Soulmates- a swasan os

Hello guys!!! My name is Aleena and I am new to the TU World and I am here with a short os on the occasion of new year and yeah I wish you all a very very Happy New Year! I have tried my level best to at least make a smile crept on your face!! After seeing your response I will post more os and maybe some shots too!! I hope you all enjoy this!! So here we begin,
Swara’s p.o.v
I felt a thrill in my heart. I looked at him as he mouthed the words “After School”. I smile and nodded.

There was something mysterious about Sanskar that fascinated me. He was very good in all his studies and excellent in sports. Yet, no one knew anything about him. His nickname was “alien”. Some of the girls passed the words about that he had come from another planet maybe from his excellent looks and physique. No one knew where he lived, or who his parents were, or even what he did after school. When asked he always said something funny and changed the topic. Somehow I had become drawn and we had become the best of friends. This was a breakthrough for him as he was generally shy with girls. I had been pestering him for days about his background. As his best friend, I believed I had a right to know. Earlier that day, during recess, I had told him that our friendship was over unless he ‘came clean’ about everything. I was vindicated; he was going to tell me all.

When I met after school, he jerked his head to indicate that I should follow him. He walked very fast and I hurried after him. He was silent as waited at the bus stop. I touched his arm to tell him that I was there. That made him start, apparently his mind was far away. We took the bus to its terminus at the outskirts of Kolkata and got off. I wondered why he lived so far from school and why he did not go to a school nearby. As he was so quiet, I decided not to interrupt his thoughts again and waited for him to tell me. Anyway, I was sure the mystery would be solved that day.

I walked with him as he walked through the blocks. I thought he was taking me to his apartment. Then he stopped in front of a temple. I was stunned. He led the way and I followed. I climbed the stairs till the top floor. He pointed to a lady sitting in front of god and worshipping. Suddenly I realized where I was; I was at orphanage . I heard a sob and turned to see Sanskar in tears. Just then the lady opened her eyes and got up to hug him. She looked over his shoulders at me and to the question in my eyes and replied in a barely audible whisper, “Both his parents died in an air crash when he was three.” Sanskar sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I felt miserable and empty within and tears brimmed in my eyes seeing him like this.

Later when we were seated in the lounge drinking tea, I reached out and put my arms around him. He looked long and deep into my eyes. I realized that he felt about me the same way I felt about him. I felt a warmth crawling over me. I had found what I was looking for. I reached forward and kissed him gently on lips.” You are not an orphan anymore,” I whispered, “I will be everything-father, mother, sister, brother, girlfriend, wife- to you.”

That was the end of our friendship and the beginning of a lifelong romance which started by a beautiful yet passionate kiss!!!

Phew! Finally finished I know it’s a short one but I am not used to type this much, but guys I had put a lot of effort in it and I would really appreciate if you all would drop your precious comments in the comment box!! And I am sorry in advance if you find in mistake in it!

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  1. Deeksha gupta

    Nyc …
    Happy new year ..

    1. Thank you so much Deeksha!!
      And a very happy new year to you too!!?

    1. Thank you Maryum for commenting! ?

  2. it was nice start aleena dr very sweet short story keep writing try 2 come up wid new one .

    1. Thank you so much Parul!!
      And yeah don’t worry I would surely come with a new one!?

  3. Pooja26

    awwww lovely os !!!!!!
    amazing one !!!!
    loved it !!!!!!!

    1. Awwww??
      Thank you so much Pooja!

  4. Awesome ?

    1. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you and you too take care!!?

  5. Srusti

    Awesome dear

    1. Thank you so much Srusti!!?

  6. Arshaanya

    Omg aleena dat was very gud….
    I jus loved it…
    Wish u ve given us dis story as TS or FS… it was dat gud…

    1. Ouiiii!!!????
      I am so grateful that you liked it that much!! I thought that this story should be written as an os just because it was a very short one and a big thank you for commenting!

    1. Thank you Anu!!??

  7. Niceeeeee

    1. Thank you Tani!!

  8. Beautiful

    1. Thank you Sus!!???

    1. Thank you Shan!!??

  9. it was very amazing and emotional
    but it was tooooo short
    u should have detailed it and i could have got a lot of scope to praise it
    very sorry if i hurt u but i do want more

    1. So sorry if you found it that small and yeah I also found it a little short but i just rubbed that thought because my knuckles were paining very much and I am not used to type that much!!
      And its okay that you have not scoop much because then I would have been blushing like hell and my mom would have doubted me ????
      And its okay I am not hurt and its enough for me that you have conveyed your feelings truly!!
      And don’t worry I would surely write more!!

  10. Gosh it ws amazing… so cute..loved it

    1. Thank you so much Mahjabeen!!

  11. SRSL

    Awsm dear..even thought its short its a heart touching one… see o your new right..then start making friends here..will you be my friend..

    1. Awww??? thank you so much for your comment SRSL I am very fond of reading your piece of writings and I love them too!!
      And I would be so overwhelmed to be your friend!!!!

  12. Simin

    Its really sweet dear
    Are u same aleena imama’s friend?

    1. Thank you so much Simin dear and yeah I am not that Aleena

  13. Rabia0032

    Nice dear…happy new year

    1. Thank you so much Rabia!!
      And a happy new year to you too!

  14. Raina

    i loved it dear, but the end of os, i didn’t expect it while scrolling down to read more. it was a short and sweet story dear, really nice. welcome to TU and happy new year

  15. nice story loved it .come back with another one

  16. Vyshu10

    Sweet n lovely. Happy new year!

  17. Simi

    Sweet os?

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