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Hey guys my name is Fatima and I am here with a new SS. I was a silent reader and read all yawl’s FFs which encouraged me to write one of my own
I am a big fan of all you writers and am very thankful for the ffs as they are the things that help m pass my day. I am a big fan especially of tisha di and surbhi.
This ss is from the college life of abhigya and abhigya only.
A girl is shown carrying a long pile of books coming out of the library. She is walking with great difficulty when suddenly she collides with someone
(5 mins back) A boy is shown walking with swag wearing sunglasses, a cool leather jacket and light blue pair of jeans with Jordan’s. “bye” he said waving his hand when he collides with some one.
All the books fell out of the girl’s hand .
The boy says “oh I am really sorry.” The wind blows and the girls hair move back and the girl is none other than our Pragya . Pragya says “its okay” the boy is mesmerized by her beauty and bends down to pick up the books but keeps on staring at her which makes both of them feel awkward. He lifts all the books and gives half of them to Pragya
B: hey my name is abhishek Mehra but you can call me Abhi , nice to meet you (forward his hand)
P:I am Pragya Mehta (shakes it)
A:so can I help u with the books
P:(hesistantly) sure
A:so you’re new here
They reach the classroom
P: I’ll take it from here
A:okay well can we be friends as I am also new actuslly one month new
An unknown smile forms on their faces and both leave
A few weeks later
The bus stop
Pragya is waiting for the the bus. She is thinking about abhi” how cute he is. Always helping me. Wait why am i thinking about him ? is this love? Nah we’re just good friends that’s all. Right?
Her thought of chains were broken again when someone bumped into her (who is it)
A: I am so sorry again
P: you again it’s ok
Both of them were really close to each other they had an eye lock but were jerked off into their senses by the horn of the bus. They both realized how close they were and tried to move away but weren’t. Pragya looked down and saw that her broach was stuck in his coat . She tried to take it out but in dismay it wasn’t even budging. Abhi who was looking at her smiled at her antics as she made weird faces . he then asked her to stop and by a flick detached the broach
P: oh no the bus left couldn’t u have done this before
A:I tried but u never allowed me to
P: now how will I get to college?
A: well u can come with me
P: ok
so what does destiny have in plan for them?
Recap: only one pair of gloves is left who’ll get it
So guys I end my episode here. Hope I find new friend and di’s and that you’ll accept me
Until then adios amigos

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  1. very cool intro….going gud…suprb…pls continue and update regularly…

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    Superb intro Fatima

  6. Happy friendship day Dr sooooo in short I want ur friendship will u accept me as it friend…thn it’s really nice intro n also I love it coz it’s only abhigya na…sooooo I love it

  7. Prabhi

    sure durga and thank you all for the lovely comments

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  9. shabana (died hard fan if abhigya).

    happy friendship day fathima so u r here to rockzzz with an ff on abhigya nice intro pls update regularly…

  10. Happy friendship day fathima…
    Nice intro..

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    Nice Fatima love it

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    HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY YAAR…….Nice Epi…..Plz Continue…..

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  16. Nice episode happy friendship day hav a nice day God bless u

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