Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #6

Hello everyone here i am. Today i have one question for all of you that why you always say me to post soon i always post as soon as possible then why you do this atyachar on me only. Ohk fine i think my overreaction is over now ?? so now lets go with the story…

The episode starts with sonakshi getting off from her bed and was still in a half sleep mode and goes to the washroom rubbing her eyes but ends up with bumping herself to the door which make her come out of her sleep mode. Aghhh !! She goes in and comes out after some time wearing a pink midi. Her hairs were still wet and water drops are coming out from her wet hairs. She dries her hair and applies ointment on her hand because it was still paining.

She goes to dev’s room to see ayan and knocks the door and goes inside checking if dev is not in the room. Ayan was sleeping peacefully on the bed just then dev comes out from the washroom in towel.

Seeing him in towel sonakshi closes her eyes with her hands and started saying sorry….
Dev :- If no one reply on a knock then you should not enter in the room. Can’t you have basic manners and he starts murmuring.
Sonakshi :- I said sorry. And you don’t even talk about manners because you don’t have manners at all at she opens her eyes but again closes them because he was still in the towel.
Dev :- Oh please. Now don’t start your drama again.
Sonakshi :- I am not a dramebaaz. I am a artist. And you don’t know who i am.
Dev :- And i am not interested to know he says this going into the washroom again.
Sonakshi :- Why i came here .Aghh !!!He spoiled my morning.

She goes to ayan and started saying a poem to get him up from his sleep
Moon is now all gone and sun is all rise ….
This is the time for my prince to wake up and shine….
Dev hears it from the washroom and smiles a bit. He comes out and sees no one in the room because sonakshi get ayan into her room to get him ready.
Devakshi together comes out of their respective rooms together. Sonakshi was holding ayan and not letting him run. Dev comes towards them and going close to sona but goes down on his knees to ayan.

Dev :- So my boy is all ready now. Today i will come home early and we will play he says this cupping his face. while getting up he notices sona’s wounded hand and remembers holding her hand tight.

He was about to say something just then niki comes there running from his back and hugs sonakshi.
Niki :- Oh my god di. You are looking so beautiful.Right bhaiya and she turns to dev for his reply and finds him nowhere.
Sonakshi :- Thank you so much beautiful and she gives her a big smile.
Niki :- I just want to see your wardrobe now. You have so pretty dresses saying this she holds her hand to convince her.
Sonakshi :- When ever you want but first let’s go down aunti ji must been waiting for us.
Ishwari and Dev were already at the dining table and they also joins them.
Sonakshi was feeding ayan and dev was only looking at her hand which was hurt by him. He was felling sorry for his act.

Ishwari :- Dev. What’s happen to you. Why are you not eating.
Dev (coming out of his thought) :- Nothing. I was just thinking about my work.
Ishwari :- You always thinks about your work only. At least have your food peacefully. She says this in a annoying way.
Dev :- Ok sorry. I will have it with peace now.
Ishwari :- Sonakshi are you only going to feed ayan. You don’t even start your breakfast.
Sonakshi :- I will but first let me feed him.
Dev :- I am going up and will leave in some time saying this he stood up and goes saying something to Kichu bhaiya.

All of them had their breakfast and sonakshi was checking ayan’s clothes if they are dirty or not.
Kichu bhaiya :- Didi. Bhaiya called you up in his room.
Sonakshi :- But why. I toh don’t even did any prank on him today. She gets nervous and holds ayan’s hand to take him with her.

Kichu bhaiya :- He only said about you.
Sonakshi :- Only me. Now what will he do with me. She stars imagining things dev can do with her like broke her hand( because he already hurt it),holding her hand tight and throwing her out. Thinking all these she goes up playing with her fingers to avoid being afraid.
She knocks dev’s room and he says her to come in but she didn’t listen to him and still knocking the door. Dev goes to her and holds her hand to let her come out of her thought.
Sonakshi :- Suhhh. It’s hurting.
Dev :- Come in. He lives her hand immediately because he knew that it was hurt because of him.
Sonakshi goes inside and roles her eyes all over the room with the fear that what will he do now.
Dev goes near a table. picks up first aid box and finds for a bandage and ointment. He goes near to her but she was ignoring him and looking down only.

Dev :- Ahmm. He forward the bandage and ointment to sona and make her see them.
Sonakshi :- Are you hurt. Should i call aunty ji or dr if want. She says this getting worried.
Dev :- No this is for you. He gets surprised seeing her concern for him.
Sonakshi :- What will i do with this. Is it for ayan?? Is he hurt?? She says this getting more worried for ayan.
Dev :- Aghh!! This is not for ayan,maa,niki,Kichu bhaiya not even for the driver. This is for you miss neni because you are hurt.
Sonakshi( forgetting about her injury) :- I am not hurt and she make a question marked face.
Dev holds her hand and shows it to her.

