Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 12


Weeks passed…..

Pragya, Why do I have to agree to attend a party where he is present? Is it because I still want to see him? Or is it because it’s a party for the film that I am working for? No Pragya…The second one should be your reason to attend the party! I should be clear in this! Even if I meet him….I should maintain a distance from him….
By saying that she was getting ready for the party. After a few hours, she reached the venue and was keep on telling herself not to be affected by his presence.
Sahana was also there and looked at Pragya. Sahana “Wow Pragya! You are looking stunning in this saree!” Pragya with a blush said “Arrey it’s just a simple saree! And u look lovely as always…” Sahana “Ok enough of us praising each other! Come let’s go in and shall enjoy the party!” Pragya nodded her head in response and followed her.
Sahana “Let me ask u something….Why are u keep on looking around? Are u looking for someone?”
Pragya “No! no! Why should I look for him?” Sahana “I just asked u are u looking for someone? But u are saying it’s him!” Pragya “Sahana! Let’s go and sit there….We are talking too much!” Sahana “Okok…I understand that u want to avoid my questions!” They both sat down and never realized that Abhi was sitting in front of your table. Abhi coincidentally turned behind and saw Pragya with Sahana.
Abhi, So she is here today….then I can do something to irritate her! This is going to be fun!!

Pragya saw him too and looked at Sahana with a worried look. Sahana “Why are u looking worried now?” Pragya “Nothing….Can we sit somewhere else?” Sahana “Look around there is no space here already….If u want to sit then we have to share with Abhi only as there is two seats available!” Pragya in a loud voice “NO!” Sahana “Why are u so loud?” Pragya “Sorry…I was just…” Sahana “Ok u just look at the stage and stop looking at him!” Pragya “I am not looking at him!” Sahana with a smirk said “Ok I can see that…”
Abhi managed to hear their conversation and was smiling widely….Abhi, Now the real fun will start!
Abhi then ignored Pragya and told someone who sat beside him “Do you know sometimes some people act as if they are like flower? Like as if they are very delicate and pleasant but they are actually very poisonous and pressurized!” Pragya hearing that was annoyed and stared at him. Abhi once again ignored her and continued “Leiko!” Pragya was about to stand hearing that and Abhi laughed sarcastically. Abhi was again asking the someone “Leiko likes leaking or linking? You tell me what leiko likes?” Pragya was fuming in anger hearing that. Pragya, Why is he blabbering like this? And why does he have to mention my name in this way to everyone??? The someone asked “By the way who is this Leiko?” Abhi “First tell me what Leiko likes then I will tell u who is that! The person is with us!” Pragya looking at the entrance thought, Oh god! I think he will surely bring me into some trouble! I have to better leave from here now…. Abhi looking secretly at Pragya was thinking, Not that easy Pragya….I will not let u leave from here that easily!!
Sahana “Pragya first u stop hearing to what he talks and stop reacting too!” Pragya looking at her said “Then why did he have to mention my name like this?” Sahana “Hello madam! Your name is Pragya and not Leiko!” Pragya again looked sadly at her and said “I know…but I also don’t know why I feel that name is also mine….”
That’s when suddenly they heard Abhi’s voice from the stage.

Sahana “Now he is going to talk something and hope he doesn’t irritate you!” Pragya “He will do something! I know….” Sahana “No don’t think like that!”
Abhi “Ladies and Gentleman! I can see all are enjoying the party! It’s our film’s success party and I would like to increase the masti in it!” Pragya, what is he trying to do now?
Abhi “Some of you may be wondering what am I trying to do?” Pragya hearing that was taken aback and looked at him in surprise.
Abhi “I am just trying to play a game with everyone here! Especially with the lovely ladies here! Any guesses on what is the game?”
Sahana whispered to Pragya “Is this the age for him to play games? He is always very childish!” Pragya “Don’t say like that…I don’t think it’s a game…It should be something else…” Sahana “Are u ok Pragya? Why are u talking as if u are supporting him?” Pragya “No way! I am not supporting him!” Sahana “Ok I can see that…”
Abhi “Now I will tell about the game as everyone is clueless about what is it about!! As u all can see here is a bowl! In this bowl there is random descriptions of people written in small papers and I will pick one to see who is the lucky lady!” He picked up and gave a witty smile. Abhi “So in this paper it says the lady wearing chasma!” Sahana “Pragya! I am looking around and nobody except for u is wearing chasma in ladies!” Pragya “Can u look properly again? How can that be possible?” Sahana “Haan there is but she is looking like 60 year old…I don’t think Abhi will call her onto the stage! This is why I told u many times to wear contact lens when u come for this occasions!” Pragya in an annoyed tone “Now what do we do?” Abhi walked towards where Pragya was sitting and asked “May this lovely lady come up to the stage now to play a game with me?” Pragya looking at different directions said “No….” The people around her cheered for her and making her confused. Abhi just held her hands and brought her up to the stage.
Pragya whispered to Abhi “I know you are doing this purposely!” Abhi in return just winked at her and said looking in front “It’s a simple game everyone! She is going to dance with me now!!” Pragya had no choice but smiled with hesitation. Sahana looking at it thought, This not at all fair!

