Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #4

First of all i am so sorry that i wasn’t able to write it on time because my masi di and nephews visits my home with a surprise so i was busy with it so sorry ??. And if you have some suggestions for the story and if you want something in the story.toh you can tell me i would love to know that and try to put it in my you can msg me and say it. Now i think that from my side toh lets go with the story ??

It’s morning and three of them were still sleeping after sometime dev moves his hand towards sonakshi while sleeping and puts it on sona’s tiny waist and sonakshi realise something upon her waist and she hurriedly opens her eyes and was all shocked to see dev’s hand on her waist but was unable to see his face because his face was covered with his solder.

Sona tumi ekdum boka ae ki korchi tumi (sona you are totally mad what have you done) Aghh!!! And she silently puts his hand from her waist and runs from there in a sec without seeing his face. Ishwari was coming towards dev’s room and sees sona running. (Hahaha ab tera kya hoga sona )
Ishwari :- Sonakshi what are you doing here???
Sonakshi in a panic mode :- Woh Aaa Ahmm…
Ishwari :- Ohh you must came to see ayan. Is he woke up???
Sonakshi (relifed) :- Taking a deep breath no no he is sleeping.
Ishwari :- Ohk then i will come later and she goes.
Sonakshi runs so fast towards her room as if a dainasoor is coming to have her as his breakfast and shuts her door with her full force that ends up waking up dev….
The sudden sound makes him up from his sleep. He finds ayan sleeping and was holding sona’s bracelet.

It must be his neni’s bracelet saying this he keeps it in his table to give it back to her. He goes to washroom and comes out of it wearing his office suit and fixing his tai.

Sonakshi was still taking heavy breaths as if she saw a ghost even she didn’t saw his face. How can i sleep in his room and why he didn’t noticed me in his room. Is he took advantage of my sleep oh my god but ayan was sleeping between us then how can he. He must be tired like me then that’s why and she also goes to her washroom to freshnup ( ohh my sona ??)

Dev thinks to meet ayan’s neni and goes towards her room he knocks her room.
Sonakshi :- Who is this?? Niki!!
Dev :- No its me..
Sonakshi :- Ohh Kichu bhaiya ???
Dev (getting irritated) :- Dev Dixit in a angry mode
Sonakshi :- Ohh sorry mr. Dixit i thought its Kichu bhaiya.
Dev :- You take your time i’ll meet you on dining table and goes out fuming over sona’s reply.
Sonakshi comes out wearing a blue pom pom crop top and jeans but sees no one in the room and stands infront of mirror. You don’t have the right to look pretty all the time and kisses the mirror.

Dev goes down stairs to the dining table where Ishwari was waiting for him and asks about ayan.
Dev :- He is still sleeping. And his neni is busy in herself and makes faces.
Ishwari :- She comes to see him even me too but you both were sleeping so she didn’t disturbed you.
Dev :- When will she came down now. I want to meet her.
Ishwari :- My son wants to meet a girl and starts teasing him.
Dev :- Because she is ayan’s neni and raise his eyes up.
Ishwari :- She will come with ayan let him wake up first.
Just then dev gets a call and goes out of the house to take it.

Sonakshi again goes to dev’s room but this time she knocks the room first but no one replies and she goes in. Ayan was still sleeping. Sonakshi goes to him and caress his hairs and says a poem to wake him up and gets him up. Ayan smiles seeing sona that makes her smile too. She makes him up well and goes to washroom to make him ready she plays with ayan in the bathtub they both enjoyed it for sometime and she makes him ready to go down. They both goes down.

Sonakshi smiles seeing Ishwari and greets her good morning. ayan was smiling and goes to Ishwari to hug her.They both smiles seeing him happy.
Ishwari :- So finally you both came down. Dev was waiting for you. He wants to meet you.
Sonakshi (getting shocked) :- Is he got to know about last night she says in a low voice.
Ishwari :- Did you said something???
Sonakshi :- No no aunty ji. Where is he??? I also didn’t met him.
Ishwari :- He is out to take a important call and about to come.You come sit have breakfast!!
Sonakshi :- Where is niki???
Ishwari :- She is still sleeping and won’t wake up easily and she giggled.
Sonakshi :- Let me wake her up.
Ishwari :- You can try your luck.
Sonakshi goes towards niki’s room just then dev comes in and smiles seeing ayan.
Dev :- So finally my price woke up. Who makes you up and he picks him up into his arms and started kising him.
Ishwari :- Sonakshi and she smiles. Now she is in niki’s room to wakes her up.
Dev :- I brought her here for ayan not for niki.
Ishwari :- But she is so caring that she takes care of everyone and a wild smile comes on her face while taking.
Dev :- I am getting late now. I’ll meet her in the eve. He took blessing of Ishwari and goes to office.
(Poor you ?? you all were thinking that now they meet,now they meet ??)
Sonakshi in niki’s room pulls her blanket off and gets her up from the bed teasing her and niki was enjoying this because no one does this with her but because its sonakshi her new and only friend. Soon they both comes out laughing and talking.Ishwari was totally impressed by sona and was glad to have her as ayan’s neni.
Ishwari :- So finally someone dares to wakes you up. Come and have breakfast.
They both goes to dining table. Everyone had their breakfast and this was the first time that they were enjoying talking laughing eating. Usually when dev was there everything used to be silent but sonakshi spreads her magic and change the whole house with her charm.

