SOULMATES (TWINJ) by yashiska Chapter 11 Last chapter…..

Hello I m back with a sad news for you all and worst news for me yes worst for me…..I know by hearing this news you all will angry on me….but guys it hardest decision for me I will the you the reason in end of the chapter…..

here we go …..

Twinj went to mall for shopping do fun and masti……
Next day twinkle wake up early for her sargi……kunj also wake up and eat sargi when twinkle questioned him why he wake up so early he calmly replied meine meri wifey ke liye fast rakha h any problem you siyyapa queen…..twinkle frowned and said no sadu sarna….and eat their sargi twinkle think kunj is so caring he also take fast for me…..thank u god to send him as a life partner cum fight partner…..

kunj think you can do fast for me , I also take fast for my siyyapa queen …. what what my….no no yes yes she is my siyyapa queen……. and want to college…..
On other side mahi take fast for yuvi same goes to yuvi bcoz both love each other and already confessed their feeling to each other……

In college…..

four of them meet each other but didn’t tell each other that they do fast …….whole day went like this now the time come of night twinj and on other side yuhi waiting for when moon see …..
When moon come twinkle shouts kunj see my moon aa gaya … kunj smiles and say calm down twinkle let’s go and break the fast ohkk chalo

twinkle nodded and hold aarti plate in her hand and first to puja of kunj and see moon from chalni and than see kunj from that kunj only admirer her….and kunj make her drink water and food twinkle also make him drink water and eat food and about to touch kunj’s feet for blessing but kunj stop her and say no its not your place and hug her and continue its your place in my heart ….. OK twinkle smiles…and both feed each other food…

On other hand yuhi broke their fast and had their food…..
Slowly Slowly twinj start falling for each other….and than realise that they love each other
On a fine day kunj think to propose twinkle so he decorated their house’s terrace with flower balloon lighting…….and on the centre one table two chair and on table on champagne bottle twin to glass giving the last touch to the evening…….
Kunj say twinkle to get ready in mall bcoz she were in mall for shopping its all planned by kunj
She wear a sweet saree of peach colour looking gorgeous……
She come home and kunj come to her and get mesmerized to see her and went to her twinkle say how is I m looking

Kunj replied looking gorgeous and hot
Twinkle blushed ….and when to terrace …
Twinkle get shocked to see the whole preparation……and kunj bend on his knee and said
twinkle get teary eye and immediately hug kunj tightly like after this no life ……and say YES KUNJ I ALSO LOVE YOU…… PATA NHI WHEN WHERE AND HOW YOU BECOME MY “SOULMATE”……I WANT TO LIVE HAPPILY WITH YOU FIGHT WITH YOU WHOLE LIFE…..

Kunj smile and say me too and give a lovely kiss on her forehead , eyes , cheeks , nose and then proceed toward her lips twinkle give him permission and than their lips touches… was a slow but passionate kiss both were sucking licking each other lips than kunj slowly bit her lower lip she moan kunj take chance and enter inside her mouth and explore it after 10 min both apart due to lack of oxygen both breath heavily…….than twinkle said kunj
Kunj say yes twinkle
twinkle replied I want to be yours in all aspect
Kunj shocked

twinkle continued and say yes I want to be yours plz make me yours, make love with me….
Kunj say your wish my command and pick her in bridle way and both consummate , and took their marriage to next level……
Time went like that twinj and yuhi romance secretly in college…..
But one day yuhi got to know that twinj are married first they shocked and than they understand why twinj say lie to them…..and yuhi revealed that they love each other…..four of them celebrate… lot of fun….
And after completing their study both start their business and yuhi marry to each other…..
And live happily with their family……


Guys here the story end I know o end it suddenly in one chapter pehle I had plan to complete it story in 30 chapter approx but that time situations were different and now situation are different I know guys I hurt you all but its also very difficult me to stop writing I know I said a thing that I never stop writing on twinj but I break this promise plz guys forgive me now I only concentrate on study …..but I promise I will come back when I got selected in AIIMS or JET pakka…..I will starting writing again but now my only aim is to study hard ……

sorry guys….its very hard for me I also cried by thinking how I live this Tims without u all and without stories but I have to…..may be I will write os on some occasion like on someone’s birthday new year etc….and I m not going to deactivate this id do if you want u can send me pm ….and I will missing you all like hell and I don’t know you all missing me or not….
Thank u to all who comment on my story…they are~

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Thank u guys you all for commenting on my story….
Ramya you are the first friend on tu….you are very special and will always be my bestie…love you….
Vags urf my Vanu you are my bff cum sister who know how to make me laugh I m thank full u tu that give me a bff like you…love you vanu till Infinity…
Fenil urf feyu you are the first writer bhai…he he..I know but you the best…your twinj os are just awesome if I got some time I will Definitely read your story..Iove you feyu…..
ayesha I m glad that u again start writing….keep writing

Nishuu di you r so sweet keep writing…
Twinj2000 I will wait when you start writing….I m waiting….
Kiya1234 your ff is just awesome…..
Mahi my cutie I know we don’t know each other but love you….

Unheard off student ji keep writing….love you…..
Bas itne hi yaad the sorry if I forget someone……will miss you all love you…
one more thing that I always write #SPREADLOVE its a symbol which show that I m a darshan ravalez it is a symbol which start by my darshu now we follow it…if you are darshan ravalez than follow it or if it so don’t plz….sorry if I hurt someone….but kya karu I m little possessive…..
Thank u for bear me guys…we will meet soon…when I achieve something… I can’t write more my eyes getting wet scene is going to blurr…


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  1. love it ❤
    i can understand that study come first may ur all dreams comes true ?
    and plz post if u get time ?
    take care☺

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u for your wishes…..and yes I will post when I get time….??????

