Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 11


Purab “Now it is very strange Sahana!” Sahana “Now what happened?” Purab “He is not playing Meri Mehbooba song anymore…Instead he is busily signing up for movies to act!” Sahana “That’s good right? He is back to work instead of singing and dancing at home!” Purab “In that way it’s good but he signing up back to back for 5 movies!!” Sahana “5 movies? Does he even know how packed his schedule will be?” Purab “That’s the problem now! Even his manager couldn’t make him understand! He is not listening to anyone!” Sahana “It means something went wrong again…. Where are u now?” Purab “I am at my clinic and I can’t stand whatever he is doing….” Sahana “Haan I also understand…..But only we know how important it is for him to be in love…..” Purab “I know what u mean…. Our aim is not to stop him from being in love… our aim is to make sure that he does not stop himself from being in love….” Sahana in a low tone said “I will talk to u later…” By saying that their conversation ended.

Later in the evening at Abhi’s room:
Abhi was using his laptop. Sahana and Purab entered his room. Abhi “Why you two are always visiting my house?” Sahana “Why? We can’t come to your house ah?” Abhi “Not like that I just felt you two are just frequently coming here” He said that by closing his laptop and looked at them. Sahana “You makes us come here! Can u just tell what happened between you and Pragya? It’s making us having headache in guessing what is the problem that you are facing!!” Abhi in a frustrated tone “Who is Pragya? I don’t know her….and even if I know her I am not interested in her!!” Hearing that both Sahana and Purab were shocked. Sahana asked “Now u don’t know her?” Purab “Something is wrong again!” Abhi looking at them with a fierce look said “I think two of u don’t get involved too much in my life! Just leave me alone!”

Sahana “But…why are u like this?” Abhi now gave a deadly stare at her and Purab “Come Sahana! We will talk about this later….” By saying that he pulled Sahana out of his room. Sahana “No Purab! We should know what really happened between them if not how can we help them?” Purab “ I know what happened as I asked Bulbul about this already….I think both of them ended their relation…” Sahana “What are u saying Purab?” Purab “Let’s leave from here and on the way I will tell u…”
In the car where Sahana and Purab were discussing about Abhigya:

Sahana “It means Abhi doesn’t want to meet Pragya again? Are u sure Bulbul is telling the truth?” Purab “ Yes Sahana…Pragya had blurted out everything that happened yesterday night to Bulbul….She couldn’t keep everything to herself….” Sahana “Why are they like this?” Purab “I think love fever is very high for them to the extent that it blocked their mind!” Sahana “Is the time to joke Purab?” Purab “I am sorry but it’s just what I felt about them!” Sahana “Why Abhi didn’t stop her when Pragya said she couldn’t love him now? He still can try to make Pragya as his right? He could still try to convince Pragya right? Even if it takes longer he could have tried it….” Purab “This is where u need me as I know him better!” Sahana “What u know about him in this?” Purab “Abhi always expects what he wants to be immediate in the way he expects!” Sahana “How does it even relate to Pragya here?” Purab “He expected an immediate answer from Pragya in the way he expected…Yes he did managed to get an immediate answer but not in the way he expected….then it means…” Sahana impatiently asked “It means?” Purab “ He won’t expect it to happen again!” Sahana “What kind of stupid expectation is this? And how did u know this?” Purab “This is his way of thinking…How I know this that doesn’t matter now…” Sahana “That’s it ah? Even before their relation began they had ended it?” Purab “I don’t think so…. now only their real relation is beginning…” Sahana “Now u are confusing me Purab!” Purab was just keep on smiling at her.

As for Abhi still in his room was remembering Pragya. The more he remembered about her, he was more annoyed of himself. Abhi, Why do I have to think of her? Who is she? She is not even as famous as me!!! I will show her how bad is her plan of not loving me in her life!! I will show that!
By saying that he deleted all the text messages in his phone that he had with Pragya.

Pragya in her room remembered about Abhi. Pragya, It feels so bad to miss him! Now what can I do when everything is over!! Nothing can be done! I have to accept this and except for accepting this situation, I don’t have any other choice……

Abhi ignored Pragya and told someone “Do you know sometimes some people act as if they are like flower? Like as if they are very delicate and pleasant but they are actually very poisonous and pressurized!” Pragya hearing that was annoyed and stared at him. Abhi once again ignored her and continued “Leiko!” Pragya was about to stand hearing that and Abhi laughed sarcastically. Abhi was again asking the someone “Leiko likes leaking or linking? You tell me what leiko likes?” Pragya was fuming in anger hearing that. Pragya, Why is he blabbering like this? And why does he have to mention my name in this way to everyone??? The someone asked “By the way who is this Leiko?” Abhi “First tell me what Leiko likes then I will tell u who is that! The person is with us!” Pragya looking at the entrance thought, Oh god! I think he will surely bring me into some trouble! I have to better leave from here now….Abhi looking secretly at Pragya was thinking, Not that easy Pragya….I will not let u leave from here that easily!!

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