Soulmates (RagLak : First Shot, Part Two)


? Soulmates ? (RagLak : First Shot, Part 2)

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********* First Shot (Part 2) *********

(Kaveri Kapoor asks her daughter-in-law to get sweets and give them because they fix the relation from their side and are sure that their only doting daughter Ms. Ragini Kapoor is now all ready to become the second daughter-in-law of Mehra Family.)

Our love birds who have found their love and their soul just few moments back, were staring deep in each other’s eyes and have forgotten the world around. Their this beautiful trance was broken by Sanskar, the twin elder brother of Ragini by 20 minutes. His voice got his sister and brother-in-law out from their eye talk and they became embarrassed and were blushing. Sanskar or better called Sansku by her younger sister of 20 minutes, was given a death glare and she was teased by him for falling in love with the guy whom she never saw till an hour before. Sanskar gave a tight hug to his sister and as they were to go downstairs where the entire family, both the Kapoors and the Mehras were waiting, our hero –

Laksh’s eyes fell on a beautiful frame hung on the wall with a pic of 2 boys and a real sweet description written about the bond. When Laksh enquired Sanskar about it, his eyes were filled with tears and he answered Laksh that it is the pic of him and his best friend with whom he had grown up and had to leave him due to their father’s business which shifted abroad. He knew that his friend will come back and they will be together again. He also said that since his dearest lovely sister believes that any relationship should always be started on a true note, he wants to tell that this guy was his sister’s.. His Ragz first love and also her Soulmate. And before Sanskar could go on further and read out those beautiful lines which his best friend had written for it.. Laksh with moist eyes, speaks those words out from his true heart.

*Unn khwaabon ki ummeed ho tum
Unn bezubaan baaton ke lafz ho tum..
Meri dua ka jawaab ho tum
Khuda ka pyaara paigaam ho tum..!!

*Lafzon se jo na ho bayaan tum ho woh khushi
Chehre pe aane wali tum ho woh hassi..
Aankhon se girte hue gam ya khusi ke tum ho aansu
Ghar mein mehekti tum ho woh khusboo..!!

*Duwaein jo maangi thi khuda se
Sote jaagte sir teka uske darr pe..
Mili inn duwaon ka sila mujhe
Rote haste maangte khote paaya tujhe..!!

*Meri ummeed, khwaaish,khwaab ho tum
Aaina meri taqadeer ka ho tum..!!

And then Sanskar squeals out Lakkkkssshhhhh like a kid who got his favourite chocolate and hugs his bestie for life after 10 long years and Laksh too calls out Sanky and hugs him so tight. After the emotional meeting of these two friends who were the most important ingredient of each other’s life, reality struck Laksh, who looked towards Ragini and in a soft yet loud whisper called her Laadoo.. Yes standing before him his new found love was not new anymore, because she was his Laadoo.. His very own Laadoo and this scene was being observed by the family who had now lost their patience and came up, only to witness the reunion of these Soulmates, were very happy and everyone had their eyes moist and bless this bond.

After being convinced with the feelings of their children, all decided to call the Pandit and ask for a date on which these two beating hearts and lonely souls could be tied together in a relationship where they become one life with two bodies and two beautiful lovely ever Loving souls.

Where everyone was happy, Ragini and Laksh were the one who were tensed about the matching of their Kundlis. Ragini texts Laksh and explains her fear about their Horoscope not matching and would he leave her if it doesn’t. All that Our Lover Boy could reply was, “Our Hearts have Matched, Our thinkings Match, Our Soul has Matched, Nothing can make us apart, not even the horoscope” and he gives her a reassuring smile and a blink of his eyes which made his princess as calm as a still river. Putting an end to the silent eye to eye talk and assurance, the family Pandit of It looked like the Universe, galaxy also wanted them to be tied in a relation and so the Mahurat or as said the most auspicious within a fortnight or not for another 6 months, there was no moment when they could be tied in a bond of marriage. With restlessness over-powering Sanky’s Best Friend Lucky, he blurted out that this week would be great and it came up only with him to be embarrassed and few stern glances from his Laadoo’s Dadi and his family and all burst into laughter, leaving Ragini blushing like a deep red cherry. Now that the wedding day was fixed, the Sangeet and Haldi would be done in Mehra Villa and the Mehendi and wedding in Kapoor Mansion.

The day of Haldi arrives, and Mehra Villa is decorated no less beautifully than a bride and Laksh’s best bhabhi and friend Shriya was making him ready and this bond was being adored by his elder brother.. Shaurya. Laksh or Vandana Mehra’s Lucku, came down and looked handsome in the whitish colour sherwani with a yellow cum golden border. The girls then screamed that the bride and her family has arrived and Laksh now could not wait to see his Laadoo. As the Kapoor’s enter, Laksh’s eyes were searching for his bride to be and seeing her entering his house in a yellowish golden ghagra with matching diamond jewellery and a beautiful wide smile spread from her right ear to her left one and that beautiful eyes with blush in it made him weak on his knees and his heart started dancing and he wanted to engulf her in a tight hug. But to break this dream, came to him his Sanky and gave him an attack that he wasn’t looking that good and lacked something. Before the Mehra siblings could figure out what?,

Ragini’s Sansku pulled out a small box and handed it to Laksh. Scared by his best friend’s gesture, he spoke out that “I am already getting married to your sister and am not a gay”. Shocked everyone looks towards them only to find out that the box contains a beautiful diamond broch within which the letter “L” is carved. And yup, it was designed by his own Sanky (who is a jewellery designer by his passion). Soon the function ends with the whole family dancing and it ends on a good note.

The next day, the whole villa is decorated again but for the function of Mehendi. Today Ragini has worn a beautifully designed sea green colour half saree and matching elegant jewellery and Laksh has worn a light greenish colour sherwani both deigned by Shriya Shaurya Mehra. Where the family enjoys the function, our made for each other couple RagLak spend some time with each other by the grace of SanShayShri.

Laksh who is supposed to find his name or Letter of his name in the dark mehendi of his love’s hand, now has an idea and shows any normal design and tells I found it. Ragini slaps her forehead and spills the beans the shows him where it is and finds Lakh grinning over his cheat win and she stands their arms crossed on her chest (Mehendi has dried) and face so puffed that it looks like she kept 2 apples on either side of her cheeks. He then takes her into a hug only to be jerked away. And comes out and makes a fool of herself when her bhabhi turned friend Shriya laughs at her and her new brother Shaurya and her Sansku take side of their Ragoo. The Kapoor family bids good bye and leave for their mansion to meet again the next evening for the most awaited wedding.

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Tomorrow’s episode : Wedding and family moments. First Shot Part 2. {End of this Fan-Fction}

Credits : HisPrincess

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