Soulmates (Devakshi) Promo #2


Hello guys… i am with the second promo of my ff. Ik you guys were expecting a new update but to your dismay i m posting the promo because of two reasons first is i genuinely didn’t get enough time to write it and the second reason is right now my house is full of kids and they don’t even let me sleep properly,each and every kid has his or her own timing to play with me and being a masi and bhua i have to go with their wishes so i just can’t get free time for my own so you can understand that how could i get time to write any update. But whenever i get time i will write it and post it immediately till then please guys corporate with my problem and wait for new updates. And now when my bak-bak is all over so let’s go with the promo now and yes it will be in hindi and English both because sometimes i miss my mother tounge so i can’t stop myself to use it.So finally let’s go with the promo…….

Dheere Dheere Dev aur sonakshi ke samne aa rahen hai ek dusre ke naye rang………
(Slowly slowly dev and sonakshi are exploring new sides/shades of each other……)
Dev and sonakshi are shown thinking about eachother,where dev thinks about sona’s bonding with those kids and his family and sona thinks about dev’s changed behavior from the time he met with prakrati and other kids.

Kya yeh suruwat hai enki dosti ki yah phir kuch aur……..
(Is it the beginning of a new friendship or something else…….)
Dev wears sona’s gifted shirt and have some good time with sona……
Dev accepts the deal with akhil and shakes hand with him with a devilish smirk.

Sonakshi :- You owe me mr.Dixit……


I know this promo is also very sort and maybe confusing for you but this is only thing i can do. Please have some patience and wait for the further updates. Maybe i won’t be able to post any update in following days but i promise that i’ll try my best to come back soon with a bombastic update,till then………
Sayonara ???

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  1. Muthash

    Thnx for the promo… yeah i can understand your situation…. patiently waiting for the next episode…..?

    1. Ritya

      Your most welcome muthash ??and you’ll get it by morrow or the next day ???

  2. Ridzzzz

    I was waiting for it

    1. Ridzzzz

      Really itz amazing

    2. Ritya

      THank you ritzzzz ???

  3. Akshita

    Will be waiting ??❤️❤️

    1. Ritya

      Hope you didn’t have to wait for a long time ???

  4. DramaQueen1004

    Interesting promo
    Waiting vry eagerly fr d next
    Pls post when u get time
    Love u

    1. DramaQueen1004

      Btw this is Nafia commenting from different phones

    2. Ritya

      Thank you nafia ???
      And the upcoming episodes will be more intrusting then the promo ??

  5. Ekani

    wow..interesting promo…finally dev is gonna help sona by playing some devilish game with Akhil…& most importantly dev & sona will try to explore eo…so great…eagerly waiting for episode…i can understand ur problem..& will wait for u to come back..hope u r gonna come back with new update soon…love u

    1. Ritya

      Thank you so much ekani ???? will try my best to fulfill you desire ??

  6. V.V.harshita

    Awesome post asap plzs ????

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ??
      Akshada and harshita


    Interesting promo

    1. Ritya

      Thank you mansi ??

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