Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #32

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Both were running and running after each other from the past 10 mins. None of them were ready to back out. Both were laughing and running,unaware of their surrounding. Ayaan was squealing in happiness,seeing them.Niki was looking at them gawkingly. Something has definitely changed in him. He was again coming into his lively self which he left behind one year ago ; thought his parents. Ishwari’s eyes were filled with happy tears and ramnath was also happy with it.

Mr. Dixit………Stop……….Stop Please……. ; sona says panting heavily,standing few steps away from him,Who had a mischievous grin.

Dev!!! ;Ishwari says,awaring them about their surrounding.

I…..I need a shower….. ; he stammers,realizing the reality and rushes towards his room. Sona gulp down her dry throat,seeing them narrowing their eyebrows at her. All of them bursts into a series of laughter.

After some time dev comes down dressed in his formals.He was getting late for his office so decided to skip his breakfast. Till now ramnath had finished his breakfast and was ready to go. Ishwari insists dev to have his breakfast but he denied and goes to office with ramnath. Sonakshi was busy in feeding ayaan so didn’t pay much attention towards their talks.

After having their breakfast,niki goes to her college,Ishwari gets busy in house work and sonakshi was all alone in the hall along with ayaan. It’s been her routine nowadays and sometimes she hates it when ayaan drifts into his slumber and then she has nothing to do,Ishwari never lets her do the work of house. Ayaan was playing with his toys when her phon beeps. It was a whatsApp message from Dev.

“Meeting in My Office in afternoon⌚,Don’t be late?? ”

“Yes I will be there ??“

“Hope You haven’t Assumed anything this time??”

“I was and i am sorry still??”

“I didn’t mean that??”

“chuck it??”

“Will be waiting ??”

Seeing the blue ticks,He waited for her reply for but she didn’t and goes offline. He mentally slapped himself for talking about that but now the damage has done and all he can do is hoping that she won’t took him seriously. She felt little bad about it but soon she again engrossed herself in other works.

*At Akhil’s Place*

Akhil woke up with a thud,when he falls down from his bed. He stretches his arms and get up from the floor. This isn’t new for him. He often woke up like this after his late night party. He clutches his head with his hands which was aching due to hangover. He goes towards his kitchen,make some lemon juice for himself and starts sipping it,going towards the hall. He saw the newspaper laying on the floor. He goes towards it and pick it up. His eyes widen up seeing the newspaper. It was an article on him in the front page along with His last night party pic.

“kindness at its peak,Akhil Khanna hand over his Father’s Orphanage to his new Business Partner”

He reads it again and again but wasn’t coming with the terms that when did he do that. He tried remembering about last night but he couldn’t. He didn’t know that when did he signed such paper. He clenched the corner of newspaper in his fist thus trying to remember about it but he couldn’t.

I need to know about it ; he says to himself,thinking about something.

*Dev’s Office*

It’s nearly 2 pm when Sonakshi enters into the office with a lunch box. When she seeks ishwari’s permission to go to his office then she told her that today he again skipped his breakfast so she gave her the lunch box to make him eat it because she knew that she will do this easily. She directly goes towards Tina’s cabin to check if he is busy in a meeting or free. Tina welcomed her with a big smile. Sonakshi greets her with the same smile and asked her about dev’s whereabout.

He already informed me about your arrival and is waiting for you ; tina says,making her aware about his impatient waiting.

Ahmm….Ok then i’ll take your leave now ; she replies and starts thinking about the matter.

All the best ;Tina says with a ear to ear smile. Sonakshi gets confused after hearing her and passes a sarcastic smile in return.

She was going towards his cabin,thinking about the matter when she bumps with the closed door of his cabin.“Ooch” she hisses in pain and rubs her forehead with her palms and greets her teeths in anger,muttering something under her breath. Then she knocks the door.“Come In”he replies hearing the knock.

Have you started working on bringing Tiffin for me?? ; he asks,seeing her standing at the door with his lunch box and narrows his eyebrow towards her.

i won’t have to if you had it on time ; she stated sarcastically and rolls her eyes off him. Seeing her irritated with his talks he laughs mentally.

Please have a seat ; he says,gesturing her to take a seat.

No!!! I am fine. Can you please come to the point now ; she says,getting enough of his so called suspense.

Hmmm……impatient……ok so here you go ;he says,grabbing a file from his table and handing it to her. She gives him a puzzled look.

Read it and then sign them if you agree with it ;he says,gesturing towards the file.

Are you serious!!! Now what is this?? ;she says,placing the file back on table.

No…..I told you tomorrow that i have my own motive so this is it. Read it :he says again handing her the file. She took it annoyingly and signed it without reading it. He looks at her,dumbfounded.

How can you sign them without even reading it ;he says stopping her inbetween.

