Soulmates (RagLak : First Shot, Last Part)


? Soulmates ? (RagLak : First Shot, Last Part)

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Yesterday’s episode : Siblings moment. Mehendi.

********* First Shot (Last Part) *********

(The Kapoor family bids good bye and leave for their mansion to meet again the next evening for the most awaited wedding.)

The sun which rose over Kapoor Mansion spread its rays and light on a beautiful girl sleeping and whose hands have a mehendi of her love and it shows the pitch dark maroonish black colour. She wakes up due to the sunlight disturbing her sound sleep and sits on the bed and smells the mehendi and blushes thinking about her after 10 hours going to be husband. Yup.. It’s decided that Sangeet and Wedding would be on the same day. Sangeet in the afternoon and wedding in evening, because our Lucky’s dad has to attend an important meeting and our baby doll Ragoo didn’t want to get married in his absence, so on her saying it is kept so.
For the Sangeet, Ragini has worn an awesome maroonish Brown ghagra, with beautiful golden jewellery and her hands of mehendi were contrasting with her attire and those beautiful golden ancestral bangle which her sweet mother-in-law, Vandana Chirag Mehra had inherited. Laksh had worn a maroon colour suit which he didn’t want to because it was not his colour, but seeing his lady love in the same colour he was mesmerized and his Brother and Bhabhi started teasing him and he felt embarrassed and started scratching his head. The sangeet was no less than an event in the Kapoor Mansion, with everyone pacing here and there and the whole house decorated like a bride. The afternoon was filled with music, dance performances, moments, few happy, few emotional. But all that made every eyes go moist was the bond which Sansku and his Ragoo share.. That dance and song which Sanskar composed for his lovely sister was one out of the world. The sangeet ended on an amazing note and Laksh left with his family to their house to bring the Baraat and take his love to his house, without knowing that his dreams would be shattered.


On the way to their Villa, Laksh went to meet his business partner for a file and while returning, he lost balance of the steering and banged into a tree and hurt him. To his luck, passers-by who saw this admitted him in the hospital and informed Sanky (the last dialed number on his cell). Sanky informed everyone about it and left for the hospital. As they reached the hospital, the doctor informs that Laksh’s condition is critical and the only name on his mouth is of Ragini. So it is requested that you call her, else we can’t help. Sanskar shocked at the turn of situations convinced everyone to let Ragoo come, and left to get his little sister. Here, Ragini was getting ready saw Sansku.. Her Sansku standing with a dull teary eyed face at the door and she called him in, unaware of the fact that this news would break her down. She thought that her elder brother by 20 minutes was crying because she would leave him and go for the first time in their life, so she called and hugges him only to be stopped by him and he told her the fact that the love of her life who was supposed to come today evening and make her his, is now lying on the hospital bed and struggling to even take a few breaths. Ragini’s world came crashing down and all she could do is let out a scream and not a single tear. She immediately composed herself and left with her brother to the hospital in the very wedding attire with a sindoor box in her hand. Seeing her in this condition the family broke but our sweetheart Ragini kept her courage and entered the room and held Laksh’s hand and then came the most soothing words from her heart. “Laksh, you always say we are Soulmates. We are meant to be one, then how can you leave me? Do you see the family outside, your family? Those who have always been with you, made you what you are today, who have sacrificed many things in life just for you, who have been the bestest ever friends, parents and family. What would they do without you? How can you leave them, when they need you to support them, to hold their trembling hands, to make sure that their life isn’t wasted? Your brother whose life is always around you, your bhabhi, whose best friend you are. How can you leave them? You see the other family, that is my family, those people trust you more than anything, and trust my choice of my life partner that is you. Do you know why, they trust you so much? It is only because they know I will be the happiest if am with you, they know that you will treat me and keep me like a princess in the dream land which we built. They know that you will never be the reason behind my tears and you will wipe them if i ever have tears in my eyes. They know that their angel will be treated as a princess by you. Then how can you tell break their trust? How can you forget all those promises? How can you break their trust? That guy out in off white sherwani is your bestie.. Your Sanky.. The one with whom you grew up, he has always longed for you from past so many years, he wants to relive those years with you. He trusts you more than anyone than you will love his Ragoo, his younger sister by 20 minutes.. His friend list on Facebook.. Followers on Twitter.. Contacts on WhatsApp have many friends.. But your place is still yours.. Why, just because he knows you will come back one day and will never leave him. What about that hope of his?
And see I.. Ragini Kapoor.. Going to be Ragini Laksh Mehra is sitting by your side broken from inside but not showing, because I know you will wake up.. You will wake up for us.. For our dreams which we will fulfill.. For our promises which we will keep up.. For our love which will stay till eternity.. For telling our children our love story.. For telling the world that we are not life partners but Soulmates.. For telling one another that I am your soul.. Wake up Laksh.. Wake up.. Your Laadoo wants to become yours today.. Wake up Laksh.. Make her yours today.. 1 hour more for our wedding.. I want to get married to you today.. This day on the said auspicious time.. Wake up Laksh.. You are my life.. My soul.. My happiness.. My everything.. Without Laksh there is no Ragini.. And Ragini’s destination is her Laksh.. ”

