Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #33

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Dev was standing there still holding the pen but sona was too numb to react. She was just looking at the papers and then him. She was feeling blessed to know that he goes such an extent,just for her. Is she so important for him???

Before she could say or do anything further tina comes in into dev’s cabin,much to their dismay and disturbed them. They were maintaining a certain distance from each other yet parted in opposite direction as if they didn’t know about each other’s existence.

Sorry to disturb Sir but Mr. Jaa wants to have a talk with you regarding to our new deal with them ; tina says in her meekly voice,clearing her dry throat and was little scared to see her boss’s angry look,who has a frown on his face,seeing her.

I should take your leave now. Have a nice day. Hope to See you soon tina ; sonakshi says and greets them,plucking her stubborn hair strands off to her ears and goes from there,leaving a hopeless dev there.

Dev passes a lopsided smile to tina and goes to attend the online meeting with Mr. Jaa. Sonakshi comes out of his office her mind was roaming in her own la la land. She wanted to thank him but couldn’t. The moment she stepped out of his office dev’s driver comes and approached her to drop her,much to her surprise because she came there in a taxi and now when she is leaving,he asked his driver to drop her home safely. “How can someone be so caring” ; thought comes in her mind and the cyly smile never leaves it’s place yet increasing thinking about him. Now she is dying to thank him,thank him for all his efforts. She was about to step in in the car when an idea popped in in her mind. She refused to go,the driver tells her that dev strictly ordered him to drop her home and if he didn’t then his job must be in danger but sona managed to convince him to not to tell him about this and at last he agrees. She thanked him with her brightest smile and goes in a taxi bring for her by the driver. She sits in the taxi and does her happy dance mentally,thinking about something.

The whole incident of akhil changed her prospective towards him. It took a 360° change. The person who’s presence was enough to make her curse her fate now has become the one who can make her both smile and cry at the same moment. The tiniest thing which affect him started affecting her the same way,it affects him. She herself is unaware of this fact and the same thing applies to him also. He also started giving in all his feelings infront of her. He smiles when she smile. His eyes started craving to see her.

*At Ishwari Niwas*

The lady wearing a plain cotton saree steps in into the house. She wanders her eyes everywhere in the house but couldn’t find anyone.

Is anyone present in the house??? ;the lady says in her high pitch and places her thong on the floor. Hearing her voice Ishwari comes out of her room with ayaan scooped in her arms. Ishwari’s eyes widen with shock seeing her.

“Jiji” ; the only word comes out of her mouth,seeing her standing infront of her eyes. She is seeing her after six months.

(Radha Rani,dev’s Maasi + Badi Maa)

She is Ishwari’s elder sister and was married with Ramnath’s cousin brother. Ramnat’s alliance was first came for her but then ramnath saw Ishwari and fell in love with her and wanted to marry with Ishwari so he refuses to marry radharani and because he refuses to marry her and Ishwari was younger then radha so their family wasn’t ready to let him marry Ishwari then his cousin brother baldev comes for his rescue and asks them for radha’s alliance so that ramnath and Ishwari could get marry. He was elder then ramnath but didn’t wanted to get married because of his financial issues but seeing ramnath’s love towards Ishwari he himself asks for radha’s alliance. There was a huge financial diffrence between Ramnat and Baldev. Ramnath belongs from a rich background and baldev was middle class. Accepting both the alliance of their daughter’s considering it as their fate they got them married. Radharani wasn’t happy with her alliance because she always dreamt to marry a rich guy and live a royal life ahead but all her dreams shattered and she blames Ishwari for all this and started hating her. Her hatred towards Ishwari increases day by day. Ishwari had a blissful life ahead and she suffers in her middle class life. Her life was full of tragedies baldev died after few years of their marrige,this added more to her already suffocated life though ramnath brought her and her sons in his house and he and Ishwari never let them feel unwanted but radharani takes their help as charity and her hatred towards Ishwari increased and she started hating her whole family because in her point of view the life which Ishwari was living was her’s and that dreadful incident which occurred one year ago was the height. Now the only motto of her life is ruin her family and bring them knees.

Yes me……I know you are shocked to see me. You guys settled here and didn’t even bothered to inform me. I always knew that you guys didn’t consider me and my children as your family and today you proved me right ; she says in her melodramatic way with teary eyes. She very well knew how to manipulate Ishwari. Her crocodile’s tears never fails to convince Ishwari.

It’s nothing like that jiji. We wanted to inform you but you were in haridwar. I know that you were there to get some peace of mind. And you yourself told us that you’ll call us when you want to so we thought that we’ll inform you when you call us but you didn’t and directly came here. By the way how did you get our new address ;Ishwari asks,clearing her doubts.

