Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #9

Hello everyone. I know that m very late but my problem is still not solved and this is the main reason for my delay. And i also know that you guys are hell angry with this so please forgive me for the last time and i promise that when ever my problem solved I’ll be sure regular as i was so let’s start with the story…..

The episode starts with Ishwari who was still trying her best to woke up sona from her sleep but she was so lost in her dreamland while her slumber that didn’t pay any attention to Ishwari’s efforts.
Ishwari :- Sona !! Woke up have your food then go and sleep in your room properly; she says with full of force to woke her up.
Dev :- You go maa. Check ayan if he is sleeping or not now i’ll woke her up and make her eat her food ; he says this to her with a pissed of expression on his face.
Ishwari :- Ohk then make sure that she it properly ; saying this she goes back to her room.
Dev stands up from the dining table and goes to her. He was so annoyed with her beauty sleep that he just greet his teeth with anger.

He goes near her face and she was sleeping peacefully as a kid. She looks as pure as a small baby who was all unaware about the things around him. He was looking at her admiring Sharpe features of her face closely. Her hair strands on her face which were making her look like a diva.He jist lost himself in admiring her that he totally forget why he came to her. He pluked her hair strands bhind her ear. The touch of his fingers near her ears make her smile in her sleep as if she was living the moment….

He goes near her face and bends down on his knees to see her properly. His hot breaths hitting her face making her lips curved in a smile just then the chain of his thoughts broke and he comes into his senses.
Dev :- Miss neni woke up; he says this shaking her from her shoulders.
Sonakshi (still deep in her slumber) :- Hummm !! Please let me sleep. Just five more minutes please. She pleads him (thou she don’t know who is disturbing her)
Dev is now all in his anger mode shake her as hard as he can to woke her up and ends up with laying on the floor with sonakshi laying on his chest. This breaks her sleep.
She opens her eye lashes slowly with a shock and was totally shocked to see dev beneath her.
Sonakshi :- What are you doing here. Do you starts coming in my dreams also ; she is shocked and confused that what is sees is a dream or reality.
Dev :- Aghh!! Miss neni you are such a he was about to continue but she interrupts.
Sonakshi :- I know !! I know !! Now you will say you are such a drama queen ; she says this by mimicking like him. I know that so please tell me something new ; she smrikes at him showing him all her thirty two teethes.
Dev :- Miss neni ; he huffs in anger.
Sonakshi :- Look Mr. Angry Young Man !! You are in my dreams so you better stay quit ; she thoughts that she is dreaming about him.
Dev :- You are not dreaming miss neni. Woke up and see the reality ; saying this he pinches her hand to make her believe that she is not sleeping.
Sonakshi :- Aahh !! ; she smiles at him sarcastically and realizes that she is actually not dreaming. Hehehehe Mr…..di….di…dixit. You here… wha.. what are you doing here; he was still beneath her and she clutches his blazer tightly.her throat goes all dry.
Dev :- Yes me. Now if you are done with your dream toh can you please get up from here you are squeezing me ; he says this giving her a death glare.
Sonakshi :- Hehe… sorry actually i didn’t noticed ; she tries to up but fails and again slips over him.

She again slips over him. She sees him struggling to get up and losts herself in his deep brown eyes which were all deep like a sea. She stars breathing heavily as if his touch sending electricity in her entire body. Her hot breaths starts hitting his cool face making him look up into her eyes but he was avoiding her gaze just to not meet with her eyes else he would lost himself in those big and deep eyes of her’s.
Dev :- Wait!! Let me try this time you just can’t move ohk; he says this ordering her not to move because every time she moves to get up,she ends up devolving herself over him.

He took her both hands in his and slowly gets up placing his another hand over her waist. She hisses in a little discomfort because his hold making her feel like a ice which is melting under his hold.
Sonakshi :- M…Mr. Dixit ; she speaks softly facing him.
Dev :- Suhh!; he suhhes her placing his finger over her lips. Let me try this else we will again endup with falling on the floor.
He slowly tights his grip over her waist and stands up holding her safely and tries not to fall again. When they gets up he again looks at her. Her eyes were closed and she was murmuring something under her breaths. His hot breaths hits her face. He plucked her hair strands over her ear. His touch makes her open her eyes slowly with a belief that this time they are not lying on the floor.
Sonakshi :- Ahmm!!! Mr. Dixit actually i was…..i was; she is now scared of his reaction over her gibbering because she talked too much in her slumber over him.
Dev :- Are you sleeping or what ?? Me and maa was trying so hard to woke you up but you!! You are just losed in your own world ; he placed both his hands over his chest and was irked with her behavior.

This is it for the episode.

Precap :- Devakshi fight over mirchi ??
Sorry for the sort update and for the delay…

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