Dev :- Now you can see. You are hurt. You need this.
Sonakshi :- Oh this. She lets her hand free from his hold. This is all because of you. She sees him with angry eyes.
Dev ( Irritated from her long talks) :- That’s why i am giving this. Now apply this on your hand. He gives it to her.
Sonakshi :- How can i. Is a hurt person do the bandage with his own. She says this to let him more irritated because his irritation is clearly visible on his face.
Dev :- Go and take niki’s help. She will do this and he makes a annoying face.
Sonakshi :- She didn’t hurt me so why will she. You hurt me so you do this. She says this in a dominating Voice.

Dev :- Listen i don’t have time for all this rubbish. Do it by your or take someone else’s help. Don’t tell me.
Sonakshi :- First you hurt me then you want to help and tho you are not ready to do this by your own. What do you want.
Dev :- Can’t you keep quite. Why don’t you take someone else’s help. He is full irritated.
Sonakshi :- You yourself would help me or else no one.
She was about to go but dev’s guilt of hurting her didn’t let her to go and he again holds her hand but this time the otherone not that which again could hurt her.
Dev :- Ok fine. Give it me i will.

Sonakshi gives him the bandage and ointment. Dev took her hand in his hand and applies ointment over it making a hurt face and sonakshi was controlling her laugh. She just enjoyed teasing him and was little touched by his concern.
Sonakshi :- Aahh!! It’s hurting do it slowly. She says this hiding her smile to make him more guilty.
Dev :- I am so sorry if it hurts. He was little concerned for her because of his guilt of hurting her.

Sonakshi :- I didn’t know that the angry young man can say sorry also. She was just enjoying his guilt which let’s him do this.
Dev :- Don’t act so smart with me. He tightly puts bandage on her hand hurting her. Now he knew that she was only enjoying his guilt.
Sonakshi :- Aahh slowly. She makes a hurted face.
Dev :- And remember my eyes are still on you. Just one mistake and your game is over. He gets up from the couch and was about to live.
Sona holds his hand and gets up.

Sonakshi :- I said you before also that don’t look into my eyes or else you will…. she smiles and goes out oof his room.
Dev :- Just one mistake miss magic neni and you are all out of my house. Angry is clearly visible on his face.

This is it for today….

Precap :- Mumbai darshan and nok-jhok……

Today m definitely sure that you just loved it because i myself loved writing this ??. Stay tuned for the next update. Till then…
Sayonara ???

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  1. DramaQueen1004

    Pehle tumhari question ka ans
    Baaki logon ka to pata nhi pr mein isliye post soob likhti hoon taakhi tum regular post karnewaali se late lateef na ban jaao kyunki kya pata achanak se koi pareshaani ya prob ho ( khuda kare ki tume koi pareshaani na ho, phir bhi) aur tum post na kr paao
    Coming bak to d epi
    It was so funny… sona making use of his guilt n teasing him
    I loved it
    It wud b really much better if u cud post links of sum of dev n sona’s dresses on some special occasions n romantiv episodes… I know its really difficult n time consuming, so I wont force u, but pls if possible pls do try to do so
    With loads of love

    1. DramaQueen1004

      Waise tum bahut hi regular ho… I like it no I love it
      Keep it up

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Awesome work Ritya…As usual, many thanks for the entertainment. <3 🙂

  3. Niki645

    First of all, thanks a lot for being so regular! I just say ‘post soon’, so that you remember that we all are desperately waiting for ur FF, and you don’t forget to post fast?

    Coming to the episode, it was fantastic! I really loved it! It was so funny?
    Post soon!?Ok sorry, I won’t say that!

    So, you said your age is 22. Well then, I’ll call you di!


  4. sorry di for late comment. actually there are too many guests in my home. so couldn’t get time. secondly post soon hum isliye likhtehe tasking aap bhool na jayo hum fans ko. aur koi prblm ho tho bol do ki post nahi kar sakti.

    coming to the epi it was awesome. dev guilty, sona’s advantage, ayan’s cuteness. perfect just perfect. aaj post soon nahi kahungi. take care.

    and one thing u nd my elder sis are of same age.

    love u???????

  5. Awesome episode dear

  6. V.V.harshita

    Awesome post soon

  7. lovely episode…thanks for being regular….we say u to post soon because we r desperate to read ur ff….this is not any kind of atyachar… u

  8. supervupdt dear ointmen wla scene WS cute end towel one as well keep it up dear

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