Soulmates: Forever and Always- A ShivIka, RiKara, and Rumya FF(Chapter 1-When Destiny Interweaves)

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Chapter 1:When Destiny interweaves-

Annika raised her eyebrows and looked towards Rudra with a not so pleased look.

“Alright…I am sorry…” Rudra said as he realized her glaring at him.

“Now can I go to my class? I am already late..”Rudra continued with his still enthusiastic voice.

“I am already late…” Annika said imitating him but leaving a long gap in the end, she surely wanted him to say something more.

“I am already late…”Rudra not understanding her repeated his words , a bit irritated.

“I am already late…” Annika repeated but this time , after ending she opened her mouth lip sing ‘Ma…’ at the end.

“I am already late…Ma’am…” Rudra instantly spoke up realizing what his teacher wanted to hear.

“Better…always call me Ma’am…”Annika laughed and started walking to her class, Rudra looked at her going with a confused expression, this girl…Sorry Ma’am was surely crazier than him.


Soumya was walking in the corridor, her thoughts moving to her meet with Omkara time and again, “Such sweet people exist…His brother must be like him, sweet but Rudy? Weird name…” Soumya had a habit of talking to herself, she called it a side effect of living with her Annika dii but she admitted, she loved to talk to herself.(Did I share? I talk to myself almost every moment)

“I told Bhaiyaa that I’ll search for him myself but how…there are so many children here, even in MBA there are some many, how will I search him from so many that too with just a name…” Soumya spoke up still walking.

“Wait..Dii, I can call her, she might have access to records…” Soumya said clicking her fingers with a broad smile. She moved towards a side in the corridor of the collage and kept the book on a bench, holding her hand bag, she took out her phone, then she kept the hand bag as well on the bench on the book covering half of it, she turned back as she started dialling Annika’s number in her phone.

“Dumbo??” Shrieked Rudra as he hit Soumya at the side of corridor, her phone was on floor into minimum 3 pieces as she raised her eyes to look at the one shouting on her, she looked towards Rudra with a confused look.

“You…Can’t you just walk properly, I don’t know why every girl need so hit me that too on the 1st day of collage, I am already late for class and here you are banging into me , maddy…and can’t you just see…I am already not able to find my Economics book and here you are disturbing me and…”Rudra continued speaking, he was visibly angry as he looked here and there while speaking whereas Soumya kept looking at him, partly confused as to what he was speaking and partly her anger building up to blast anytime soon, Rudra’s eyes as they moved here and there fell on the bench , Soumya’s bag and the book below it.

“You…”He picked up the book almost dropping the bag down while Soumya seeing his hands moving had already prepared herself for any move by him, she held her Hand Bag before it fell.

“So you stole it…” Rudra said, his pretty cute glare at Soumya who opened her mouth wide.

“What…” She tried speaking calmly but was cut in her words by Rudra.

“You needed my attention and so you stole my book to return me later and become my friend…Really…Do you think I can be friend to a fatty like you…” This time it was Rudra who was cut.

“Shut Up…You hit me and what do you mean that I stole it, it (She snatched the book back from his hands) it belongs to Rudra , his brother gave it to me, you are the one stealing it and you called me , me fat..I don’t even want to reply…it shows your mean thinking…” Soumya stopped herself as she heard Rudra whisper something.

” You..what you said??” she came forward closer to him.

“I am Rudra, Rudy…”Soumya’s eyes widened.

“Tum Bade Balo Wale Bhaiyaa Ke Bhai Ho?”

Rudra didn’t reply and angrily tried to snatch away the book, “I am not giving it…give me proof…” Soumya stopped as Rudra’s friend approached him from back.

“Rudy…Are you planning to stand outside the classroom on the first day? Its English period and I have heard the teacher is hot –Mentally…”The guy laughed while Rudra snatched the book as Soumya loosened her grip, Rudra left.

