Soulmates…… IKRS (Episode 8)

Soulmates…. IKRS Episode 8

Hello guys…as seen in the last episode….. Viplav Tripathi and Dhaani are friends now…all thanks to the coincidence of the dress…arrey nahi…thanks to the destiny…. Which have started their train of friendship…and let’s move on keeping dosti ki gaadi in track…….

Wish you a happy reading of a brand new episode … 
Viplav Dhaani shake hands saying friends…. They look at each other and smile…. Meera’s marriage rituals are about to begin. Beginning tune of SAB TERA plays…. Dhaani and Viplav share cute eyelock. Dhaani gets conscious by Meera’s mom’s voice. She takes her hand back saying she needs to go. Viplav then moves his hand back and says okay…. Dhaani looks at him. Viplav says he will go to Daadi… Dhaani turns back and goes. Viplav looks at her and turns before Dhaani turns at him to see him. They are seen in opposite direction…

Marriage rituals are going on… Viplav is with Daadi and Dhaani is with Tanya.. 3 ladies are showering flowers on the couple but Viplav is standing there watching all those things happening. Dhaani looks at Viplav and shows flowers …Beginning tune of Ishq bulava plays while Dhaani shows Viplav the flowers on her hands. Viplav looks and says no…you do it.. Dhaani looks on and gives okay…as you say wala look.
Its Bidaai time…Meera is all set to go to her new home…. She hugs everyone…. She hugs Dhaani and Tanya and says it would have been nice if you would have stayed for some more days… Dhaani says she would have loved too but so many works are pending…and it was quite a long break for her. Dhaani asks Meera to smile and go. Meera’s mom comes there and hugs them. Meera then goes with her inlaws and her husband. Dhaani and Tanya console Meera’s mom.Tanya says bas Dhaani jarahi hai…but she is here right… They share some emotional moment. Meera’s daadi talks to Viplav’s daadi and praises Dhaani for consoling Meera’s mom. Daadi looks at Dhaani who is with Meera’s mom and says indeed she is a gem…
Viplav is busy in his phone. Dhaani passes by there when Daadi stops her and asks if she is going back to Mumbai the next day. Dhaani replies in yes. Daadi says perfect..aayi bhi humare saath thi…toh let’s go back together…. Dhaani says that is so kind of you Daadi…but aainvai how can I?? that time toh majboori thi…aur ab…no no…how can I trouble you… Daadi says trouble srouble kuch nahi… you have to come…Daadiki baat nahi maanogi… Dhaani smiles and says okay daadi… Viplav turns back to see his daadi and Dhaani conversing… Daadi says Dhaani is coming with us tomorrow… Viplav raises his eyebrows and looks at Dhaani… Dhaani looks at him and says she could not refuse Daadi… Viplav asks her to calm down.. Dhaani looks on and asks Aapko koi problem nahi hai Viplav?? Viplav replies no… He goes and walking a bit he turns giving smile… Daadi smiles thinking she is seeing the change she wanted in Viplav…. She then turns to Dhaani and says toh phir…will meet you in the morning…saath mein jaayenge bohot maza aayega… She goes. Dhaani reminisces her first meeting with Viplav…their nokjhoks…those eyelocks… and FRIENDS?? And then Viplav smilingly agreeing for journey along with Dhaani… She smiles… Ishq ishq ishq plays…..She says new friend moody hain…kabhi kuch…kabhi kuch…reminisces Viplav’s words on relations …saying he does not want to see her ever again… She looks up in the sky and thinks God Tussi Great Ho… Mr. Viplav ko koi nahi samajhsakta….  and goes from there……

Early in the morning.. Dhaani wakes up and gets ready..Tanya comes and greets her. Meera’s mom comes there and asks Dhaani to take care. Dhaani smiles and hugs her. Dhaani asks them not to be sad and she pulls her luggage to bring it down. On the other side, Viplav is getting ready and fixing his dress looking at mirror. He reminisces Dhaani asking aapko koi problem toh nahi hai na?? and he smiling… He smiles and says Dhaani bhi na….kabhi kuch kabhi kuch…and reminisces their nokjhoks…Ishq ishq …mere ishq ka rang plays…. He keeps looking himself at mirror and thinks what is happening to him as he realizes he is thinking about Dhaani and smiling. Daadi comes calling him and he grabs their luggage to bring them down.

