Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #8

Sorry guys but my problem is yet not solved and m hell irritated from it. Things always goes worst with me as if god is taking some revenge from me.So please don’t be angry m trying my best to come asap. So lets start with the episode

The episode starts with dev giving envelope to vishal. Vishal opens it and the envelope has sona’s pic.
Vishal :- Sir m already married. He says as if dev gives him her pic for a marriage proposal.
Dev :- M not a match maker;He gave him a angry look.
Vishal :- Then what can i do; He asked him in a puzzled way.
Dev :- I want to know everything about her. Her past her present everything.
Vishal :- She is very pretty sir. You both will look good together;he says this smiling at him.
Dev :- Are you mad or what. I want you to inquire about her because i have doubt on her. And for your Kind info she is just a employee; he says this pining the employee word harder so vishal could get his point.
Vishal :- Ohh m so sorry sir. I thought….. and he stops in the middle knowing if dev again listen him saying that he will kick him out.
Dev :- I want to know everything. You have to findout ; he was totally convinced to inquire about her cos he felt something fisshy in her overfriendly behavior.
Vishal :- But sir what’s her name; he asked him breaking the chain of his thoughts.
Dev :- Miss magic neni; he remembered her winked moments.
Vishal :- What???
Dev :- Miss sonakshi ; he says this again going in his deep thoughts.
Vishal :- Ohk sir. I will let you know soon; saying this he leaves from his cabin.
Dev comes out of his deep thoughts and again glued to his laptop. He was so deeply involved in his work that he didn’t noticed the time.

At Ishwari niwas
Ishwari niki comes to dining table for dinner and didn’t find sonakshi and ayan.
Ishwari :- Where are these two. They didn’t came here till now.
Niki :- They must be sleeping; saying this she looks for food.
Kichu bhaiya :- She asked me for food and went from the kitchen.
Niki :- Wait i’ll check in her room ; she says this getting up from her chair.

She was about to go up then she notices sonakshi sleeping on the sofa peacefully. She smiles seeing her sleeping in such way like a small baby.

Niki :- There she is. Look maa di is looking so cute.
Ishwari :- suhhh. Let her sleep. She must be tired. Don’t disturb her ;she says this taking niki with her to the dining table.
Niki :- Then where is ayan. Let me chek ;she goes up stairs to see him.
Niki comes down with ayan. Three of them had their dinner. Ishwari takes ayan with her cos she knew that dev will be late as always.

Dev was still in his office glued with his laptop. He calls tina to come in her cabin then he got to know that its too late so he decided to go home.
Dev comes home late. it’s 11:30 pm. He was felling so hungry that he thinks to have food first and he was about to go to the kitchen then he notices sonakshi sleeping on the sofa.
Dev :- Why she is sleeping here and where is ayan.
Ishwari comes from her room to see rather sonakshi woke up or not and saw dev standing infront of sonakshi.
Ishwari :- Dev. When you came??? You again came so late. I told you so many times to come home on time but you didn’t listen to me at all; she sayes this in a pissed of way.
Dev :- So many questions in one breath. You don’t even asked me about my food and start scolding me; he says this making a pout face to save himself from her anger.
Ishwari :- Why are you standing in front of her then; she asked him who was first busy in watching her.
Dev :- I was just checking that why she is here and where is ayan; he says this coming towards Ishwari.
Ishwari :- Ayan is in my room and sleeping peacefully. We were out for a long time and she was so tired that she slept here unknowingly.
Dev :- She is here for ayan and she is sleeping here instead of taking care of him; he always finds a way to mischief about her.
Ishwari :- Dev why you always stay behind her. She was busy all day with us and slept without eating; she says this with a concern.
Dev :- Can i please have my food now. M soo hungry maa.
Ishwari :- First let me wake her up then you both have your dinner together; saying this she goes to her to wake her up.
Dev :- Maa. Let her be; he feels jealous of sonakshi who was getting Ishwari’s all concern.
Ishwari tries to wake sonakshi up but she was deep in her slumber and not in a moot to wake up.
Sonakshi :- Please sir give me 2 mins i’ll be there;she murmurs in her slumber.
Ishwari :- Sonakshi woke up it’s me.

That’s it for today

Precap :- something intresting is gono happen ??

Sorry for the sort one and for the delay also. Will be right back with the big one. Hope my problem solves in soon ??. Till then…..
Sayonara ???

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