Soulmates: Forever and Always- A ShivIka, RiKara, and Rumya FF (Character Sketch)


Soulmates: Forever and Always- A ShivIka,RiKara, and Rumya FF:

Character Sketch:
Shivaay Singh Oberoi: “I love to Hate Love…” That’s what he tells to his younger brothers when they ask him why he hates Love so much? ‘The Great Wall of Shivaay’ as the world calls him; he knows how to protect his loved ones from each and every sinister who manages to enter the Oberoi Mansion. A frown always inhibits his forehead exception being the time when he is around his family, specifically his younger brothers. He loves them alot. Naam -Khoon-Khandan: The three things about a person that gets him deciding what relationship he has to set up with him, he never defies these 3. A hard core hater in the feeling of Love, he still wonders what this feeling is about that his younger brothers are so attached to it. At an age of 27 years, he has managed the whole Oberoi Business in the finest of ways anybody could acquiring new heights for it…alone. His only ambition in life is to get Oberoi Business to further heights, rising from his own self each day that comes.
Omkara Singh Oberoi: ‘An Artist…’ The best line that describes him, a whole book can be written on him…on the deepness his heart has. Completely defying the fact that he is born in the Oberoi family, he is the extreme opposite of his elder brother. Love-The feeling to touch which he is waiting since ages, he believes in this feeling more than anything else still not managing to meet the one-the one who’ll win his heart, who’ll live in his heart, who’ll conquer him…Forever. He is in wait of the one. Hating his unfaithful father more than anything in this world, his Mother and brothers mean the whole world to him. ‘Love is the feeling that binds us…” Says he to his brothers-one the not so believer of Love and other the player of Love. He believes this world is working only on one religion-the religion of Love –not on the NKK or the beauty that his brothers tend to describe this world on. A self made millionaire- as he is a people die to buy just one, just one of his sculptures but for him, this is his art…his Love. The only ambition in his life is to find the one-the one who’ll belong to him and moreover the one whom he’ll belong too.
Rudra Singh Oberoi: ‘Love is about Looks…’ he thinks. Brought up is a family where his father betrayed his mother for a beautiful woman, that’s his ideology about Life. Never vulnerable, even to his brothers he has hid a lot behind that smiling, that joking face. He loves his family a lot, never realizing that this love of him is not about Looks. Having a girlfriend each new day, he thinks girls are toys. Beauty attracts him, oily food is the thing he hates the most. A collage going student of 23 years, he is doing is Masters is business-not really interested in studies though. Having no actual aim in life he loves to make people smile, specifically his elder brother’s frown carrying face and his second elder brother’s artistic serious face. ‘I love my Bhaiyaa’s…’ He can shout among a crowd of 100s and then bite his nail at people laughing and then at last laughing himself seeing his brothers laughing.
Annika: ‘You are smart…but not my type…’ She loves telling boys who approach her for a relationship, she is beautiful and deserves the best-she knows. A collage lecturer in one of the most elite collage of Mumbai at the age of 27, she is the only breadwinner of her family consisting of her and her younger sister. A flirty yet cute, prankster yet innocent beauty as she is, her younger sister means the world to her. She is the complete opposite of what an elder sister should be yet she has made every possible way to give her the best of life with everything that any elite girl would get-sometimes cutting her own needs. If asked what is Hatred –she’ll define it to be synonym of her father-the man who left her mother for someone else but other than that she only knows one thing –Love. ‘A smile is a curve that sets everything right’ A hard core believer of these words, she loves to make everyone smile, specifically her younger sister.
Guari Sharma: ‘Love-Not my cup of tea…’ That’s what she tells her elder brother when he shows her boys, someone she could Love and settle with. A self made businesswoman – she has faced a lot in life-specifically at the time she saw her mother committing suicide-in front of her eyes. A coconut by nature, she is hard outside but sweet inside. ‘A person is good if he has a good family linage…’that’s what she believes after some bad incidents made her what she is. She hates poverty, Poor People, Sweet People, and innocent People. Devious by nature she can do anything to crack a deal…anything. She knows what her brother has faced to nurture her into what she is and so she values money-the most. Not really showing her love for her brother in the way the world shows, deep down she loves him the most in this world. A complete package within herself you really never know what she’ll do next, you need to wait. To grow with each passing day is the only aim of her life.
Soumya: Philosophical by nature, she loves her Annika dii the most in this world. For her Love is something beautiful, something that touches our heart, something that wins us over-not looking towards beauty off course. A 23 years old college student, she is much more mature than her age…something that is completely opposite to her elder sister who actually hates this nature of her. Waiting for her love since the time she understood its meaning, she hates flirty people.”You need to be serious atleast sometimes…” She thinks looking at her fun-loving elder sister. Collage topper, she is doing her course in Fashion Designing. She loves to design clothes, specifically to design things , speaking Shayari’s is a Hobby she is hiding deep within herself , writing in her notebook but never speaking to anyone. To be a topper always and finding true Love is her current ambition in Life.

What Happens when a not so Love believing Shivaay meets a flirty Annika? What Happens when a sweet and innocent Omkara meets the Devious Guari? What Happens when a Beauty believer Rudra meets a Heart Believeing Soumya?
Opposite attracts…So will they but what about the Similar ones here??
So How’s the Character Sketch??

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  1. Pallavi.m

    intresting pls update the next part soon

    1. Piyali

      Thanks dear , Happy you liked the CS..will Try to update soon…

  2. Staicey

    Cute according to this,
    Gauri and Shivaay
    Anika and Rudra
    Saumya and Om sound like pairs

    1. Piyali

      Thanks dear , No they aren’t pairs but they’ll share a great relationship…Pairs are according to the title itself, don’t worry….Thanks again for Reading.

  3. Neha_Pheonix

    Superb ..great start

    1. Piyali

      Thanks dear…Happy you Liked it…

  4. It nice but how old is gauri and om

    1. Piyali

      Sorry , seemingly forgot to mention it , Omkara is 26 and Guari 25….Thanks for Reading…

  5. Maryam_ishq

    Different story line… can’t imagine gauri as a hardcore businesswoman and more specifically someone who hates love but would love to see this side of her though… really intresting… plz update soon

    1. Piyali

      Thanks a lot dear…Yup, she is different….so are Annika and Soumya from the serial…thanks for such a sweet comment….

  6. Wonder3112

    very intersting and a very unique idea…MARVELLOUS…post the next one soon?

    1. Piyali

      Thanks a lot dear…Will try to update soon…


    1. Piyali

      Thanks a lot dear…Happy you liked it…

  8. Dhar

    Superb start dear , waiting for ur next update

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      Thanks a lot dear..Will try to update soon…

  9. Alekhika20

    Amazing cs

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    It is awesome dear

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  11. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar

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  12. Gayathri.visu

    Different concept dear. U completely changed AniRiYa’s characters! I liked it…

    1. Thanks a lot dear…happy you liked it..

  13. Mrunal

    very interesting…
    and captivating storyline…
    looking forward to ur ff…

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