside my brain in this new year!! Will be back on Monday or Tue as TU is on new year holidays!
Advance Happy New Year! Wish this new year brings warmth of love and illuminates all your lives in a positive direction!! Have fun and I wish all happiness and prosperity to be filled in all your lives!! Happy New Year!!

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