“Mr. Dev Dixit”,says an angry akhil,standing few steps away behind sonakshi. He immediately shielded her before she turns. She was about to turn but he holds her hand and stops her. Just a mere touch of him was enough to send shiver down to her spine. She stops there.

So finally You are here. I was waiting for you from a long time. Hope your hangover is over now ;he mocks at him and chuckles seeing him boiling in anger.

What’s this??? ; he rants at him and shows the newspaper.

Ohh It’s the article. Nice na. I personally requests the reporters to publish this. Your reputation should be clear infront of public Afterall now your name is going to be connected with dixits ;he says sarcastically and pats on his shoulder and flaxes his jaw mucles inorder to suppress his anger. He started hating him because of him he saw tears in her eyes which were piercing like glass pieces in his heart.

I haven’t signed such papers then how can you claim my orphanage as yours??? ;he asks,thinking about it. He was so influenced with the happenings that he didn’t noticed sona,who was just behind dev.

You are so absent minded Mr. Khana. You forget such a big thing. Don’t you remember our deal ; he says,giving him their deal’s paper and reveling sona’s presence in the cabin thus he didn’t saw her face because her back was facing his front. Sona stood there,rooted to her place. She was just hearing their talks. Dev again shielded her. He didn’t wants her to face this jerk again . Akhil immediately grab the papers and starts reading it. He just can’t believe what he read. He didn’t know how to react.

Let me do the honour for you ; he says,taking the file and starts reading it loudly because He wanted to make sonakshi aware about it. She didn’t asked him about last night party’s event and he himself wanted to make her aware about it.

So The paper has the terms and conditions which will directly apply to you if you Mr. Akhil Khana,MD of AK Company,signs the papers with us.

Condition No. 1

“If we sign the deal then I Mr. Akhil Khana,will try to maintain an clear image infront of public so that Your company didn’t get defamed.”

Condition No. 2

“I agree with all the terms which applies in favour of your company.”

Condition No. 3

“Because My company is facing financial crisis thus your company is ready to deal with my company so as grantee i assign my father’s orphanage to your Theatre group agreeing with all terms,which follows further.”

Condition No. 4

“If I am found in front of the law under some kind of immoral activity then you can cancel our deal at the same time.”

So these are the conditions applies to you as per our deal and you are aware of rest ; dev says,closing the file and passes a devil smirk to him. He himself discussed each and every condition with his lawyer as if it comes under the law or not so that akhil can’t get a chance to get out of this. He knew that Akhil can harm sona or kids so he smartly turns the tables in his favor. Sona was amazed with his deep thinking. He handled the matter so maturedly.

Akhil who was listening to him losses his temper and clutches the collar of his shirt with his hands and starts roaring at him.

You ; akhil shouts and was about to punch him when sona caught his hand inbetween and jerks it. His anger raised seeing her. He losses his grip on collar. Dev looks at sona,who was now all set to rant her anger on akhil. Akhil turns to face her when dev comes and shielded her again.

Wait Mr. Khana i have another surprise for you ;he says and shows another paper to him.

Let me tell you about this also. This is a stay order from court. From now you have to maintain 50 meters distance from her and Happy Home. And now you must be thinking about this. Gosh Mr. Khana buck up. Do you remember that you had an accident 2 days ago……you must not…..Afterall you was not in your senses…. it wasn’t an accident…… i was behind it and because you tries to man handling her and harm those kids so from now you have to stay away from them or else you can be arrested and because it’s crime under the law and regarding to our deal you it will be cancelled ;he says in one go giving another shock to him. Now every thing starts making sense to him. He was celebrating his own loss thinking it as his biggest victory. Dev cleverly shielded her from him that now he can’t even dream to hurt her.

It was indeed a shock for sona too. She never ever thought about the things dev had done. She remembers about the moment when he first asked her to trust him,The spark he had in his eyes that time. She never ever thought that he’ll go to this extract to shield the kids or she say to shield her. He blocked all the ways for akhil. He didn’t left even tiniest possibility for him to harm them. Her eyes were welled up with tears. Tears of guilt,she was feeling more guilty now thus she said sorry to him for her bash out but now she again started feeling guilty about it.

Now if your all doubts are cleared then you can leave now and yes from now mr. Sharma will handle all the meeting with you from my side. You are free to go now and you’ll be informed whenever we need you. Now please leave ; dev says,snapping his hand infront of his face,showing him the reality. Akhil greets his teeths in anger and clutches his fist tightly to suppress his growing anger. He turns to leave when sonakshi calls him.

Akhil turns to face her and received a tight slap from her.

Now don’t ask me the reason for this because atleast you know about this ;she says,smiling sarcastically. Akhil looks at her helplessly because now the tables aren’t in his side. He passes a death glare to them and leaves from there fuming in anger.

That was thff;he says and smirks. He looks in her eyes intensely. