Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #36

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You Killed Them…….

You killed us…..

You are the murderer…….

You are the murderer………

The only words which were ringing in his ears.He tried not to think about it but alas he couldn’t help it and goes into that time again. The worse phase of his life……………….. Only he knew that how he composed himself after that. Seeing him the way he’s now Everyone in his family assumed that now he’s over with his past but only he knew how he kept his pain concealed in himself. Only he knew about his scary nightmares,his sleepless nights,his silent cries. He always behaves like a brave man but only he knew how much broken he is from inside.

And then there comes ayaan who as always hugged him on his knees, gestureing him to take him in his embrace and shower his love on him.The moment he took him in his embrace,he hugged him with all his might, giving himself the must needed assures that nobody can snatch him from him. No……he can’t let him go,he will never let him go away from him, never…..not even in his dream.In the past 6 months,ayaan was the one who somehow make him live a little,the only reason of his smile. And only Ayaan was the reason of him being able to come out of his sorrow,he is his remedy who heals his wounds. He is the reason of his smile moreover he is the only reason of his existence………….. Ayaan smiled showing his little milky teeths which started to bite his cheeks. The time his milky teeths started growing,he tries to bite everything which comes in his hands and he just loves to grab everybody’s hand and bite it with his newly growned milky teeths. The moment his little teeths touched his bearded cheeks and bited it he giggled and squealed in his arms and all his sorrow vanished seeing that smile. A lone tear escaped from the corner of his eyes and he immediately wiped it away before it caught anybody’s attention. Sonakshi smiles seeing them, going Aww by their cuteness.

Finally you guys are here. See,how impatient ayaan was,to see you. See…….;ishwari says coming forward and draw everybody’s attention towards ayaan who Is now showering dev’s face with kisses. Whenever dev comes home after a long working day and took ayaan in his arms ayaan would always showers kisses all over his face and sometimes bites it too, gesturing how much he missed him and all The stress of dev just flew away in that particular moment but today,even ayaan’s kisses weren’t able to shrug his worries but making him more weak with the thought of loosing ayaan.

Radharani stood up from her place and goes towards them. Dev clutches ayaan tightly in his arms and took few steps backward. Radharani smirks mentally,seeing her effect on him. From his childhood she is the one who had the power to control him and his crazyness because of her strict behavior. Ishwari and Ramnath never minded on her strict behavior cos they thought that this is her way to show her love towards their kids but After the day when she accused him the little fear of her took a big place in his heart which grew as the time passed and now here he is. Only a glimpse of her is enough to get him back into his broken state again which he just started to forget and even can scare the shit out of him,She have such a negative and strong impact over him.Deciding not scare him more on the very first day of her arrivel,she moves towards Sona and asked ishwari about her and then ishwari introduced them to each other and radharani gave a faint smile to Sona and was least bothered to know further about her. Sonakshi reciprocate the same smile and diverted her gaze from her
towards Dev who was now standing little away from her and radharani, clutching ayaan tightly in his arms looking little scared over something which is of course isn’t know by Sona but radharani was very happy at the view.

Seeing radharani approaching him he goes towards Sonakshi and handed her ayaan securely saying her to take care of him and make him sleep with her today,he excused himself from everyone claiming that he have to make some important calls. Knowing the actual reason of his act nobody dared to ask him to stay there and let him go. Sona was the one who felt like an alien seeing everybody’s silent behavior. It was only ayaan who was in his usual self and everybody seemed tensed about something which was know to them only. Shrugging her shoulders she decided to go to the kitchen and worm some milk for ayaan to feed him if he felt hungry in night. Everybody started to retire into their room leaving her alone in the kitchen.