It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you don’t want me to came here. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t came here. I was happy there in haridwar. I thought that you all are my family and you all must be missing me but i think you don’t consider me as one ;she says picking her thong and then suddenly the thong falls from her hand and she acts like a dizziness,clutching her head with her hand.

Seeing her falling,Ishwari goes and prevents her from falling. She calls out the servants for help. Seeing her plan being successful,radharani jerks her hand and fumes in anger. Ishwari starts feeling sorry seeing her in such condition and sicks for her forgiveness. She ordered Kichu to bring some fresh juice for her jiji. After so much of pleading by Ishwari finally radharani agrees to stay with them as if doing compassion on her.

*At Office*

After attending the online meeting with his client dev gets busy with his work. He was working on his laptop when his phon buzzed. He picks the call without seeing the caller id.

“Miss Caw Boy” the caller says and he immediately gets to know that who was it. His lips curved up in a big grin.

“Hello My Sunshine”. How are you?? ;he asks softly with a smile.

Will you came to meet us today??? We all ale missing you ; prakrati asks,as gestured by sona who was standing infront of her,guiding her what to say,holding the phone in her hands which was on speaker mode and waiting impatiently for his reply.

Is everything ok??? Did the bad man came again???Are you ok??? ;dev asks in his scared tone,standing up from his chair and was ready to go out to assure their safety. Their scared faces flashes infront of his eyes. He didn’t wanted to see them again in that condition. An unknown fear retract his heart. Sonakshi giggles listening his words.

“No….No…….We ale fine but please come na. I am missing you…………”; “Yes…….We all are missing you…..”;all the kids says in union to convince him. Sonakshi smiles seeing their gesture who were actually dying to meet him. Dev left out a sign of relief listening them and smiles hearing their pleading.

Ok i am coming right now. See you all in 15 mins ; he says in a babyish tone and was about to go out of his office when prakrati interrupts and stops him in his way.

No…..You come in the eve. It’s too hot……….and we wanna go out with you so it’ll be best if you come in eve ;prakrati finally says after so much stammering because she wasn’t able to understand sona’s gestures. Sona has planned a surprise for him and she needed some time to prepare for her surprise so it’s important for them that dev comes late.Dev finds it fishy but jerks his weird doubts thinking,he actually started behaving like a TV serial Bahu who always doubts on everything. Niki often calls him as this because sometimes he actually behaves like this.

Ok fine i’ll come in the eve then we all will go out and will have a lot of fun ; dev says getting exited about their outing. Excitement was clearly visible in his voice. He just loves to spent time with kids. “Yeee” ; sonakshi shouts,unable to hold her building up excitement and the bites her tounge because the phone was still on speaker mode which means that dev must have listened her voice. All the kids hits their head in dismay seeing this. Dev gets up from his chair after hearing sona’s shouting and asks them if she was present there but to his dismay dida claims his all doubts wrong and saves sona from caught up by him.

After listening to dida,dev scratches his head and smiles foolishly. He thought that he started assuming about her. But he didn’t know that their is something being planned for him. Sonakshi immediately tells her plan to the kids so that they could help her. All kids listened to her with all their attention and gets excited. When sona ends her statement she stretches her palm and asks them to join her if they all are in in her plan. All kids joins their hands and nodded in a yes and gives her a toothy grin indicating their excitement.

Dev again goes back to do his work to be free till eve so that he can go and spent his eve with the bundles of joy in his life while in happy home sonakshi and other kids gets busy with their preparations. They decided to make some Thank you cards for him. All the kids settled in the hall and starts making cards for him. All were showing their talent while panting some weird designs on the paper while sona and dida decided to decorate the room.

Completing his whole work dev drove off to Happy home. He was so eager to meet them that he totally forget about sonakshi. He reaches there on time. The security guards whom he appointed for their security welcomed him and assures him about their safty. He goes inside the house excitedly. There was nobody present in the hall and suddenly two hands comes from his back and covers his eyes. The touch was so familiar to him that he didn’t take much time to recognize it.

“Miss Magic” ; he says placing his hands on her’s and squeezes it. Sonakshi’s lips curved into a ear to ear smile with the fact that he identified her without even seeing her.The time when his hands touched her their heart starts thumping loudly in excitement. He tries to remove her hands but she didn’t let him do it.

Suhhhh………Just follow my instructions ; she ordered him and he immediately gives in and obediently follows her. All the kids along with dida chuckles clutching their mouth with their hands,seeing the way sona instructs him and he obeyed her. They were looking so cute and adorable.

Finally they reached at their destination and sona removes her hands from his eyes when everybody takes their positions. The next thing he saw make him gawk at the sight open mouthed.

Precap :- To be continued……………

I know it’s a sort update……..sorry for this…….
It’s just a treasure main surprise and shock is still not revealed……….will be continued soon……….till then……..
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