Abhi held Pragya’s hands and made her to be closer to him as the song started to play….
Looking at your beautiful eyes (detailed with kajal) is making me go crazy….
Sneaking a glance at your sensuous waistline is making me go crazy….
Now Abhi was seductively touching Pragya’s waist making her losing her senses.
Noticing your striking lips is making me go crazy.
He then touched her lips lightly and twirled her around.
Gazing at your alluring charm is making me go crazy.
Seems like I have missed such a beauty for so long.
My heart is drawn towards you.
All of this is just awesome.
Is this called love?
It’s really fun making you go crazy for me.
It’s really fun provoking your feelings about me.
It’s really fun annoying you so much.
It’s really fun tempting you this much.
I feel sorry for troubling you so much.
But still…I want this to go on
All of this is just awesome.
Let’s call this love.
Will you find out or you want me to disclose.
My dream that’s resting at the brim of my soul
By saying that he made Pragya rest her head on his chest.
I am waiting and standing before you.
Let your voice answer all my questions.
Silence is ringing in thousands of expressions saying that I am wherever you are.
The moment I saw you, my life has decided that I am all yours.
Abhi now hugged her and moved together with her soothingly in a dance form.
My beholding you will not reduce the radiant shades of your embodiment.
Pragya looking at Abhi sang the following lines…
Though I am exhausted…I am glowing for you…
Direct your gaze towards me until your heart’s fill.
Both my eye-lids have transformed into lips.
Ready to savour all of you.
I can’t hold it back saying now or later.
As I can do anything for you.

Both came back to senses when everyone clapped. Both moved away from each other and Pragya looked at Abhi who was also looking lost.
Abhi “Hope you all enjoyed our performance! Thank you!” Pragya quickly walked away from the stage with a blank face. As for Abhi, he looked at her walking away from him.
Pragya, Why does he have to do all this? It makes me very weak in front of him….
She was so lost in her thoughts to the extent that she walked passed the place where she was sitting and Sahana had to pull her hand. Sahana “Where are u heading to?” Pragya “To sit down…” Sahana “Then u should sit here!” Pragya “No….I am leaving Sahana…” By saying that she walked towards the entrance. Sahana, Now she is confused because of him…..

After the party ended, Sahana went to see Abhi alone:
Sahana “Abhi! What are u doing?” Abhi “Can’t u see? Drinking wine!” Sahana “I am not talking about what u are doing now! I am talking about what u have done just now to Pragya!” Abhi “I never do anything!” Sahana “Never do anything? You teased her first then in the name of game u danced with her!” Abhi “What’s wrong with dancing? It happens in a party right?” Sahana “Haan but not in this way….and that too very seductively with her!” Abhi choked when he heard that. Abhi “Sahana I never danced seductively as u are saying….it was just romantic…and by the way everything is fair in love and war!” Sahana “So now u are saying that u are in love with her?” Abhi “When did I say so? It’s war with her! Definitely not love!” Sahana in shock “War with her?” Abhi “You heard it right! It’s war with her and if u think whatever I did is wrong then it’s all part of that!” Sahana “What u get by doing all this?” Abhi “You don’t have to know that! Just chill Sahana and I will show u how fun this is going to be!” By saying that he walked away from that leaving Sahana in shock.
Sahana immediately called Purab and informed whatever happened. Purab “That means now it’s love war between Abhi and Pragya! It’s interesting! Don’t u think so?” Sahana “What are u talking Purab? I am telling that he is disturbing her and u are saying it’s love war!” Purab “Like he said just chill! All will be fine soon!” Sahana “How can I be chill when both my friends are against each other?” Purab in a tensed voice said “I will call u later as I am busy now!” Sahana “Ok bye!”

Abhi, I know this war with her is something different to me…..It’s just to irritate her and disturb her….but I shouldn’t be disturbed at any point of time…..

Abhi was looking around and said “Where are u my pyaari pani puri?” Pragya hearing that thought, He even give nicknames for foods? This is so unbelievable! Abhi looked disappointed for some reason, Pragya noticed that and thought of helping him!

Sorry I know I am late but I am just trapped with household chores! Hope u all liked this update! Thank u everyone for reading!

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