Dev came into his room and closes the door with a loud thud. The Strom inside him is growing more and more. Those flashbacks were making him hollow. Her words were constantly ringing in his head and it seemed like his head could burst at any moment if those words didn’t stop. He cluctches his head with both hands and started pulling his hair in frustration. Till now his eyes become red, bloodshot red. He don’t know what to do at the moment. He goes towards his almirah,opened it and started searching something. The only thing which can sooth him. He started throwing his clothes out of it in frustration and then he found it under his blue shirt which was dear to him because it was her last gift to him. He took the shirt and caress it with his trembling hand. Tears rolled down till his cheeks without his notice. He hugged that shirt.And that piece of cloth and the thought of her breaks his heart into million pieces again. He cried silently hugging that shirt like he used to do. Today life again brought him at the place where he was a year ago. His broken self which was curing,shattered again seeing her.

Placing the shirt securly in another corner of the almirah he took the photo frame which was laying upon the clothes. And there he go……..The photo frame contains a pic. The pic which she loved the most cos the held his bestest memory with her. He caress the pic and the tear which was flowing from his eyes falls on the frame. He immidiatly cleans it and looked at the photo frame which takes him to the time which he spent with her………..
Niti……..Niti……………. ; Her mother screamed her name aloud on the empty road as the fear of loosing her only daughter overpowered her senses. If anything happened to her,she won’t be able to live. She roamed her eyes everywhere in the hope to see the face of her lifeline but no…..she was nowhere to be seen. And she broke down,not able to endure the pain of losing her. She collapses on the road crying poorly on her fate. She was crying, crying loudly grabbing everybody’s attention but before anybody could console her there comes a boy who was nearly 7 years old. He stood in front of her wiping her tears from his tiny hands and nodes in a no. She holds his hand and hugs him,wettening his t-shirt with her salty tears.

Please don’t cry kaki. we’ll find her soon. You know na that she can’t stay angry with you for a long time ; the boy says breaking the hug thus wiping the fresh pair of tears from her eyes.

Yes…..I think Dev is right. She is Surely playing a prank with you guys. Don’t worry we’ll find her soon ; ishwari says in a tensed tone. Though she was equally scared but was composing herself from breaking down to provide her friend the much need solace.

We shouldn’t impose our decision on her…. It’s all our fault. We should have given her,her own space and time. Why…..why…..did we talked about it. She was angry with us from the time we talked about our departure ;Asha says remembering her argument with her 9 year old daughter who was not at all happy with the news of their departure.

No,Asha!!!! I am the one who is responsible for this. She told me that she doesn’t want to go from here. She wanted to live here only and what I did!!! I didn’t pay any heed to her pleas and ignored it thinking it as her mere stubbornness…;Bijoy says sitting beside her on the bench outside the park. The park where she used to come with Dev and Niki whenever they get time and would have a great time playing and roaming in the park. Ramnath and ishwari were failing to console them and were watching them crying infront of them and were wondering over the fact that how can god be so cruel with such good people.

Everybody searched for her but she was nowhere to be found. The level of their Patience was breaking miserably. They wanted to see her heal and hearty but were also afraid to lose her.Their minds were clouded with the worse possibilities but Dev was the one who didn’t loses his hope. It’s going to be dark and police refused to file the missing complaint before 24 hours and nor was helping them to search her. They were helpless and we’re crying on their ill fate when suddenly Dev started to running back to the street which lead their colony. He ran with all his might and reached at the backyard of their colony’s compound. He roamed his eyes everywhere and his eyes falls on the bench under which she was hidden herself from the world, probably from her parents only.

Seeing her he haved a sign of relief and runs towards her. Kneeling down infront of the bench he faces her. She was sitting under the bench,her knees were close to her chest and her one hand was holding them as close as she could and she was holding a picture in her another hand. Tears were showering off from her eyes continuously causing her sobs. He gives her his one hand gestureing to come out. She immediately grab it and comes out from there. Their parents who followed him when he was coming here haved a sign of relief seeing her safe and sound. Asha wanted to go there and hug her Princess with all her might and shower her love on her. She was about to move towards them when ishwari stops her to go further and let the kids have a talk. Dev was the one who was very closed to Niti from the time they lost Mishti.

Everybody is tensed for you. You shouldn’t done this. Kaki cried alot and is feeling sorry also ; Dev says to her after settling on the bench beside her. Niti hungs her head low and sobs silently.

