Soulmates (Devakshi) Introduction

Hello everyone my name is ritu.Like all of you i am also a big fan of DEVAKSHI (SHARICA) ?? And here i am writing my first ff on them.Hope you all will like it.
So lets start with the introduction :-

Dev Dixit :- As you all know a big business tycoon of delhi recently shifted to mumbai because of some work and personal issues.Used to be a charming,loving,full of fun and a happiest one.

Ishwari Dixit :- Dev’s mother.Loves him alot but not a pshyco possessive one ??.and she is very +ve in my ff.She always trys to make dev understand that whatever happened in past was not his fault.

Ayan :- A 1 and half year old kid.Lives in Ishwari niwas.(his identity is also a secret ??)

Nikita Dixit (Niki) :- Dev’s youngest sister who is always loved by him and Ishwari.Loves her family alot. Always try to make everyone happy.

Sonakshi :- She is a theatre artist and want to be a actress. Searching for any kind of job just to survive in mumbai. Fun loving,Bubbly,Daring and bold yet a mystery to everyone. Doesn’t use any surname (because her identity is a secret ??)

So this is it for the introduction. And i promise that this story is going to be a very intresting one because there are so many secrets to be revealed ??. Till then this is it for today.Hope you will like it and dont forget to give your views about it below the comment box. I’ll be glaf if i gwt some suggestions and appreciation??

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  1. Kriti249

    Nice one dear but I think that you should also give prologue and other than that this ff has so much mystery

    1. Yes i will ??

    2. Nikkita0194

      U read devakshi

    3. Ritya

      It will take some time but you will love the suspense ??

  2. soulmates -ff name is very interesting in itself…& i thought story would be also amazing like its name….new perception of devakshi & new characters r definately going to make story a superb one…waiting for 1st episide…post soon

    1. Ritya

      Yes it will be there tomorrow ??

  3. Nikkita0194

    Looking intresting soulmates nice name
    Waiting 4 n update
    Post asap
    Luv u

    1. Ritya

      I was all up with my 3 episodes but regarding the views i have to stop the ekta kapoor in me and try to write some simple yet intresting stuff so it will be up till the eve ?

  4. Priya12

    Damn interesting…
    Post asap..??

    1. Ritya

      Well whn it comes to Sharica this name seems perfect for the ff ❤❤

  5. Aarti32

    Mysterious!! Wud love to read it..But ya..Give a prologue..

    1. Ritya

      You would love to read the next ones surely ??

  6. Interesting

    1. Ritya

      And it will be ?

  7. Akshita

    Interesting and plzz post soon nd be regular ?

    1. Ritya

      Will try my best to be regular and post it dealy ?

  8. V.V.harshita

    Awesome….post soon ????

    1. Ritya

      Its up for the review and will be uploaded soon ☺

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