SOULMATES (KB) – Episode 1


It’s a combination of kkb,matsh. …I will not reveal ma name but sure if I get more comments I do….so enjoy…

Meet pragya and ishani, two friends who are more like sisters. Being completely opposite of each other they somehow share a great bond. The calm and determined pragya equates spunky and fiery ishani. What happens when two certain people enter their life?    Meet abhi and ranveer, two friends who are more like brothers. Ranveer’s family took in abhi when he was orphaned at very young age. Now the two friends, in their late teens, shift to a lesser known city where they stumble upon two stubborn and hotheaded girls.     As a result sparks flew along with a tornado of different emotions.        But can a teen love stories survive the test of real life? A story which is more than just a love story. A story about second chances and believing.


The story is set in a small town in hills far far away from rush and riots of cities. The town had some of the most magnificent bungalows of India and was a perfect tourist destination. Full of flora and fauna the town was safe from any kind of unhappiness. Characters
PRAGYA arora , a sweet and simple but extremely beautiful twenty year old currently studying at  jain college. She has a best friend of ishani. Pragya is a little introvert and doesn’t opens upeasily to everyone. Only ishani knows true pragya who is fierce and sweet at the same time. Pragya lovesto sing and shares her everyday details with ishani.
Ishani parak , Best buddy of pragya and equally beautiful like her. She studies with pragya and even lives with her. ishani is cousin sister of pragya and lives with pragya’s mother – ragini and dad- neil who love her like their own child. Ishani’s parents live in Lucknow. They sent her to study with pragya.  Since past three years both of them have been sharing same room, same bed, same shoes and even sometime same clothes.
Abhishek prem mehra is a handsome bastard , a charming devil. he flirts and doesn’t believes in everlasting true love. He lost his parents at a very tender age and has been living with his dad’s best friend’s family. He shares an unbreakable bond with ranveer. Only ranveer knows real abhi who is soft and kind at heart . Abhi and ranveer have recently shifted in their old ancestral mansion which was lying abandoned for years. He is a perfect actor but very dark person to understand. Girls drool over him but he doesn’t. He hasn’t met a single girl who could make him go crazy.
RANVEER kapoor , young , dynamic and ambitious business tycoon in making. Only two people can influence his decisions – his sister aarti and his best friend abhi. He also doesn’t believes in love as a girl broke his heart once. So know he doesn’t trusts any girl. He lives with abhi , his grandmother and elder sister aarti and her husband yash.He also got enrolled in main college with abhi.
Aarti kapoor ,sweet and loving she sister of abhi and ranveer. Two years back she got married to yash kapoor, an air force pilot and they both are a perfect match for each other.  She wishes that someday two perfect girls will come in her brothers’ life who will change them completely. Abhi and ranveer never refuse her anything and don’t even say no to her (which she uses as her secret weapon sometime). Other characters tanu mehta ,She is elder cousin sister of pragya who hates her. She lives with her father . Although she doesn’t likes pragya , she can’t say that in front of everyone as she knows that this will anger her father. So she indirectly takes dig at pragya and ishani. Ria is the best friend of tanu.  together are called wild cats but Boys drool over them and they love the attention they get from boys .riaexposes her skin to stay in limelight whereas tanu is a bit stupid and dumb . They hate pragya and ishani.  Nikkil and raghav are  boyfriends of Tanu and ria. The hottest guys of college (Or so they think) . The two love to show off and give expensive gifts to them to flatter them. Raghav triesto flirt with pragya and nikkil with ishani.
The morning was bright and cheerful. There was something unusual about it but pragya couldn’t quiet put her finger to it. She was gazing out of the window and admiring the beauty of dawn. Suddenly the loud alarm blaring broke her train of thoughts. That’s it!!!pragya turned around to face the bed and found her sister ishani sprawled out on the bed.
Pragya : (Shakes ishani) wake up sleepyhead!!!
Ishani : (moans) Shut up honey . I need a little more sleep. Besides even the stupid alarm didn’t ring yet.
Pragya : (Shoves alarm clock in her face ) Oi miss!! It has already buzzed four times and if it rings for fifth time i swear i am going to bang it on your head.
Ishani: I think you need to sleep too. Now come on Miss Grumpy Pants. (Tries to pull pragya with her on the bed.)
Pragya : (Smirks) I would have joined you but mum made gulab jamoon (asweet dish).
Ishani : (quickly jumps at the name of jalebi) I AM UP!!! I AM UP!!!!!She then quickly realises how pragya fooled her. Pragya starts to laugh while ishani frown.
Ishani: You find it funny?
Pragya: (Shakes her head) Nope. Now get up and get ready we have English literature lecture at 8 am.

At mehra’s mansion
Ranveer entered the room and found abhi up in the bed but yawning, which was a surprise in itself as he never got up this early.
Ranveer : You already up?
Abhi: Yes. Where is di (elder sister) ?ranveer : Lucky that she went to temple.
Abhi : (Surprised) why?
RANVEER : Because your girlfriend number 18 just called and screamed at me for about half an hour.
Abhi : Dude you tolerated her for half an hour!!?
RANVEER : Not at all !!! I just recordedit for you. Listen to it whenever you are free.
Abhi : Wait! Number 18 , Sania?
Abhi : Let me guess, Chayya.
Ranveer : A little bit closer.
Abhi : Just one more chance , Maya!!!
Ranveer : Yes, Maya. I couldn’t understand what she said cause she was crying and cursing at same time.
Abhi: Woah.
Ranveer : She said one day a girl will come in your life who will make you go crazy.
Abhi : Sure. No girl can make abhi crazy. She must be special enough.
Aarti : (who was standing outside and listening to them) She will be.
Both abhi and Ranveer were surprised by Aarti’s unannounced intervention.
Aarti: I wish god brings two true soul mates in both of yours life. Who knows may be today !!! Abhi and Ranveer : Oh di!!
Abhi : We came here just because of you but now please don’t expect us to find our so called filmy true love on the first day of college.
Aarti : And what if you??

