SOULMATES (KB) Episode 1


Guys less comments. .but i am not going to stop there are many people who likes my ff….so here is the second one…

In the morning…
Pragya calls purvi ( her younger sister )and asked her to switch on Skype.both speaks a lot…sarla ma comes and asked how is she…how is college and about bulbul.pragya says all are good and bulbul is out with her friend and says I am sorry that I didn’t informed you that I got a new friend here…her name is aditi

at that time aditi and bulbul comes.bulbul was happy and speaks to sarla.but aditi looks sad. Sarla asked why she is sad.aditi says I don’t have anyone to call as ma or dad.everyone looks on.aditi asked can I call you ma.sarla says ofcourse why not and pragya and aditi .hugs….bulbul says ma…first time in era..
.pragya di got friend….pragya says oi …and says ma it’s time. .we will call you later…bye purvi..purvi too says bye…

PRAGYA and aditi was on their way to class…pragya clashes with abhi.but abhi holds pragya…abhi was lost in pragya’s eyes.pragya frees from him by her and looks on.abhi says sorry.aditi says let’s go yaar…it’s time.pragya and aditi leaves.abhi says not even a sorry…how kanjoos is she and purab comes there. ..
abhi asked why is he so tension.purab says in hostel. ..a senior hits our classmate…he is bleeding now
Abhi asked who? Purab says aditya. …abhi says let’s go…abhi meets aditya…aditya says see….the gang leader has come…what you too want to get beaten by me.abhi asked why you beat him.aditya says he proposes to the girl whom my friend loves. Abhi asked so you beat him you asked whether the girl likes him.or loves him.aditya says mind your own business.don’t interfere …abhi says what you will do and aditya holds abhi’s collars…and both began to fight.abhi beats him. ..and aditya gets hurt …and says before coming to us…remember this pain.and all leaves.aditya’s friends asked how ‘ a junior can beat a senior.aditya says I will not leave him…

Meanwhile pragya in her class enjoying company with aditi. They two were busy in their talks while their friend informs that aditya was beaten by the junior.pragya and aditi rushes to see him.aditi asked to call doctor but pragya asked where is the first aid box and starts to treat herself to him.aditi asked you know.pragya says I was trained …aditi says you are so talented…aditya feels a soft cornered on pragya.he just stared at her.pragya didn’t noticed him and asked if it’s paining a lot

.aditya nods no.aditi asked who beats aditya.his friend says a junior and also the entire story. .pragya says he calm…everythg will become fine. …

In night pragya was in her room..aditi and bulbul slept.pragya decides to go for a Walk.she walks on the pavement…outside the hostel.some group of people teased pragya.pragya was much in anger. .but want to return.but suddenly one boy pulls her by arms she was shocked.she tries to escape when abhi comes and bears them.pragya thanks him.abhi asked why she came out of hostel late night.pragya says just a Walk.abhi says it’s not safe better come with anyone here after.pragya asked will you come.abhi didn’t expect this…nor pragya wants to say…she looked at him.abhi says sure why not…you can call me and it’s my number. .pragya says thank you. ..abhi asked friends.pragya says sure…and both smiles.

PRAGYA comes to room and sees both bulbul and aditi are sleeping…she feels relaxed and sleeps.
Abhi comes to room smilling.purab asked why he is so happy.abhi says I met an angel.purab asked Angel.abhi says pragya…I mean now she is my friend. ..and tells the whole story.purab says introduce me to her by tomorrow.abhi says sure …why not..

Next morning. ..
abhi was on his way to class. .while some boys in bike ,their heads with helmets ,knifes in their hands..they surrounded him …one stabs. …in his stomach.and all leaves.abhi falls on floor.pragya sees it and runs towards him…she called ambulance and abhi was taken..on the way ,pragya was constantly speaking to abhi to make him awake…she calls purab from his phone and asked him to come to city hospital.

Abhi was admitted in hospital….pragya was praying to God to make him alive.purab comes and asked if she Is pragya…she nods yes.both were waiting for doctor to come out of OT….finally the doctor comes…pragya asked he is fine na doctor.the doctor says he is fine but he must take rest. PRAGYA and purab thanks the doctor and enters

PRAGYA sits near abhi.she asked who are them …how can they even think to kill you…purab asked to answer.abhi says I don’t know..leave it.purab says what you know..just to leave ….pragya says its late…we will see tomorrow. ..

Hope you all liked ..comment what you think…

Credit to: naveena

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  1. Nice a different track i liked it n r u a student r working n don’t worry about less comments as there ll be many silent readers to na . In today’s episode i liked pragya’s care in doing first aid n not becoming anger waiting for next episode yr

  2. But its quite short.

  3. Very nice navee want long episodes pleaseee

  4. you are asking for a like naveena seriously 0_o
    I loved it yr… really superb

  5. Hey I am a silent reader and for the first time I am commenting on all ff s for supporting them so nice yaar

  6. Nice yaar… Really superb n anyway abhi n pragya bcum frd.I thk thy hate each other lk tat BT thank God not lk tat… Itssss superb n nice episode yaar… I really enjoyed it

  7. very very nice….

  8. It is nice and please also post the Marsh ff writing for yours plz plz

  9. Superb naveena ….

  10. Awesome Dr…. don’t feel for less comments yar many of them are silent readers… don’t stop continue ur ff…

  11. really nice loved it loved abhigya scenes more

  12. Amazing episode

  13. Its Superb………. I like it a lottttttttttt

  14. Divya chandru

    Episode is superb , awesome, father hood feeling could be felt when reading it … nice yaar… it s really awesome and different when we become parents see our kids growing …

  15. awesome dear super

  16. nice keep moving forward

  17. Wow nice keep going and don’t feel for less comments dr

  18. nice starting episode. keep it up .

  19. Superb naveena?

  20. please yaar upload next part

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