Viplav comes there with luggage while Dhaani has already come with her luggage talking to Meera on phone. Dhaani turns back and sees Viplav.She smiles. Daadi comes there. Everyone greet them and they set off to their journey back to Mumbai…(listen guys…. I am not very familiar to the roads and distances of the places mentioned….as I have only used it to show that our hero and heroine have some time to spend together… hope you will understand…..)
Dhaani is pulling her luggage and Viplav is busy with his luggage. He turns to see Dhaani pulling it with difficulty so he offers help. But Dhaani says she will manage. Viplav looks on and says Dikh raha hai…how you are managing… Dhaani raises her eyebrows.. Viplav grabs Dhaani’s suitcase and asks Dhaani to walk ahead.Dhaani walks while Viplav keeps all the luggage on the back of the car and comes to his seat. While Dhaani is about to sit at the back,Daadi asks her to sit at front as Daadi needs a bit more space. Viplav looks at Daadi.. and Daadi avoids explaining anything to him. Dhaani hesitates but sits later when Viplav asks her to sit at front. Daadi gets busy acting like she is tired and closes her eyes. Viplav is driving and Dhaani is looking outside from the window.
Later,Dhaani begins to get bored as Daadi is asleep and she has no one to talk with. Viplav looks at Dhaani and asks kya hua?? Dhaani says nothing… She thinks to turn on the music and forwards her hand while Viplav too forwards his hand thinking he should play some good music. Dhaani and Viplav look at each other and share a cute eyelock. Dheere dheere …naino ko dheere dheere…jiyako dheere dheere vaayo re saaibo plays…. Viplav continues keeping hand upon Dhaani’s hand when Dhaani realizes this. Dhaani looks at Viplav’s hand over her hand and says Viplav …haath(my hand)… Viplav looks on … Dhaani repeats mera haath… Viplav looks at his hand touching Dhaani’s hand and quickly moves back.. But his elbow gets hurt while jerking off his hand. Dhaani asks if he is okay and touches his hand. Dhaani and Viplav share a cute eyelock yet again…..

Agar tum saath ho plays…
Viplav looks at Dhaani and says haath…Dhaani is still holding his hand while Viplav indicates with his other hand. Dhaani then takes her hands off and then turns to the other side. Viplav then continues driving. Daadi with her eyes closed thinks god is great…bhagwan ki leela toh anokhi hai(basically God does miracles for sure) and smiles but composes herself when Dhaani looks back.
Few hours later, they are back to their city Mumbai….
Dhaani smiles seeing her city… Viplav turns to her and sees Dhaani cheerful as she has happy to get home. Daadi opens her eyes and asks Beta did we reach?? Viplav smiles and says yes daadi… Daadi smiles. Dhaani then turns to Viplav and says you can drop me somewhere here …I will take cab. Daadi looks at her and says beta… we can drop you till your home…no problem… Dhaani looks on. Viplav looks at Dhaani…and says calm down…I will drop you. Dhaani then feels awkward but hesitantly agrees. Dhaani tells direction and Viplav drives on. Dhaani reaches her home. She thanks Daadi and Viplav. She comes out of the car. Viplav keeps looking at her. Ishq bulava plays….. Dhaani stops and turns back just then when Viplav who was looking at Dhaani turns the other side.She asks Viplav and Daadi to come inside. Viplav asks why?? Daadi asks why not beta?? Ofcourse we will come. Viplav looks at Daadi and asks if she is sure… Daadi says yes… Viplav,Daadi come out. Dhaani brings them to her home. Dhaani asks them to have a seat while she will bring something for them to eat. Viplav looks around. He sees Dhaani’s photos everywhere in the wall. Daadi sees Dhaani’s photo with her parents and asks if they are her parents. Dhaani who is bringing food for them says yes… they are my parents who are no more now. Viplav looks at Dhaani… Daadi says sorry beta…I did not know… Dhaani says its okay daadi… She looks at her parent’s pic and says they passed away in a car accident. Viplav looks at Dhaani realizing Dhaani is hiding her tears. Dhaani excuses herself and goes towards the balcony. Daadi thinks Dhaani had to face so much …. Viplav sees Dhaani in tears… He goes towards her and forwards his hand… but stops in the midway… Bolna mahi bolna tune plays….. Viplav says Dhaani…. Dhaani wipes her tears and turns back to see Viplav. Viplav asks if she was crying?? Dhaani denies. Viplav says even if he hates relationships he knows when someone cries and has tears in their eyes which they are trying to hide,then the person loves that person like nothing else…. Dhaani looks at him… Viplav realizes he was telling Dhaani about love… composes himself and asks what was bothering her. Dhaani gives a faint smile and says when she came back to Mumbai after completing her fashion designing course,she was very happy….she was excited about her new boutique.. It was its inauguration ceremony and she was happy that her parents would be coming to her boutique for the first time. Viplav keeps on listening. Dhaani continues… unfortunately her happiness was short lived as she got a call about her parents injured in car accident while coming to her boutique. She was shattered. Her mother’s last word echoes on her mind which said…. Beta… we are going away from you forever…don’t think we are away….just close your eyes and feel your parents inside your and sound….Don’t leave your dreams….Go on and achieve your goal…we will always bless you…. Tears roll down Dhaani’s cheeks and Viplav notices this… He says I am so sorry… Dhaani looks at him and says she is fine… Then she looks at her parent’s picture and says….that day I destroyed boutique with my own hands… I was shattered because I thought it was all because of me…. Na mein unko ceremony mein aaneko kehti…na accident hota…. I thought it was all my mistake which led to this…. I had given up… but then Meera’s parents came to me… Meera’s mom loved me like no one else did… She encouraged me to fulfill my dreams and also made me realize that love is something you should cherish in your life… Hearing this Viplav turns away… Dhaani continues she misses her mom and dad and continues to work thinking they would be happy seeing her working happily. Dhaani turns to see Viplav standing far away staring at the night sky.
On the other hand…Daadi is seeing everything and praying that Viplav gets what he deserves and should cherish the love that he hates now…..