  2. Fenil

    Tu si jaa rahe ho…Tusi mat jao…
    It’s fine Go and achieve what you want.Superb story will miss this story.your FEYU WILL MISS it i m only boy writer in TEI?.Facebook open karegi nA!!:):,(:(

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Yeah!! Bhai…I thought at first that you’re a girl as girls also have name- Fenil….

      1. Fenil

        yaa Fenil is common in both gender !! U will not believe each person asked me ARE U Boy? kal ki hi baat lelo…Ishqbaaz page se Riddhimaa ne kal PM kar ke pucha tha.

    2. Yashiska

      Yes asi ja rahe , jana padega…awww I also miss you feyu?????
      And yes meine toh abhi tak aapko hi dekha h tu par boy writer????….yes Facebook open karugi ….nhi karugi toh Aapse baat kaise karugi…??????

  3. Unheard-Of

    Amazing…..!!!!! ?Never ever in my dreams had i thought u would end it sooooooo soon. But its okay since studies are more important?! Hope to see more of ur writings soon(obviously when u get free!)
    Going to miss u badly… ?
    Love u madamji??

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u meine bhi nhi socha tha that I would end it sooooo soon….but now situation are different
      And yes I will post when I got time….going to miss u badly too…love u too studentji??????????

  4. All the very best for ur future… Update was fab ?

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u for ur wishes and I am glad that u like the update..??????

  5. SidMin23

    Amazing ending

  6. Cheena2001Cp

    ???sab chale Kyu jaate Hain???
    Feeling bad but studies are priority…..
    Jaldi wapis Aana!!! Yahan stalk karti rehna!!
    Love you loads ?????????
    Best Wishes!!!!

    1. Yashiska

      Sorry I know you feel bad I also …. But I have to do this??
      Yes I will come soon…yeah mein yaha aati rahugi….and thank u for your wishes…??????

  7. Presha

    Loved it
    Will miss u…
    All the best….
    Love u baby….

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u
      I will miss u too
      Thank u
      Love you too

  8. Ramya

    Don’t be sad.
    Come back when you are free
    And I’ll miss you
    Even you are my bestiee dear
    Will miss you and your article
    All the best
    Study hard and reach your goal
    Love you

    1. Yashiska

      Ramya I m little sad … Time ke saath sab sahi ho jayega…I will miss u too but will talk on insta or hangout don’t worry mein tumhara peecha nhi chodne vali?????thank u and will study hard… you too??????

  9. It was too good. Yashu
    I know the reason and even i agree with you
    Im glad to have. A friend like you
    .love. You❤❤???

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u vanu…..yeah u know the reason very well……love u too?????????

  10. it was amazing! but feeling bad
    it’s ok dear study comes first
    go ahead &achieve ur goal
    I’ll miss u
    luv u
    all the best

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u and I will also miss you….love you tooo????????

  11. Marrie

    Nice end
    Best of luck for ur future ☺

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u????

  12. Kiya1234

    Superb but felt bad yaar nice journey yaar go back soon and best of luck for your future like you got all success in your bright life shin like star ? and moon

    1. Yashiska

      Awwwwww thank u so much kiya….

  13. yrrr end kr diya hmmm study bhi imp. h
    dear jaldi aana plzzz
    Awesome amazing episode
    all the best for ur future
    luv u

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u and will come soon…love u too?????

  14. Twinj2000

    That was amazing ❤️❤️
    N studies r more important but once u finish maybe after an year or so plz comeback ?
    N all the best dear??
    Love you ❤️

    1. Twinj2000

      I will start writing next year ????
      But I will it’s u yaara ….I hope I’ll calm back next year
      Waiting ??
      Love you ???

    2. Yashiska

      Thank u I m glad that u like the end…..and I will come approx one and half year later…may be hope itna hi ho , but time three year bhi ho sakta h???????..yeah I will come…love you too???????

  15. Ananya_DSK

    Arrey yaar!!! You were doing an amazing job with this… I had never even thought that you would end it so abruptly like this…. But I must appreciate your skill of making such a lovely ending even in the given situation… Totally loved it!
    I’ll miss you loads yaar… All the very best for your studies.. hope you get into an institution of your choice… Love you loads ??? take care

    1. Yashiska

      Thank u so much ananya I know it’s little shocking that I stop story suddenly…. But yeah ab is brain mein ghusa h study hard???????….and thank u for your wishes I also miss you love you too….tc????

  16. ??????You are going dear…..
    Will miss u a lot….U are one of the best writer in TU…Will always remember u till my last breath??All the best for ur furure dear..I know study is first priority… Keep visiting TU…And do write an os when u will get tine….
    Episode was awsm…Loved it very much..
    Do come back soon..
    Will miss u a lot
    Love u and will always love u….

    1. Yashiska

      Àwwwww don’t cry rayna plzzz….and thank u
      I m glad that you like episode as well as my story yes it’s my last story….but don’t worry I will come soon with a os…. Happy…..will come soon with a story but after two years tab tak ke liye OS SE kaam chalana pdega….okk tum kisi social site par ho toh sent me PM ohkkk…
      Love you tooooo???????
      And mujhe bulna mat …?????

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