Dev was in the office and had back to back meetings. He didn’t even gets time to have his lunch also but its like his routine not to have his meal on time. But he manage to go home till eve because he was desperate to meet ayan’s magic neni. And he goes to home.Dev reaches home and was about to go in just then someone comes….
Man :- Is it Nikita Dixit’s house???
Dev :- Yes. But who are you ???
Man :- I have her order.
Dev :- Yes give it to me i am her brother. How much??
Man :- Rs 299 per piece
Dev :- Here you go. Gives him Money and goes inside.

Sonakshi was running in the hall singing tana nana ni o pizza aaaye free…….. and she bumbs into dev (finaly )
Sonakshi :- Don’t you can see before walking??? You have eyes or buttons!!! Looking down to see if her clothes were damaged.
Dev :- Excuse me mam. You also have two eyes. You can also she before running and gets angry on her.
Sonakshi :- You !!!
Dev :- You !!! What are you doing here??
Sonakshi :- What do you mean about it. This is my house and she gave a deadly look.
Dev (Getting angry) :- Your house.
Sonakshi :- Yes my house. And what are you doing here?? Are you following me??
Dev :- ohh please
Sonakshi interrupting and look at this who deliver piza in tree piece suit seeing him with pizza box. Don’t you get other job then this. Atleast wear those clothes which suits to your job and she laughed at him.
Dev :- This is Dev Dixit’s house and you are not Dev Dixit and he is super angry on sonakshi now.
Sonakshi :- Hahaha nice joke. How can i be i am not him.
Dev :- Then who are you miss he asked her getting more angry on her.
Sonakshi :- Stay in your limit you delivery boy. I am his wife giving him a death glare.
Dev (getting shocked) :- His wife???
Sonakshi (in a bosy tone) :- Yes i am. I am Mrs. SonakshiDevDixit. Now you better live from here or else i would call the security and throw you out.
Dev (Now his anger has no boundaries) :- Mrs. SonakshiDevDixit and he pull her towards him holding her hand hard.
Sonakshi :- How dare you touch me. Leave me and she trys to make herself free.
Dev :- So you are the lady of this house!!!
Sonakshi :- You don’t know my husband. He will kill you for this. Leave me.
Dev tights his grip over her hand with full of anger just then ayan comes running and hugs both of them on their legs (aww so sweet ??)

And this is it for today…

Sorry if it bored you. I am so tired that i don’t know what have i written. Please bear it ?? Next time i will write the best one. And let me know how it was (i know it’s rubbish) please give your views over it.
Sayonara ???

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  1. Sgatik

    Wow super amazing episode. Can’t wait to read wts gonna happen next. Pls post soon

    1. Ritya

      Just wait and read ??
      You gono love the next one surely ☺
      Thank you for commenting ??

  2. Richa144

    Too good yaar.. I was thinking that they are actually going to marry..and you bring the twist.. super

    1. Ritya

      Hahaha i knew it that you guys were thinking about this to happen but sorry for leting you down ??
      Honestly while writing i was so damn tired that i just can’t understand that what have i written but m glad that you liked it ??
      Thank you for commenting and please post about your ff m waiting from so many days ???

  3. Akshita

    Amazing episode?? plzz post soon

    1. Ritya

      Yup i will cos m a regular writer ??
      Glad to know your views ??
      And next one is going to be a super one ?

  4. Yvonne Codner

    Your story is truly awesome. I have enjoyed all episodes.. May I say something..Please stop apologizing, you are doing an amazing job entertaining us. Thanks and I am so looking forward to the next episode. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Ritya

      Thank you so much ??
      And i apologize because i myself thought that this is not good thats why but now m happy that you guys loved it ??

  5. Priya12

    Nice…awesome epi…
    Unexpected twist happened…
    Ur really making the story twisted and taking it in the mysterious way…
    I m so excited…
    Post soon..

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ?
      And i told you na that mystery is the life of my story ??
      Glad to know that you liked it ??

  6. hello ritya di/ritya. Ur story is awesome. I loved it. it is too mysterious. sorry for not commenting on previous parts. actually I didn’t come to TU for more than 7 days. but now I will try to comment regularly.

    love u?????

    1. Ritya

      Thank you so much dear ??

  7. V.V.harshita

    Awesome…..I thought they r gona get married….but anyways plzs Post soon

    1. Ritya

      They will but with a twist ??

  8. Kriti249

    Awesome. Let’s see know what will dev dixit will do
    Post next one asap

    1. Ritya

      Thank you dear ??

  9. wow! what a intersting twist…now it will be really good to see dev’s reaction on it….nice episode….post next soon dear

    1. Ritya

      I will post it till eve ?

  10. It is superb

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ?

  11. Niki645

    Amazing episode!!! Loved it so much!!
    And I’m soooo sorry for not commenting on previous parts!

    Pls post asap!
    Btw, may I know what’s ur age? Just want to know if I should call u di.

    1. Ritya

      First of all thank you ? and secondly you can call me with my name also.i think i am the eldest one among all the ffs. 22

  12. Awesome.. post soon

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ??

  13. ritya dear…wow wow wow jus wow dear super update…their nok jhok was soooo it to the core keep going sweety lots of love

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ??

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