Back to ViDhaani…. Dhaani walks towards Viplav and asks if he is okay… Viplav says he is okay… and says sorry… Dhaani looks on and asks sorry for what?? Viplav says for all those misbehaviors with you… Dhaani smiles and asks if it is the after effect of knowing about my life story…. Viplav looks on and says he was happy to meet the courageous girl in her and was feeling apologetic for thinking so wrong about you… Dhaani looks on and says then even I should say sorry to you because I was not less in thinking wrong about you. Viplav smiles and says then friends?? Dhaani looks at Viplav forwarding his hands and asks if he does not remember Meera’s wedding day…where we became friends…. Viplav says yes…but that time it was because of the same dress… right??? Dhaani reminisces their FRIENDS?? Wala moment and shakes her hand with Viplav saying FRIENDS!! They smile….
Dhaani then asks if he is like this from his childhood…kabhi sweet kabhi bitter?? Viplav raises his eyebrows taking his hands off from Dhaani’s hand. He says mein kuch samjha nahi… Dhaani asks why does he seem to hate as well as love to love?? Viplav looks at Dhaani with shock whereas Dhaani awaits Viplav to answer….


So guys…hope you have read this episode…. Do share your views on this….please comment for sure…. Will be waiting to check your views on the episode….No doubt I am little sad about most of us ignoring the page… I know you all are busy…but please contribute your little time for the IKRS TU page…
Love you all….keep smiling…keep loving  

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  1. hii sujjie…. thanku very much yaar for updating ur ff… i m waiting to read atleast one ff in this page from long time….
    And coming to the episode…..
    awwwww sujjieee it was awsome..
    i am waiting for this moment when dhani nd viplav become emotionally sadness sharing frnds…
    and i think next epi is about viplavs flashback…
    Daadi is asusual..caring,loving and all…
    bye sujie..
    keep smiling… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sujie

      Hi Lalitha…. Thank you for your sweet comment….
      Really very glad that you liked it 🙂
      Would be gearing up for fulfilling your wish… I myself want them to share this kinda bond…so thinking about how I can take the story further….
      And your guess is correct ….would be planning to show Viplav’s past and will take the readers to his flashbacks….probably soon :
      Thank you for liking this….
      you too take care…..
      keep the love and support coming…
      Thank you 🙂
      lots of love 🙂

