Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 10


Bulbul questioned Pragya at home.
Bulbul “Di! So u love Abhi too right?” Pragya “How does it matter to u?” Bulbul “I am your sister di! In that way, it matters to me! Then why are u not accepting to us that u love him?” Pragya trying her best not to be emotional said “The issue is not about accepting…..The issue is about accepting each other….how will I accept without expecting…..except for him how can I accept….” Bulbul “What are u telling di? Look at me and tell! Why are u looking at the window?” Pragya “Just leave me alone Bulbul….I will tell u everything when the right time arrives….” By saying that she made her way to the bed and doze off to sleep.
Bulbul was not able to understand her di as usual and she too left the room and called Sahana. She told whatever Pragya told her to Sahana.

In Abhi’s home,
Abhi, Why did I hugged her suddenly when she whispered to me that she likes me….then why did she kissed me suddenly when I said I missed u all this while? Does it mean she loves me too? But why did she said I am sorry before moving away from me?
Why is leiko like this? Is she like this as she feels I may cheat her? Why is she like this? why did she told me that we shouldn’t tell anything about the fight we had to anybody…..Why? After all it was not a big fight too…..She is so mysterious!!! I should meet her again even though she don’t like it!
He called Pragya and as usual she never answered in the first call. Abhi, This leiko na always taking so long to answer my call!
After numerous calls, she answered his call. Pragya in a sleepy voice “You called me?” Abhi “Yes! And that too so many times until my fingers are paining!” Pragya “I am sorry….I was just….” Abhi “I know u were sleeping…” Pragya with widening eyes asked “How did u know?” Abhi “Your voice tells that but that’s not important now! I want to meet and talk to u!” Pragya “Now? How can I come? U just met me at the restaurant!!” Abhi “I know but I want to ask u some questions!” Pragya “I can’t come and meet u!” Abhi “Then I have to come to your house!” Pragya in shock “No! You can’t!” Abhi “Why I can’t? I am just at the nearby street of your house! I guess you remember the place that I dropped u last time…” Pragya breathing heavily in anger said “Oh god! You are here? How can u?” Abhi “Just come Leiko and u have to come here within 15 minutes if not I will be there!” By saying that he ended the call.

Pragya, This Abhi! Oh god! I can’t be thinking now! I don’t even have time for that!

She quickly combed her hair and rushed out of her home not even noticing Sarla ma and Bulbul who noticed her hurriedly running out of the house.
Pragya reached the street where his car was parked. Pragya walked towards his car and from the back he called “Pragya! I am here!” She turned behind to look at him but he was not there…..He patted her shoulder. He came in front of her and said “Why do u always have to look behind when I call u?” Pragya “I thought u were behind….” Abhi “I never knew that u will be this much sleepy….” Pragya “How can u even roam around like this? What if anyone see u?” Abhi “Cool Pragya! It’s already night time and all the shops are closed! And look around nobody is here except for us!” Pragya “But still what if….” Abhi “If u are that much scared then come inside my car!” Pragya in alarming tone asked “What? Your car?” Abhi “Why are u reacting as if this is the first-time u will be in my car?” Pragya “No!! how can I and that too now??” Abhi just pulled her by holding her hand and made her sit in his car. Pragya “You are very stubborn!” Abhi with a wink said “Just like u!” Pragya “But wait! You are not calling me Leiko just now…” Abhi “Not bad u did realize that….” Pragya hearing that mentally slapped herself for giving importance to his nickname…..
Abhi “Now it’s my question time!” Pragya “Faster ask me! I have to leave….” Abhi “Do u love me? If so then why u don’t want to accept your love to those around u and that includes me too!” Pragya hearing that was stunned.
Pragya, I know this situation will happen but not this quick….

She tried to get down from the car by opening the door. Abhi with his force closed it and locked the car’s door. Pragya “What are u doing? I need to leave…. Let me go!” Abhi “You can leave before telling me if not I have to drive the car!” Pragya “I will tell u later…. first let me go!” Abhi “Ok then I have no choice!” He started to drive the car rashly making Pragya even more tensed. Pragya “Stop!!I will tell u!” Abhi applied the sudden break and looked at her. Pragya holding Abhi’s hand said “I know you like me…but….I can’t like u as the way u think….as I have my own plans in life…” Abhi with a smirk said “Then I will like u as per your plans!” Pragya “You don’t understand what I mean…. In my plans there is no place for love now….” By saying that she hugged him and said “I wish to like u….love u…but not now….I am sorry….” Abhi pushing her away from hug said “Then why this hugs and the kiss that u gave me? If u know that u can’t love me now then you should have been in your limits right?” Pragya “ I know but love can’t be with any limits and that was what happened to me….” Abhi “If u said like this then…I also don’t love you! I don’t like u too!” Pragya with tears asked him “Really?” Abhi in stern voice said “Yes! I am clear of what I said and I don’t like to repeat it again!” Pragya looked worried and was trying to control her tears but she couldn’t……
Abhi drove back to her street and said “Now u can leave!” Pragya by getting down from the car said “I am sorry….” Abhi “Just leave Pragya! I don’t wish to hear anything from u!” Abhi “Pragya! Don’t come in front of me again!!” Pragya nodded her head in response and he forcefully closed his car’s door with a loud sound!
Pragya was standing there until his car disappeared out of her vision……
Pragya, I know it hurts u and I am also hurting myself….but what can I do when I can’t fall in love or can’t get married before fulfilling my plans….It’s not my plans but it’s actually my family’s dreams that is even forgotten by my own family…….

Abhi in a frustrated tone “Who is Pragya? I don’t know her….” Sahana “Now u don’t know her?” Purab “Something is wrong again!” Abhi “I think two of u don’t get involved too much in my life! Just leave me alone!”

I know I have been confusing everyone with Abhigya’s behaviour….but just wait very soon I will clear the confusions one by one….Basically, Pragya have something to fulfil and how Abhi will know that out will be revealed in the upcoming updates! And Princess Madhu! I don’t have time to type that…will try to upload the second shot by this week! So sorry for that… Hope to reply u all soon too….

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