SOULMATES (KB) Episode 2


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pragya reaches the hostel…bulbul and aditi slept…pragya thanks for,bcoz if they are awake..they will question pragya thinks why I am attached to abhi..why if abhi gets hurt…I am hurted…pragya no don’t think about him…and she slept.

next morning…
pragya goes to hospital with roses…she gave that to him and purab says wow..pragya it’s nice..smells good.pragya says it’s for abhi…not for you…she asked he is feeling now.Abhi says good.pragya gets’s from.aditi. .she attends the call.aditi asked where is she..she says I am out.I will come to class go and cuts the call.pragya says ok it’s time I am leaving…

days passed…Abhi is getting well.he was discharged from hospital…meanwhile abhi ,pragya become close friends.pragya feels comfortable with abhi and abhi too feels comfortable with pragya …

one day …Abhi called pragya as he want to meet her. pragya says ok and they both met each other.Abhi says I got a chance to do concert with boys team.pragya says congrats and hugs him.Abhi was shocked…pragya breaks the hug and asked treat…aditi sees this from a distance…she thinks whom he is …and decides to ask her once she returned…pragya says ok it’s time..I am leaving.Abhi asked so soon.pragya says arey baba…please
..Abhi says ok..but promise you will meet me tomorrow .but before you promise that you will give treat tmrw.Abhi says sure.
pragya comes back to hostel

.aditi asked where she went.pragya says just to get some fresh air.aditi asked oh …to get fresh air hugged him.who is he..pragya looks around.aditi says bulbul is out…I’m her friend’s room.pragya says all things. .aditi says oh…madam is In love I think..pragya says no..aditi says I can see your love in your eyes..pragya says is it…aditi asked her to propose…pragya says first he may propose..why should I..aditi asked so you are in love..agree.pragya closed her eyes..pragya says I mean..but aditi says ..ha…I understood. and says good luck and leaves…

next day..
Abhi,purab,pragya reaches the club..Abhi thanked pragya…for coming..three gets in.purab sits at a distance from abhi and pragya..Abhi and pragya starts to talk…Abhi says one minute and he leaves from there..pragya asked where he is going…Abhi takes the mike from dj…and says listen guys…I am tell I am in love with my friend…pragya was suprised..Abhi says I am in love..yes with my friend..I don’t know whether she loves me…but I have to say to her …pragya …I love you..Abhi went near pragya and kneels down and takes a ring from his pocket and ask will you marry me..pragya says ofcourse…and they both hugs…purab claps his hand. ..hard..and he also joins..the trio took a selfie..

Abhi ,purab drops pragya and abhi says I will miss you…pragya says me too.purab says bhai..let’s leave
pragya blushes…aditi comes there.pragya introduces her to abhi and purab..Abhi says hi…and purab smiles at her.aditi says so you …the Romeo of this Juliet. ..pragya asked her to keep silent.Abhi laughs and says take care of my Juliet.aditi says yes boss and they all laughs..

aditya thinks about pragya…of her concern…he thinks I am in love with pragya…and he decides to speak to her tomorrow.
pragya was happy. .that she finally proposed him..aditi says actually he proposed you.pragya says ha…don’t even leave a chance to pull my legs..aditi says my job…pragya asked not to inform bulbul.aditi nods …

next day aditya sees pragya coming and he stops her.pragya asked what aditya…aditya says I want TO tell you a thing. .pragya asked what..aditya says I love you ..pragya. ..pragya was shocked…
Abhi hears it From a distance. …

Credit to: naveena

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