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Sujie! Sab theek thaak ?, though I’ve read the episode yesterday but didn’t comment as you know the reason already ?
    So I want to say a thing yaar, you should be awarded for the best dialogue writer as you’re epic in writing them?? like we all have some specific speciality in writing, I’m good in writing nok jhoks dialogues (maybe) but you’re all in one- emotions, tashan, nok jhoks, cuteness overloaded and above all this the most important factor “LOVE” so I tou enjoy your articles a lot, no doubt ??
    About episodes, well it was as usually bindaaaaaaaas, just loved the way daadi is trying to bring them together, that car wala part was Awwwwww, when unknowingly they touched each other hands for turning on the songs Allah, can imagine viplav in cute eye locks, in his killing smile. Ufffhhh!
    Bechari dhaani she has to suffer a lot, but now viplav baabu is with her tou maza aigaa. Last scene was superb when dhaani asked him that you’re like this from childhood, kabhi sweet kabhi bitter. I think he’ll share his past with her now though chances are quite less as he is kind of reserved person so.. but mere liye Viplav Dhaani sath hone chahye, un k scenes hone chahye which you’re giving us so keep rocking meri jaan ❤❤
    Arey haan one thing is left, the chain of musical tunes, hayeee beautiful tha bhaee. Umdaaaah?
    As there is no precap so I’m li’l restless for reading the next one though it’s time for MRDL, my favorite story that’s why post it sooner.
    Love you ❣
    Take care!

    1. Sujie

      Maha… Yes I know the reason dear… glad that you read it…
      hehe…. you should not be doing so much tarriff dear…. Khusi ke maarey balloon ki tarah phoolti hi jaaungi and then mein bas UDI UDI JAAYE….UDI UDI JAAYE… DIL KA BALLOON UDI UDI JAAYE…. hojayega yaar….
      Undoubtedly you are amazing in all your writings….
      daadi toh sweet hai hi…accha woh sweet bitter wala part bhi u liked….I am toh very very happy 🙂
      yes….probably have to work on Viplav’s past… for next episode…. which I would hopefully be posting soon… agar rab raakha toh….
      I will not disappoint you I guess….love you for all the comments that energizes me like nothing else…. you are such a RAAMRI MAANCHE…. a lovely girl I meant….
      glad that you liked the tunes selection as well. 🙂

      keep imagining MiEisha for sure 🙂
      love you dear…
      keep supporting…and take care dear….

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Hey Sujie, kafi din hogae baat cheet ko haaaiinnaa. So how are you ?
        Actually was listening a song so thought to share currently it has become my favourite.

        Here is the link of female version:

        And here the link of male voice:

        I love both of them, so now you listen and tell me which one you loved the most?

    2. Sujie

      Haan Maha…. kafi din toh ho gaye…. I was busy in studies…aur shopping tha….dresses ka chakkar tha na you know 🙂
      I am doing well and hope you are doing good as well….
      Okay…talking about the song…. abhi I am listening female version….aur mujhe yeh ek hi baar mein pasand aagaya…I have started to love it actually…..
      Rang tune kaisa ha chadaya…. and sun yara…. tere ishqka … I didn’t understand that tere ishqka something paaya…I love it…. abhi I am going to listen the male version okay….
      love you dear… hope you are doing well
      🙂 take care meri jaan 🙂 🙂

    3. Sujie

      achha suno… I listened the male version as well…. dono hi acche hain…. but female voice main woh jaadu I could feel…. halaki male voice bhi accha hai…. In short you can be sure I loved sun yaara…… 🙂 thank you for sharing it dear…. 🙂 love you 🙂

  3. Hi lalitha.
    I fell in love you ff story from the beginning to the end and I read it uncountable time. Thanks!

    1. Sujie

      Amisha…. thanks a lot…. by the way… I wanna make little correction in your comment… I am sujie… i guess…. you had no idea…
      glad that you liked it….keep supporting dear… thank you for your comment 🙂 take care….
      and I am happy that you could my ff and fall in love with it…such motivation makes me write good stuffs and good readers like you make it more happening… 🙂 keep the love coming ….

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