I am a very bad girl….. That’s why God is doing this with me na…….First he snatched Mishti from me and now it’s you. I don’t want to lose you ; Niti replied in her choked tone,caressing their pic in her hands.

Who told you this??? You are the bestest person I know till date ; Dev says holding her chin up and made her face him.

Baba says that god does bad with bad people only. Am I that bad that God wants to snatch you too from me………;Niti asks.

Nobody is going to snatch me from you. I’ll never let it happen. Not now,not after some years, never…….Get this fact straight into your tiny mind. You are my sister……my soul sister and nobody is going to change this fact ; saying this Dev pulls her hairs and runs from there. Wiping her tears Niti also started running and Chase him.

Their parents who were watching them from the time they started to talk,were amazed to see that how their kids can be so mature and kiddish at the same time. The way Dev consoled her and the way he dispel all her doubts,who will say that he’s 2 years younger then the girl whom he just calmed down, nobody could ever do this better then him. Ishwari & ramnath felt proud to be his parents. Seeing them smiling and back to their own self Asha couldn’t hold her urge of having her in her embarce goes towards them. Seeing her coming both Dev and Niti stops in their tracks. Niti runs and hide behind Dev.

Mumma is sorry from the bottom of her heart. Please forgive me. I promise we won’t go anywhere…….We’ll stay here forever……. please don’t be angry with me ; Asha says kneeling down to their level, holding her both ears with her hands. Her vision gets blurry cos her eyes started to brimming with tears again, seeing her daughter being scared of her.

Promise!!!!! I am also sorry for doing this and promise I’ll never do this again ; Niti says coming forward and pinches her throat while promising her mother. Asha opens her arms and Niti hugs her tightly. Tears automatically oozing out of her eyes.

Baba is also sorry………;Bijoy says settling on knees holding his ears with his hands beside them. Niti shook her head in no and then hugs both her parents tightly, saying sorry. Seeing them hugging Dev twitches his nose in disappointment and joins them without waiting for their approach. Ramnath side hugs ishwari, standing far away from them and both smile coyly seeing everything back to it’s place.
I am fed-up with you and your mischiefs. There is no end of your mischiefs. When and where will you going to stop this……Tell me….tell me fully and finally……. There is not a single day when i get to hear something good about you. From your school to our colony everybody complains about your mischiefs. Who’ll say that you belongs to a good family… just look at yourself…..The torn shirt, wounded knees, puffy eyes. You are just 13 years old………who taught you all this tell me…..; Ramnath barks at him angryly. Dev is standing in the middle of the hall in his dispersed state from the time they came back from their school and his head is hung low. The principal complained about Dev’s fight with his classmates and this time ramnath is hell angry with him.

Will you give him a chance to say his side of story????…….Why are you getting angry on him without knowing his part of story…..let me treat his wounds first……; ishwari says going towards Dev but ramnath stops her in midway showing his hand. Niki,Raj and Vicky were also present there and were too scared ramnath’s anger. No one dared to say a single word talking in the favour of Dev is way too impossible.

Is he have another story to say………what will he say…….No dad I didn’t do anything…… Everything just happened……I am innocent……… don’t I know him and his mischief mind????………I know him more than he think I know……This time I won’t leave him…….he should be punished for his mischief……….And this time nobody will dare to took his side…..And the one who’s feeling bad for him can also join him in his punishment…; ramnath says in his serious tone.


Here it ends…….so finally you all get to know about Niti……

Hope I did justice with your curiosity and if I didn’t then please perdon me.I know…I know I ended it in midway cos the devil inside me……

So Niti is Dev’s soulsister……….

What will be Sona’s reaction when she’ll get to know about Niti?????

What punishment will ramnath give to Dev????

Why did he taught with his classmates????

Why Dev is so afraid of RR???

What’s gono happen now????

Well you’ll get to know about this in upcoming updates…..till then keep guessing……….

Precap :- continuation of Dev’s flashback and………..

Hope you liked the update…..will try to post the next part asap.Till then take care,be happy,keep loving…….see you soon……

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