As she saw him leaving and a few children laughing at their fight, she banged her foot hard on the floor, picked up her dismantled phone and started walking back to her class. On the way, she hit her head with her hand and said to herself, “These are all Annika dii and Guari Dii’s effects, living with them has made me such an angry person, I should have been calmer…” She closed her eyes “But he didn’t deserve it…”,she opened her eyes and then she continued walking to her class.


“Today…she’ll surely Kill us, I have heard she is 50+ , has been teaching since 29 years, it’s her 30th year here and she is a very scary lady…” Rudra’s friend, Mohit said walking along with Rudra who looked at him.

“Arey chod uss Teacher Ko…You saw that girl…she screamed at me that too in the corridor…That girl…”Rudra said looking angrily as Mohit, Mohit looked towards Rudra gobsmacked, he saw anger in Rudy’s eyes for the first time.

He laughed, “I saw it all, it was you who started ,you banged into her man… leave it now and walk fast, we are already late…”

Mohit and Rudra were standing at the door of the class now, Mohit peeped inside and not finding anyone at teacher’s seat he took a breath of relief.

“Chal…Jaldi…Ajj Bach Gaye..”He held Rudra’s hand who nodded and they both ran inside while all children in the class looked at them with wide eyes, “Rudy is gone…” Said a girl to the other one while she nodded, scared.

Rudra was confused at the weird glances he was getting from the children around, “Ajj Mein Zyada Handsome Lag Raha Hun Kya Mohit..Yeh Girls Mujhe Aise Kyun Dekh Rahi Hain??” Rudra said looking at Mohit with a wide smile setting his hair while Mohit hit him slightly at his shoulder and pointed in the direction of an empty seat through his eyes, Rudra nodded smiling seeing a girl sitting in front and ran slowly towards it, “Wait…”They heard a sound from behind as they stopped at their steps.

“Teacher…”Mohit’s wide eyes showed his fear.

“Arey Mohit…don’t worry, we are on time, she is late…”Rudra said turning with a smile taking Mohit but as he turned, he bit his finger in his mouth.

“Yeh…Yeh, Does she look like a 50+??” Rudra questioned Mohit looking at him with a questioning face.

“Yeh Woh Nahi Hai…” Mohit said staring at the girl standing on the teacher’s desk…Annika.

“Be Slow…” A girl sitting just next to the place where Rudra was standing told them.

“No need, I heard it…Yes, I am not Mrs. Jain, She has exchanged her class with me knowing some children from BA classroom were part of this class…” Annika said glaring at Rudra who swallowed hard though he wasn’t eating anything.

“And yes, I am not late ,I am here since last 5 minutes…I just bend down the desk to pick up the marker…It would be better now that you explain me why you are late?” Annika said , her glare turned to a mischievous stare now, she knew she’s gonna enjoy this.

“Actually…”Rudra was cut in the middle by Annika.

“Actually, you must be busy ragging BA students if I am right because you were in collage at the time I was here so…” Annika continued with her mischievous smile.

” No…I wasn’t ragging anyone, I collided with a girl…” Rudra tried to explain himself while Annika’s mouth was wide open now, she thought he was going to mention about their collision.

“Stop..” Annika screamed at the top of her voice.

“You collided with a girl and fought with her…right…”Annika glared at him while Rudra was confused, How did she knew it?

“Fish…No, I collided with a another girl Ma’am…”Annika looked at him with her one eyebrow raised.

“I don’t want to listen more…Go and sit and if I find anybody of you engaged in any mischievous again then better search for a new collage…”Annika literally ordered, this was the teachings of Guari and Soumya, she called it the good effect of being with Guari and Soumya, being the innocent flirty prankster as she was, she hated to be serious and thats why her 1st year with MBA students was a disaster with students treating her like a friend, 2nd year began with the training session from Gauri and Soumya and in 3rd year she’s completely trained, In classroom , she’s a carbon copy of GauriYa or rather , her Chiraiyaa and Somu.


