SOULMATES: DO THEY EXIST?? (Intro contd. and Prologue)

Remaining intro and prologue??

Hello guys!!! I now I am late and a big sorry for that. I hope so u liked the concept. And for now just enjoy your day.

So let’s complete the intro. Starting with former couple: Samaira & Arjun

Samaira Khanna, daughter of the well known industrialist Samrat Khanna. He owns a textile company named Piyali textiles. ( Actually he renamed it after his beloved wife Piyali’s demise). So our female protagonist is daughter of single parent so she is stubborn and full of attitude but still good at heart.
Arjun Mehra, son of famous diamond merchant Abhishek Mehra and a chain of hotel owner Nandita Mehra. He is down to the earth. Although he is pretty rich he lives simple lifestyle and he is a fitness freak.
Now comes the princess of two twin brothers, Radhika Mishra. Her parents Mala and Dilip Mishra left her at a very tender age. But her brothers Namish and Neil Mishra took care of her as parents so now she is a kind hearted woman. Always ready to help everyone. Although she too is rich but believes in simple lifestyle like Arjun.
Namish and Neil Mishra take care of their vast empire left by their parents for them named Mishra Structural.
So here I end with the introduction part.


Let’s start with how our couple first met.
New Delhi:

The two big industrialists the Khanna’s and the Megha’s landed in New Delhi airport. After talking with their respective manager’s they parted their ways to their respective mansions.

Khanna Mansion:
The Khanna’s came first in their Khanna Mansion. Our pretty Samaira was so tired that she slept in the car and her dad had to carry her to her room. When she woke , came down running to her dad and asked him when is she going to join her new school. To which her dad replied tomorrow morning beta. And she was behind happiness. Yeah she was in10 STD.

Kapoor Mansion:
Just in second lane to that of Khanna Mansion. Here comes our hero with a small puppy in his arms whom he had saved while coming from road accident. As soon as he came his father handed him a couple of forms. But as destiny has its own plans he chose the school same as Samaira’s but he was joining two days later. He too is in 10th STD.
Samaira entered the school and was very happy. As she arrived in car all other students surrounded her. As she was straight forward she quickly made friends and the day passed with the boring lectures.

Two days later:
When Arjun arrived strong winds started to blow which were only felt by Samaira. But she was unaware of the feeling so she let it go. She entered her class and it started. Then the teacher introduced to all of them the new admission. All girl’s were dying to make him friend but he chose to sit beside Samaira. Don’t know what he saw but something made him choose to sit beside her. Like others she was not drooling over him and may be he liked that.
Soon days passed and their friendship grew stronger day by day. Months passed and their families too become so much attached that one or the other day they kept meeting. And the bond between them increased.

SSC farewell:
The most awaited day specially for youngsters as they are about to step into the real world facing even and odds what’s called life in real means. Farewell in real sense means bidding bye to our dear Friends and promising to meet whenever needed. But for some it bought happiness such as relationship commitments, scholarships for needy, while job opportunities for toppers.
Let’s see what is kept in store for our Sammy & Arjun.

Arjun’s POV:
Today is the last day of our school and I need to propose her. Yeah!! I am so happy. But what if she says no. No she can’t say no as I have seen love in her eyes for me. Sammy I m coming to take u plzz be ready.

Here Arjun for ready as if he is getting married to Sammy and there she is still sleeping peacefully.
Khanna Mansion:
Arjun: Sammy Sammy where are you???. Let’s go we are getting late.
Samrat: Where r u taking her Arjun?? She told anything and moreover she is still sleeping.???

Arjun: No uncle plzz say u r joking. Today is our farewell and see this sleepy head .
Samrat:???Go wake her up.

Sammy’s room:
As soon as Arjun entered he saw that his Sammy was sleeping covered in comforters. Sammy wake up, Sammy.
Rubbing her cute little eyes Sammy woke up to see her charming, handsome friend in front of her.
Sammy: U look so cute Aru, she said while pulling his cheeks.
Arjun: But u look horrible. U r coming like this.????
Sammy: U ??? wait . I will freshen up. Btw u know to wear Saree, saying she left to the washroom.

Arjun: What she thinks of me??? Do I look like that??? Urrgh. But for now I have to do something. Idea!! Google Baba. He surfed through the internet and was happy for he got a video.
Sammy: Do u really now how to ???? Before she could say anything he viewed her the video and left her for getting ready.
After nearly half an hour, Sammy was all ready in a orange net saree looking ravishing and while descending down she saw her father and Arjun looking at her with their mouth wide open.

Both at the same time, is she our Sammy.
Yesss!! Of course it’s me , do I look that bad then u guys can’t recognize me.
Samrat: No. U look just like ur Mom. Bless u my child. And he left them both.
Sammy came close to Arjun and quickly shut his mouth bringing him back to his senses. U look smoking hot in this saree, he said leaving her blushing hard. Soon both reached the destination. The farewell party was in full swing. As said, it made them remember all their beautiful yet weird memories wherein they lived in those moments. Soon they had to depart for their better future. They exchanged their nos with their friends hoping to catch up in the near future.

While leaving Arjun took her to a nearby park,
Arjun went on his knees and said, You are the best thing that has happened to me?? The day I saw u first was the best day of my life??? Ur attitude of being not interested in me made me to have interest in you???? The way u handle me or the way u make my life beautiful makes me go all ?????? I have fallen for u from the very first day I saw u Sammy??. Sammy , u are the best that I have with me to treasure for lifelong. So I Arjun Mehra wants to make u his treasure for lifelong. Will you accept my request?????

Sammyall in tears. Can’t control herself anymore and bend down to hug the love of her life and spoke in his ears. I love you Arjun. And I will be happy if you keep me as a treasure for the rest of our life.
To which Arjun touched both their heads and whispered I love you too Sammy, hugging her tightly.

Higher Studies:
For higher studies she decided to stay back but he decided to go out of town. Before leaving he promised that he will be committed to her even if he is far. Their relation grew more stronger even though they were far ,but were still connected by heart.

Precap: His return and her interest.

Guys hope so u like it. Please do comment.

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