‘He was Her Soul’s Eternal Mate’ 3 shots.. (shot 2)

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Shot 2 ~
“Love is the special feeling that brightens all our days. And the secret to its meaning is found in simple ways. Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning.”
A boy was writing his thoughts about love on a diary. The moon and stars were shining. The night was all dark. The cool breeze was hitting his face. A cute smile was playing on his lips while he was thinking about the one God made for him.
“Love is not selfish or unkind. Nor is ot boastful or disloyal. Love is simply a deep feeling found within the heart that money cannot buy. Love is feeling both happy and sad at the same time: happy to have found someone special, sad that forever seems too short to be together.” He kept the pen on the table and closed his eyes trying to see the face of the one whom he’ll love without any conditions.

‘Her eyes are like diamonds sparkling in the sun, she’s beautiful like a rose garden at sunset and a voice like no other……… but where is she??’
A voice broke the trance of his thoughts.

‘Kunj beta, I know you didn’t sleep yet.’
‘Maa, just going.’ He replied to his mother.
‘Kunj, now u r grown up. Ab tujhe me sulaun gi nhi.. kia sochta rehta hai??’ Usha asked.
‘Maa nothing, bs sone jaa raha hun..!!’

‘Acha jaty jaty uska name to batata jaa jiske khayal tujhe sone nhi deti..!’
‘Maa, ek baar mil jaye to sb se pehly apko btaunga.’ He replied and went to bed leaving usha confused with his answer.
A beautiful girl wearing a white gown was sitting on the stage. Her hairs were fluttering in the air. She was playing the guitar and was singing ‘Hum bhi tanha thy’. Everyone in the crowd was lost in her beautiful voice.

A boy was coming from behind revealed to be Kunj Sarna. He was also lost in her voice. He came close to her and kept his hand on her shoulder.
She looked up at him…
Kunj got up from his bed. He made faces.
‘Kya babaji…. jb bhi uska face dekhny wala hota hun ap neend se jaga dety ho..!! Kyun…??? Ye zulm hai mujh per..!!’

He was smiling endlessly thinking about his beautiful dream
which he sees almost every night but not her face.
He again slept thinking about HER.

The sun rays disturbed the peaceful sleep of the most beautiful girl on earth. Twinkle woke up rubbing her eyes. She saw the time and fell from the bed as it was 7:00 a.m.
‘Ohh babaji… thoda jaldi utha dety… I have to leave before 8. Warna maa ke tortures sehny pady gy..!! Twinkle time waste horha hai.. get ready soon..!!’ She quickly got up.. nd went to freshen up…

She wore blue denims with a black top. She combed her hairs, wore earrings and applied a light lipstick. Then she wore her heels and went downstairs…
As she was coming down, her mother shouted.
‘Twinkle have breakfast and leave… ur flight is at 9.. u have to leave…’
‘Maa, I m not taking breakfast….’ saying this she left and sat in the car. The driver took her to the airport. Before leaving, she didn’t forget to take the papers for which she was going to Mumbai.

She sat in plane and was thinking about her SOULMATE. Maybe she’ll meet HIM in Mumbai. Who knows what God has planned for us or what destiny has in store for us.

Kunj was having breakfast with his parents.
K – ‘Maa, Papa, I have to leave early or else the principal will not spare me this time.’
Manohar – ‘Ok beta. You should wake up early.’

U – ‘Raat ko jaldi soye ga to subha uthy ga na.’ She said looking at him with a smile.
K – ‘Maa plss ap firse shuru mat hojana..!! Papa in se kaho na jb inke bete ko inki bahu mil jaye gi to wo bta dy ga..!!’ He said to which Manohar and Usha laughed. He quickly got up and left for college.

Twinkle called her dad.

T – ‘Hello papa!!’
Raminder – ‘Hello princess..!!’
T – ‘Papa, I m on Mumbai airport..!!’
Raminder – ‘Ohh u r in mumbai…!!’

T – ‘Yeah.. tell me where r u.. i’ll come to you.’
Raminder – ‘Come to the college.. i m there only..!!’
T – ‘Okk i m coming…!!’
She sat in car and left..!!

Kunj reached there and stepped inside the college.. He directly went to his friends and thanked god that he was not late…!! He was feeling strange.
K – (thinking) ‘What’s happening with me?? Why am I feeling strange?? Why am I feeling that something is going to happen..!!’

Twinkle reached the same college and came out of the car.
T – ‘Babaji.. what’s happening with me…??? Why am I feeling something is going to happen???’
As she stepped inside, the winds started to blow faster.. indicating that the two soul mates were about to meet…!!! Everything in the world was dancing to make the two lovers meet that were made for each other…!! Kunj looked back at the college gate feeling HER presence.. Twinkle looked confused as she sensed HIM…!! Everything seemed to be still.. all she could hear was the pounding of her heart..

She was walking in the corridor of the college when she bumped into someone.. she was about to fell but HE held her in HIS arms. Kunj was spellbound at the beautiful view of the gorgeous girl. Everything was still. He was drowning in HER big brown eyes. And she was trying not fell in love with HIS hazel brown eyes. She found heaven in HIS eyes. And for the first time in a very long time, she could feel the stars within her begin to shine. As he held HER in his arms, he felt as if he had the world. He could feel HER warmth as he looked into HER eyes, and wondered, how can earth he’d been lucky enough to have found HER. She found what she’s been looking for. She thanked HIM silently for reminding her what butterflies feel like. ‘The light in HER eyes was stolen by the sadness in HER heart.’ His heart told him. He have searched the whole universe and found himself within HER eyes.

Never in a million years did they think they’d find someone so utterly and completely perfect, someone who would make them happier than they ever dreamt they could be, someone that would touch their lives and just give them a whole new reason to breathe. ❤❤

So guysss…!!! Its the 2nd shot… i think this will not be completed in 3 shots so I will be writing 5… then after this i’ll continue devil ff…!!
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