“Not like that, you are holding the brush in the opposite direction Rishu…” Said Omkara to a boy laughing slightly, smiling slightly.

Seated in an open area near a place or rather a shed made of bricks in a slum, Omkara said the lines to one of his students, yes he taught children in the slum to draw, to paint, to make sculptors , to sing, to dance and most importantly to enjoy life.

“Om Bhaiyaa , Om Bhaiyaa, you draw so well, you know everything about drawing, why don’t you teach me completely how to draw a beautiful flower?” Asked Rishu coming near Omkara with a smile while Omkara smiled back.

“Rishu…Drawing is not about drawing an object that others like, it’s about drawing something that you love, no matter the world hates it and then tell me, a flower beautiful for me might not be beautiful to you na…You need to draw something thats beautiful to you , leave aside the world and me too…so I can’t teach you drawing…” Omkara cupped Rishu’s face in his hands while Rishu nodded smiling, the first lesson in drawing by Omkara…Taught the child a lot.

“Thankfully that girl helped me or else I would have been late…”Omkara thought to himself while he was trying to draw something on the canvas he had placed there.

“And Shivaay tells me that good deeds don’t come back…They do…”Omkara smiled as he got a topic for his painting from Rishu, a flower…A simple thing …for Omkara it wasn’t so.


“Yes Mr. Oberoi, don’t worry, Its Guari Sharma construction company, Your next Hotel would be of one of the Bestest qualities in Mumbai, rather in India…” Guari was driving her car while she was talking to Shivaay on her Bluetooth.

They had sort out their ‘O Beta Ki’ confusing conversations when Guari said that it was a slip of tongue, Shivaay had to agree, he couldn’t drag it further.

“Not in India, I want it to be best in the world…”Shivaay said from the other side.

Guari bit her tongue, “Yes Mr. Oberoi, I Promise…” Guari said ending the conversation.

“He’s such an amazing personality and businessman, I want to become like him one day…”Guari thought to herself with a smile.

“But mad me, I spoiled it whole by repeating Annika’s line, this girl will make me go crazy with herself one day…” Guari was lost in her thinking now, Did I forgot, she has a bad habit of being lost in her thoughts specially when the thoughts are related to Ranveer, Annika or Soumya.

Not realizing that being lost in herself while driving a car can be dangerous, Guari was lost , as a result her car stumbled upon a big sharp stone lying in the slum area she crossed, she faced the brunt, The front left tier of her car went flat rendering the car motionless the next moment, Guari was pushed forward only to be saved by her seatbelt, she was dazed for a moment as she came back from her thoughts.


Author’s Note: So hows it?? I hope so not something bizarre or ridiculous. Now with RumYa already meeting and fighting, what do you think there story will go forward with? AniRu are already up for some Tom and Jerry Masti(Do I need to say who is Tom and Who Is Jerry?). Omkara’s lost in the world he created while Guari is fighting her own battle to create a world for herself. How do you think these 2 worlds would meet up? What do you think ShivIka meet would be like? So too many questions and only one answer, next Chapter, Now Thanks for the amazing Feedback that you all gave me and mention to the TU members as I didn’t reply to your comments, Thanks a lot Dhar, Madhuani, Bubblu ,Sanjanagarg, Nikita_jai29 ,Sowmya, Sagithya, Lauren, Kiya, Banita, UF, Sairish, Niriha ,Alekhika20 and sanyukta. All your comments made my day along with all others I got on IF and WP and thanks a lot, By the way, I ask a question from my readers on each Chapter of my FF and its upto you to answer, Just a random question, “Your Favourite Pair from among ShivIka, RiKara and RumYa?” It doesn’t by any chance mean that I’ll be giving more importance to some pair over other, all three would be equal but this one’s just to know more about you all. Now I would like to conclude by saying a huge thanks to EnigmaUnseen/Pragnya for such a beautiful Banner for this FF so Thanks dear, this update is for you. Thanks a lot again all of you. Will come back soon with next chappy.

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