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SOULMATES (KB) Episode 3


thanks guys for comments…
the episode starts with abhi seeing this and gets angry …he was about to go near pragya but purab stopped him.he said that professor is calling.abhi says but…and leaves with him.

pragya asked what …aditya…I am ..sorry…that I could not accept ..please…I thought you as my brother as you are my friends brother…but you spoilled everything…I am in love ..but not with you…and leaves…

after some time…abhi waits for pragya…pragya comes and says hi…abhi looks at her.pragya asked mood off…what happened …abhi says nothing.pragya says it looks like that there is something.abhi says it means you don’t know.pragya asked ha…me…what’s the matter abhi…abhi says leave it. .pragya said I am leaving…I think if we speak we will definitely get into fight .pragya was about to leave but abhi pushed her towards the wall..pragya asked abhi..what you are doing…abhi says you belong only to me…no one can snatch from me…remember…and leaves …pragya thinks what happened to him and thinks to speak to him later…

next day was aditi’s birthday. ..pragya calls abhi and asked him to come to club…all gathered..pragya wished aditi, aditi thanked her and asked about her Romeo..pragya says he will come and aditya comes there.pragya smiles at him.aditya says happy bday aditi Nd hugs her.abhi comes there….pragya hugs him.abhi smiles at her.pragya takes abhi to aditi and says here…my Romeo…aditya looks on.abhi wishes aditi. ..aditi says bhai…yeh …abhi..pragya’s Romeo.abhi looks at aditya. aditya says you…pragya looks on.aditya thinks not to create scene and hugs him.pragya says aditi …cut the cake.aditi cuts and feeds for aditya and pragya…bulbul comes there…and greets aditi. purab too wished her.

bulbul says play time…and says I will take a chit from these two bowls…the person’s .should dance together…all claps.bulbul asked aditi to take..aditi took its aditya and pragya…pragya says no…I will not..and looks at abhi.abhi asked her to go…pragya and aditya dances…aditya places his hands on her waist…pragya looks on abhi and closed her eyes…abhi comes there and pulls pragya to his side and they both dances…soch na sake …. pragya thanks him.abhi says I know everything…pragya asked what.abhi says that aditya proposed you na…pragya cries.abhi wipes her tears and says I will be with you..bulbul asked what’s happening between these two…aditi says I will say later.pragya says I love you abhi…abhi says me too…aditya looks on anger.tanu comes there…she asked are you worried.aditya asked who is she..she said abhi’s lover…aditya asked but pragya..tanu says you love her na…aditya says yes…tanu says if they separate then she is yours..I think now you understood. aditya smiles at her.she tells a plan to aditya…he says well…

Credit to: naveena

  1. Deepika bhaasker

    Nice but don’t separate abi Nd pragya plzz it’s my request

  2. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  3. Well this time i am little bit angry because you entered tanu in it but its k i will see because in this ff tanu will surely get end ????????????

  4. yaar nyc but plzzz dont seperate abhigya indeed u make fr tanu and aditya in btwn all these it vould b different I thought to share srry if hurted u

  5. nice episode pls dont seperate coz of that stupid tanu fed up of seperation but apart frm that awesome episode

  6. Wow awesome naveena

  7. Wow superb yaar keep going and waiting for next episode

  8. nice episode

  9. Nice yaar… Really sema interesting twist yaar

  10. Very nice…another evil plan of tanu and adhi…its intrstng keep going. Update regularly..

  11. No also chee chee.

  12. Its superb dear..???
    As all said don’t separate abhigya yaar?

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