Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #7

My problem is yet not over but m posting because i get wifi somehow for a very less time . So m writing it in a hurry.And yes as i said before i will use Hindi also so here we go ??

The episode starts with sonakshi coming down. She was humming a song and goes to ayan while smiling.
Niki :- Sona di when will we go out.It’s 10. She just can’t control her excitement.
Sonakshi :- Yup we will go. Pehle aunty ji apna kaam khtam karle.
Niki :- Then let me help her so we can go early. Maa what can i do tell me.
Ishwari :- Tu toh rehne hi de niki agar tu meri madad kregi to mera kaam or badh jaayega. And she started laughing.

Niki :- Oh come on maa at least i can place things where you want. Please let me help you.
Dev comes down with his files hearing their talks and goes to Ishwari for her blessings.
Dev :- Thik he toh keh rahi hai maa niki. Tu or kaam hehehe. Rehne de.
Niki :- Bhaiya aap bhi maa ke sath mill gaye. This is not fair. She makes a cry baby face.
Dev :- I don’t have time now let me go m getting late.
Niki :- No wait bhaiya. First give me some Money then go.
Dev :- But why.
Niki :- Because we are going out today. Ahe gives him a big wild smile.

Dev :- with whom???
Niki :- Me,Maa,Ayan and Sona di.
Dev :- Maa yeh niki kya bol rhi hai!!
Ishwari :- Niki mene kha tha na ki mere paas paise hai to kyu maang rhi h ess se.
Dev :- Par maa tum log eske sath kyu jaa rhe ho. Khi esne tum logo ko guma diya toh !!
Ishwari :- Dev. She gives him a death glare.
Niki :- Di yha bhot time se reh rhi hai aur unhone mujhse promise bhi kiya hai ke woh meri shopping me help krengi.

Dev :- Tujhe shopping ke alawa aur kuch sujhta nhi kya.
Ishwari :- Ab tujhe deri nhi ho ehi kya dev kyu usse tang kar raha hai.
He put out his wallet and was about to give some Money but niki took all the cash he had. Sonakshi sees that and smiles.
Niki :- Thank you bhaiya. Now you can go. She runs with the Money ao that he can’t get it back.
Dev goes to his office. Sonakshi also goes out with Dixits for Mumbai darshan.
Niki :- Di where will we go first. M so excited.

Sonakshi :- Hehehe I was also excited when i first visited Mumbai.
Niki :- From how many time you are here.
Sonakshi :- About 3 years.
Ishwari :- You didn’t tell us about your theatre. Where it is.
Sonakshi :- It is in navi Mumbai aunty ji.

Niki :- Wow di. Then you must meet some bollywood stars.
Sonakshi :- Not all but some people. Dada please stop here.
Niki :- Juhu chopati. She sees outside of car and comes out jumping.

All the Dixit members along with sonakshi rhum around juhu chopati. They have some chaat,vada paav,gola and many other things there. Niki the selfie queen clicks thousands of selfies with all and enjoyed her whole journey. Ayan also enjoyed the journey. Sonakshi took care of all of them which makes Ishwari happy. Then they go to some other places in Mumbai like india gate,khau gali,sidhi vinayak ( i don’t know too much about Mumbai so this is it ??)

Dev was all busy in his office with his work that he didn’t even gets time to call them and ask where they are. When he get some time from his busy schedule he calls Ishwari.
Dev :- Where are you maa. I called you so many times.
Ishwari :- We are out and enjoying our journey. You should also came with us. We all had alot of fun.

Dev :- Are you all ok na. I hope miss neni is taking care of ayan. He says in a worried way because till now he clearly got one thing that Ishwari is totally impressed with sonakshi.
Ishwari :- She is such a lovely girl. She even taking care of me also. You really finds the best neni for ayan.
Dev :- Ok then call me when you go back to home. He cuts the call and was little jealous of sonakshi because she is becoming everyone’s favorite which was troubling him alot.
What is in this girl. she just made my maa crazy over her. Something is strange with this girl murmuring this he again gets busy with her work.

After floating so many places they finally decide to go back home because it’s getting dark. And they all leave for home.
All of them reaches home ayan was sleeping so sonakshi took him up for sleeping and niki goes on the sofa and starts taking heavy breaths. She was very tired with this journey.
Ishwari :- Kichu jara sabke liye pani le kar aana toh. Dekh teri niki didi kitni thak gai ghum kar.
Niki :- This is one of the best day of my life. I totally enjoyed it. She says this with full of energy tho she was hell tired of floating
Ishwari :- All thanks to sonakshi. Sach bhot hi pyari bachi hai.
Sonakshi comes down. She was also tired but joins Dixit ladies.

Sonakshi :- Bus etne me hi thak gai niki. Mene toh socha tha ki kal tumhe shopping par le ke jaungi par and she says this to get her out of her tiredness.
Niki :- Shopping !!! She gets up immediately.
Ishwari and sonakshi starts laughing seeing her up forgetting about her tiredness.

Ishwari :- Iska bus chle toh ye tujhe abi apne sath le jaaye shopping karne ke liye.
Niki :- Yes di. We can go now. We will be back before bhaiya.
Sonakshi (smiling at her excitement) :- Calm down niki. We will go but tomorrow. If your bhaiya comes early then he will shoo me out for taking you out at this time.
Niki again falls on sofa with all her tiredness.
Ishwari :- I am also tired now. I am going into my room. She gets up to go

Sonakshi :- But aunty ji what about your dinner. She asks her in a caring way.
Ishwari :- I am not so hungry right now.
Sonakshi :- But you have to eat. This is not good for your health. You have to eat something before sleeping.
Ishwari :- Ok. Then what ever you want say it to Kichu. He will cook and then i will also have that.
Sonakshi :- OK
Niki :- I am also going into my room for taking some rest. Call me for dinner when it’s done.
Both Ishwari and Niki goes to their respective rooms and sonakshi goes to kitchen to tell Kichu bhaiya what to cook. She was also tired but not that much because as a theater artist she spend her lots of time out of her pg and used to it.
Sonakshi :- Kichu bhaiya make some khichdi to aunty ji and some lite food for niki,me and ayan.
Kichu Bhaiya :- And for bhaiya.
Sonakshi :- Ohh i totally forget about mr. Angry young man. She smiles. He must be hungry after office.

Kichu bhaiya :- He never its too much.
Sonakshi :- Ok then he will also have the same. Make it for him also.
Kichu bhaiya :- OK didi and starts preparing food.
Now sonakshi was alone in the hall. she sits on the sofa and rests her head over it. Soon sleep took its place.

Dev was working in his cabin and someone knocks the door.
Dev :- Come in.
Man :- Sir you called me.
Dev :- Yes vishal. I have some work for you. He gives him a envelop.
Vishal :- What is in this.

This is it for the episode.

Precap :- Keep guessing ??

Hope you will like it if not then let me know ?. Will be back asap. Please ignor the mistakes because i don’t get tym to correct them.Till then….
Sayonara ???

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