Soulmates (RagLak : First Shot, Part One)


? Soulmates ? (RagLak : First Shot, Part 1)

Hello Friends..This is HisPrincess back. With one Shot. Hope you like it.
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********* First Shot (Part 1) *********

The Sun is playing hide and seek from the sky with the girls in the beautiful tall trees standing straight and spread over the entire place and falling in the garden of a beautiful home named Kapoor Mansion. The garden of the house is filled with laughter and a melodious voice singing the female version of “Soch Na Sake”.
While everyone inside is running here and there and are making sure that everything is in place and is ready. As the girl finishes the song. The groom and his family come in and greet everyone.
There’s tension and numerous thoughts in the heart of the girl and guy as to whom are they going to marry? How will they adjust and what not. After all they don’t know that they are Soulmates.

When he girl or better say bride to be is in tension, she always sings songs to ease her tension and she does the same here unaware of the arrival of the groom’s side. Before she could be asked to come down, the whole house is filled with her voice “Hasi Ban Gaye”, and this voice was so melodious that the guy or groom to be was just attracted towards it and he fell in love with the voice and the girl. He started making his way through the house to end up at the door of his going to be wife and sang the male version of “Hasi Ban Gaye”.
It is then that Ragini understood that her future family has arrived and her future husband is standing at her door and singing along with her. All her thoughts, her fear, her insecurities were washed away by hearing a song so melodious. She had always loved this song, but she never knew that this song could change her destiny. She was now all ready to become Mrs. Ragini Laksh Mehra.

Giving a sudden break to her thoughts in came the guy of her dreams, who is ready to take her away and make a house and live a life with their dreams together in it.

Where Mr. Chirag Mehra (Amar Sharma), his wife Mrs. Vandana Chirag Mehra (Sonia Handa) and his elder son Mr. Shaurya Mehra (Tarun Singh) and his beautiful wife Mrs. Shriya Shaurya Mehra (Akansha Chamola) are scared and angry on the doing of their son, on the same hand Mr. Vishambar Kapoor (Sanjeev Seth), his wife Mrs. Priya Vishambar Kapoor (Lata Sabarwal), his mother Mrs. Kaveri Kapoor (Vineeta Malik) and his son Mr. Sanskar Kapoor (Varun Kapoor) are all smiles and Sanskar comes to his lovely dadi and asks her that is she only going to stand and smile and not make Mehra’s brush off their tension regarding their son’s doing. Kaveri Kapoor asks her daughter-in-law to get sweets and give them because they fix the relation from their side and are sure that their only doting daughter Ms. Ragini Kapoor is now all ready to become the second daughter-in-law of Mehra Family.

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Tomorrow’s episode : Moments between siblings and end of First Shot Part 2. {End of this Fan-Fction}

Credits : HisPrincess

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