Laksh moves his hands and Ragini senses it and rushes to call the doctor who checks him and tells its no less than a miracle, that he woke up from his death bed and you can meet him after half an hour. Once Laksh is shifted to the ward, the whole family goes in to find a conscious Laksh smiling weakly at them and Ragini goes upto him and forwards her hand with the sindoor box and holds his hand and takes a pinch of it and applies on her hair line and now becomes Mrs. Ragini Laksh Mehra. The whole family is overjoyed at this moment and to add more happiness, Shaurya comes and tells everyone that Shriya is pregnant. After a week Laksh ia discharged and Ragini has very well taken up the responsibility of the daughter of Mehra Villa and doesn’t let Shriya to do any work. They share an impeccable bond with each other. Laksh and Ragini wait for the auspicious date to get married again with the dreams their parents saw for their marriage. So the date is after 9 months. Shriya gave birth to a baby boy and he is named Yash.

***************** 9 months later **************

Ragoo, comes a voice from the entrance of the beautiful door of a white coloured room where the bride to be’s brother stands and adores his younger sister by 20 minutes getting ready for the D-Day of her life. Ragoo this is a gift from your brother. The gift wrapper as is being opened, there are pictures of all the times spent by Sansku and his Ragoo and the family. Even Laksh and his family pics are there, but the one exceeds is the bond of this sibling.. Each other’s Santa.. Each other’s Sansku and Ragoo..
Ragini descends the stairs with her brother and is bought to the mandap where the love of her life is mesmerised seeing her in a golden pink ghagra with the fabulous maang tika and those beautiful earrings, bangles, waist chain, necklace, anklet all complementing her dress and here our Laadoo.. Our Laksh’s Laadoo has her eyes stuck upon her Sansku’s Lucky, who has worn a golden colour sherwani with a pink turban and the diamond broch her brother gifted, everything complementing her dress. She sits next to him and as the wedding rituals go on Laksh whispers in Ragini’s ear that she looks so beautiful that he can’t control himself and she ia making him go crazy to which Ragini blushes and Sanskar makes them come to reality. After all the rituals, the bidaai is done and the one who cried the moat ia the one who always told that he wouldn’t cry and shed a single tear when she goes.. Yea.. Its correct, it’s our Sanskar. Ragini leaves and goes to her place and enters her room after completing all the rituals of Mehra Family.


Ragini sits on the bed which is beautifully covered with roses and white and red color satin and net cloth hung from the fan and covers the entire bed like a saree draped and those heart shaped pieces with “RL” written on it. Then enters the hero of her dreams who locks the door and moves forward towards her with the ever soothing smile of his and walks up to her and lifts her veil and kisses her forehead and cheeks and she blushes and gets up from the bed and stands in front of the mirror near the window. He comes from back and hugs her and slowly slides his hand on her waist and whispers in her ear about becoming one on true sense and becoming his not just officially but also legally and looks into the mirror to know her answer. She just closes her eyes and feels this moment and gives him a green signal and an answer by her eyes that she trusts him totally and he can make her his forever. Seeing her approval he slowly starts removing her jewellery and kissing the places where her jewellery had been and lifts her slowly and walks up to the bed and slowly undresses her and she too does the same and they drape the blanket over them and become one under the moon which is witnessing the unity of these two beautiful souls.

***************** Two years later ******************

The Mehra Villa is decorated, for the naming ceremony. From the stairs descend Our lovely couple Giriash (Laksh & Ragini), both with a baby in their hand. Laksh with a baby who is wrapped in a baby pink cloth and wearing a white colour frock looking like an angel and Ragini with a baby who is wrapped in a sky blue cloth and wearing a light blue shorts and white shirt looking like a prince. They come and sit near the pandit, who does all the rituals and asks them to tell the name of the baby girl 3 times in her ear and 4th time loudly to everyone and the same with the baby boy.
Ragini whispers the name KRIA in the ear of our baby princess and loudly Kria adding to it she tells that it has been kept from their names.. KA from Laksh and RI from Ragini. Now, Laksh whispers the name KRISH in the ear of our baby prince and loudly Krish adding to it he tells that it has been kept from their names.. RI from Ragini and KSH from Laksh. They say that these kids are a symbol of their pure love and Giriash are Soulmates and their children will also find their Soulmates when they grow up just like them.

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Credits : HisPrincess

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