Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #5

???? This is me when i read your comments. Thank you so much for all your love.I will try me best to wuhhh you with every episode of my ff.Now this is it and here we go….

The episode starts with devakshi being huged by ayan. This makes dev leave sonakshi’s hand. Sonakshi was murmuring with anger. Her hand was hurt because of dev just then Ishwari and niki comes from garden (which is in the house).
Ishwari :- Dev you didn’t tell me that you are coming otherwise we would not ordered pizza. Now please don’t shout at us for this…
Sonakshi was all shocked to hear this. She made a big mistake and now she is all gone and she started taking hiccup. Dev was very angry with her statment and was still holding pizza box.
Ishwari :- Sonakshi what happened to you??Why are you taking hiccup like this. Bhola bring some water for di.
Niki (in a teasing way) :- Oh my god bhai. You deliver pizza also tho in three piece suit. Atleast change your uniform and she started giggling.
Dev ( in a heavy tone) :- Shut up niki.
Ishwari :- So finally you two met.
Sonakshi :- And now i am going to be thrown out of this house. Hell sona now this angry young man will surely throw you out she murmur in a low Voice.
Dev :- But now she can not work here. You may go now miss neni. You are fired he says showing her the door.
Ishwari :- Dev. What are you saying!!
Dev :- I am saying right. Now she will not stay here.
Sonakshi was standing like a dumbstruck holding ayan’s hand.Ishwari and niki was all confused.
Ishwari :- No she will not.
Dev (Getting shocked) :- Maa you don’t know her. She is a big cheat.
Ishwari :- She is here from the last 24 hours and i don’t think so that she is like this. She was shocked and confused by dev’s words but was determined by sona’s character.
Dev :- She is a big Dramebaaz. She is fooling you maa.
Ishwari :- How can you say that. You don’t even know her.
Dev :- I know her very well and he narrate their first meet.
Ishwari and niki tries hard to stop thier laugh but end up with laughing sorrily.Dev was shocked to see them laughing on him and gets angry. Sonakshi was still controlling her laugh. She also ends up with laughter. The whole house was resounded with their laugh.
Ishwari (Controlling her laugh) :- So you are the one whom she was talking about.
Niki :- Oh my god bhai. You are so dumb. You took a prank seriously. She was laughing so badly that her stomach started aching and she was holding it tight.
Dev :- Did you guys finds it funny?? He was hell angry now.
Ishwari :- So this is the reason that you wants to throw her out. Don’t be a spoil sport and she holds side hugged him.
Dev :- No because she is a big liar.
Ishwari :- Oh come on dev. She is a artist and you also were a artist tho you are saying this.
Dev :- I was. But i didn’t do these type of things which she have done. I don’t want a liar to cherish ayan.
Ishwari :- This is enough dev. You can’t judge a person in jUST a little time. We spent more with her then you and for us she is best for ayan.
Dev was shocked to hear what Ishwari said because this is the first time in the past years that she didn’t supports him.Sonakshi was still standing in one corner and listening to their talks with a bright smile because this is the first time she was watching a family fight and was overwhelmed with Ishwari’s reaction towards her. Dev goes to his room in his anger mode.
Ishwari :- I am so sorry sonakshi. He is jUST so stubborn with his views that no one can change it. But you don’t worry i will talk to him. She carries her face with her hand.
Niki takes sonakshi with her to have pizza but sonakshi was only thinking about Ishwari’s words which she said for her. She was filling blessed.

Dev was moving here and there in his room remembering his meet with sona and was angry with Ishwari’s words towards her just then Ishwari comes to his room.
Ishwari :- Why are you taking her prank so serious. She was just kiding. She says this to make him calm.
Dev :- Life is not a joke maa. She don’t know what impact it left in me.he become serious saying this.
Ishwari (Holds his hand and make him sit on the bed) :- Why you always thinks in one way only. You was not like this. She is just like the old you.
Dev :- There is only one way in my life which goes to ayan and i don’t want him to be in a company like her.
Ishwari :- She is a very good girl. I have seen this world more then you. And in my views she is perfect for ayan and for this house.
Dev (Resting his head in her lap) :- I don’t want ayan to suffer that’s it.
Ishwari :- She is the best. Just trust me once.
Dev :- Ok maa if you are saying this i will but if anything wrong happens then i will not spare her.
Ishwari :- Now leave all this and come down else niki will have all the food.

They both goes down to dining table. Niki ayan and sonakshi were already siting there. Sonakshi was feeding food to ayan easily which makes dev wonder because ayan didn’t have food easily one should always run towards him with the food. They all have their food. Dev goes to his library for his work and all the ladies with ayan stays in hall.

Niki :- It’s been so many days we are in home only. I want to go out tomorrow.
Ishwari :- No you can’t. Dev is busy with his office let him free then you can go with him.
Niki :- No maa he is not going to be free for a long time. I want to go tomorrow at any cost she says this being annoyed
Ishwari :- Sonakshi. Now you make her understand that she can’t.
Sonakshi :- If you don’t mind then i could take her out. I am living here here from a very long time.
Niki :- Now this will be the best. Now i can go with you and maa you also don’t need to worry about me.
Ishwari :- Ok fine. I can’t win with you. You can go with her.
Sonakshi :- Why only we two. We all can go along.
Ishwari :- No i am not interested in these things.
Sonakshi :- No we four will go together or else i will not go with niki also and makes a puppy face to convince her.
Ishwari :- Now you are also becoming like a kid ok i will and she smiles.

Sonakshi takes ayan into dev’s room and makes him sleep well. This time she stay awake because if now she repeat her mistake dev will kick her out (which seems impossible because of Ishwari ??).Ayan was sleeping peacefully and sonakshi comes out of Dev’s room.She was about to turn towards her room and she slips but dev holds her with her hands and pulls her up.They share a sort eyelock.
Dev :- This is not your age to slip and tights his grip over hand.
Sonakshi (struggling to free herself from his grip) :- Leave my hand it’s hurting me.
Dev :- Don’t you be so happy. This time maa saved you but next time i will not leave you and he left her hand.
Sonakshi :- We will see that. And she turns to leave but again slips. This time she handles herself.
Dev :- My eyes will be always on you. You can’t escape from me now.
Sonakshi (turns close towards him) :- Don’t you see in my eyes else you fell in love with saying this she blinks and goes towards her room.

Sonaksi goes to her room and was holding her hand which was hurt because of dev. She applies ointment over it.
Both of them were sleeping in their respective rooms thinking about eachother. Sonakshi was smiling over his angry young man avtar and dev was all angry and frustrated over sona’s moves.
Sonakshi :- It will be fun to tease you mr. Dev Dixit and she smirks.
Dev :- I will not spar you miss. Magic nani and he fumes with anger.
Soon sleep took place over their never ending thoughts.

This is it for today…

Precap :- Masti and sorry ??

Hope you all like it. Please let me know if you don’t like it. I will try to make it better. Till then bye see you soon…
Sayonara ???

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