Abhi : (he takes her hand and twirls her around) then it will be like Cinderella meeting her Prince Charming .

Pragya and ishani gulped their breakfast as soon as possible and rushed to college. On their way they found almost everyone talking about the new family that shifted inold mansion. Suddenly pragya realised that she forgot her assignment on the dining table. She asked ishani to go ahead . Though ishani disagreed initially but then she agreed. Pragya turned back and rushed towards home whereas ishani headed to college all alone. As soon as ishani reached college she saw a shiny new car standing in the parking lot. That must be of those rich brats,she thought. When ishani reached her class she found whole class staring at her. Was there something on her face?Her hand automatically flew to her face but then she realised that they all were staring at someone behind her. Without even bothering to look at him ishani quickly ran to her favorite desk near window. But soon she realized that that person behindher quickly came forward and sat on her desk. Childish ? She knew that but this was her favorite desk and she wasn’t going to let any newbie take it forcefully
one take it forcefully. She turned around to yell at him but soon felt air leaving her lungs.The bastard was too handsome for his own good.
ishani:  Hey you!!! This is my seat.
Ranveer : Really?? I thought it was made of wood. Whole class burst into laughter and ishani felt so much embarrassed.
Ishani: (showing fake angry look) listen mister. Just get out of my seat. I always sit here with my friend.
Ranveer : Not from today.Tanu who was listening to all this turned towards ishani.
Tanu: Why don’t you sit somewhere else?? Please just don’t irritate him on his first day here. She then turned around to look at ranveer.
Tanu: You can make yourself comfortable here (pointing to seat next to her).ranveer rolled his eyes and opened his book. This was it!!!
Ishani was not going to give in so easily.
Ishani: (stomping her books on the desk) Fine!!! I will also sit here.
Ranveer: what the…?ishani then sat beside ranveer who was quite surprised at her childish behavior. At the same time he was surprised at his own behavior. It was so unlikely of him to argue.Whereas pragya was finding it difficult to come back to college. She missed all the buses and was not able to find any auto. Since it was a small town, calling a cab was not that easy or quick. Suddenly a speeding car came from behind andbrushed past her. Her books fell from her hand. She yelled at the driver.
Pragya : ARE YOU BLIND!? Why do you drive when you don’t know how to.

The car halted and then suddenly came towards her in reverse direction. A mysteriously handsome boy came out of it. His looks were hot enough to melt anyone but not pragya. Abhi saw a stammeringly beautiful girl standing in middle of road. She was boiling with anger.
Pragya: Can’t you see!! You ruined my notebooks.
Abhi : (annoyed with her yelling) Excuse me? It was not my fault . You were walking in the middle of the road.
Pragya: Perhaps you don’t even have manners. I know people from big cities very well. They all are selfish like you.
Abhi : Oh really? Well you see they are only selfish but you small town girls don’t even have enough brain or sense to use it.
Pragya : (pointed her finger) Listen you!!
Abhi : What?? what will you do??With that he slowly started to close on her and pragya started to walk backwards. She quickly glanced at road but it was all empty
Pragya : (thinking) Are you crazy pragya ? You know these type of boys. They can do anything . she frantically tried to remember about her pepper spray which she left in her cupboard.abhi came closer to her but then stoped.
Abhi : I don’t think i should waste my time on someone like you . I am late today because of you. Hasta la vista. He quickly left her standing there all alone. Abhi reached class just a few minutes after it began but was lucky enough to miss his lecture on late coming by Daniel . He was surprised to see ranveer sitting with a girl. So he sat on the front row desk as it was the only one left vacant.ishani frantically checked time. She was getting worried for pragya. What if she was stuck somewhere. Oh! she should have gone with her. After fifteen minutes pragya finally came running towards class.
Professor : Ahh! miss arora. So nice of you to finally join us.
Pragya : Sorry sir.

Abhi whipped his head in her direction to see the girl from morning.pragya was panting from running all the way to college.
Pragya: I am sorry sir.
Professor: Now will you please tell me why were you late?
Pragya : Sir some freak almost ran his car into me.Abhi flinched at her words. How dare she to call him a freak!
Professor:  Ok come and sit with Mr.mehra.
Pragya just turned around and was shocked to see jerk sitting there. Before she could stop herself, she again yelled at him “you”.
Professor :  So now that you know each other will you please sit and let me continue my class?
Pragya sat beside abhi and shot a quick glance at ishani who flashed afaint smile at her. During whole lecture pragya sat as far as possible.
Abhi found it amusing and he slowly shifted towards her to annoy her more. Pragya noticed this.
Pragya : (whispering) Listen just stay away from me.
Abhi : I think you are hallucinating. Look i am well in my territory. And besides you are not of my level.
Pragya: You ar…
Professor: (who had enough of their bickering) Stop it both of you!!!abhi and pragya : But sir…
Professor : Enough!! Detention for both of you. Meet me after the break.
Abhi: Not with her sir!!
Professor: (fuming) Just keep quite. I will talk to you later.abhi and pragya threw daggers at each other whereas both ishani and ranveer were worried for their friends.

I hope I have equal importance to both jodi’s ….

Credit to: unknown

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