Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #38

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I thought that we got our son back but no,I was wrong. We were wrong………He’s still………still stucked in his past. Why…..Why….. ; she cried bitterly. Tears pooled out of her eyes as The dam broke.

We left that house in the hope that he’ll be able to forget his past…….And he did started forgetting it….. just now he started to smile again…… and….and his past came infront of him,again……Why can’t people let him live in peace??Why…… What was his mistake??? That,he loved her more then his own sister!!! Everybody blamed him for that dreadful day but did they ever thought about him…. Did they ever thought about his pain…….She wasn’t only their daughter or daughter-in-law……She was his soul sister too……He loved her…….loved her,immensely……. ; she said inbetween her cries,her sobs grew with each passing breath. Just the mention of his pain is making her vulnerable. Ramnath holds her by her shoulders and tries to console her,closing his eyes shut,gulping down his own tears. His heart pricked reminiscing those painful day but He has to be strong infront of her.

Suhhh……..Everything will be ok…I think he still need time,to emerge from his pain…..We have to be strong ; he would have continued but ishwari interrupts inbetween.

How much time it will take……..It’s freaking one year……And he’s still stucked in his past. Didn’t you saw that guilt in his eyes….How can I be in peace when I know that my son is suffering. He’s still suffering in his cage. He thinks that he can fool us by his facade but what about his eyes. His eyes are the mirror of his heart. That guilt in his eyes,killed my son…..I lost him…..we lost him the very day when he held himself responsible for everything. The dev who used to be the life of this house is dead now.He’s not our dev……He is broken,broken beyond repair.His guilt has overpowered his senses….And what are we doing for him…..Nothing…….Just nothing…..whenever he tries to move on somebody comes and pricks open his old wounds. Will he ever be able to live his life……..Will we ever get our old dev back???? ; ishwari asked him crying her heart out infront of him. The fact that her son has distanced himself from them kills her every time. The dev who used to express his every damn emotion is no more there.

He still didn’t learnt to hide his feelings. He thinks that we aren’t aware of his broken state…. ; says ramnath chuckling sadly.

I want my old dev back….. ; ishwari says looking up in his eyes. Her teary eyes held that undying hope of having her lively kid back.

We will have our kid back very soon but till that you have to be strong. We have to become his strength,not weakness. If we want him back then first we have to forget the past. So from now no more tears….Ok…..; Ramnath says wiping the traces of tears from her cheeks and gave her a weak smile which she reciprocated,nodding her head in a yes.

Sonakshi who eavesdrope their talks,stay glued at her place with a shocked expression. Their talks didn’t made any head and tail into her mind. She just heard the last part of their conversation which was another cherry on the cake. Whom are they talking about. Why were they talking like this. What happened in his past?? She did noticed a strange change in his behaviour when they came back home but what’s the reason behind this??? Her mind clouded with thousands of questions that she failed to notice that Ramnath and ishwari went back into their room and luckily didn’t noticed her because of dim lights.

It was past midnight,sonakshi is back into her room and is tossing and turning in her bed. Ramnath and Ishwari’s conversation is still ringing in her mind,which is already clouded by zillions of cook up stories which were cooked by her tiny mind only. The mention of Dev and his miserly is enough to make her restless. She would have been sleeping soundly under her duvet till now unlike be like this if it’s about anybody else. But it’s not about anybody it’s about DEV. Ayaan was sleeping soundly near her though she is restless but she didn’t let it become a hindrance in this little baby’s sleep. Like always her alarmed self was all awake in the presence of Ayaan.

Sleep was miles away from her eyes. The number of her self cooked stories was increasing with each passing second. Her chain of thoughts broke with the clicking of the door. Her heart skipped a beat,she securely placed her one hand around ayaan and closed her eyes with fear. Though there wasn’t any need of getting afraid of anything because she isn’t alone in the house but she was so blank to even think properly. The door opened revealing a scattered dev. His eyes were all red,blood red,hairs were messed up and face was all sweaty and red because of continues crying,silently hiding his face inbetween his legs. The room was quite dark,the moon light was the only source of the little light which was providing him the fellow view. There he saw his little bundle of you,sleeping soundly. How angelic he looks while sleeping!!! Sonakshi was sleeping beside him,securely placing a hand around his tiny frame. He slowly walked towards the bed and sits on the tiny space of the bed.

Sonakshi who was pretending to fast asleep slowly opens her one eye to peep and that was the time when She saw his red and sweaty face in the moon light. His eyes held pain only pain.Ishwari’s words rang in her head once again. Was he crying???? Dev descended down and set on his knees beside the bed. Sonakshi again closes her eyes,she didn’t wanted to be caught by him. She was already confused with all the fassico that now she feared of his reaction if he finds her awake. The series of her thought broke again with the hot touch of his hand which was now caressing ayaay’s hair lovingly. She holded her quick breaths within herself. What if it falls on him,She could feel the heat of his body. His hand was slightly brushing with her but seeing her unmoved dev didn’t bothered to think about it. All his attention was shifted towards only.

I am sorry……. ; Dev sniffled mumbling those words softly. His breathes were heavy and eyes were pooled with tears which fell down from his eyes effortlessly even without a blink. His face looked so pained in the moon light. Sonakshi’s heart pained seeing him like that. He was so engrossed in his own pain that he failed to notice her awake. Thank God her back was facing the moon and that’s the main reason that he couldn’t see her face properly and his blurry eyes were also not able to find it out.

I am sorry I couldn’t save your mother. I…..I failed to fullfill my promise…Please don’t hate me for this…… ; the words left his mouth like a wishper while his eyes kept shedding tears . Not even a single yell escaped from his mouth. Tears were continuously rolling down from his eyes to his cheeks and then rolled off his jaw line,falling on the bed sheet. Some tear drops escaped from sonakshi’s eyes too without even her notice.

Dev kept caressing his head and wishpering some words which weren’t even audiable to him. With each word tears tools down from his eyes. He would have sheeded zillions of tears till now.Sonakshi felt the urge of wiping his tears away but alas she couldn’t firstly she is clueless about the reason of his misery and secondly as far as she heard ishwari’s word he didn’t like to show his weak side to anyone. Weak!!!!! No he’s not weak he looks like a broken mess. Broken…….Broken beyond repair.

At the end of the day all she remembers is the scattered self of dev. Some tears drops occasionally made their way out from her eyes too,seeing him in his broken mess. Her vision goes blurry and within the friction of seconds she drifted into sleep having his messy image in her heart and mind.

Sunrays peeped in into the room,breaking the slumber of sonakshi. Sonakshi tosses at her place. Her eyes were sleepy and the traces of her leftover tears were still lingering at the corner of her eyes. The moment when she roamed her hand in the bed to find ayaan her sleep get vanished and she woke up with the jerk. The flashes of yesterday crashes in her mind. She wondered when she slept and where is ayaan. And Dev!!!! Where is he????


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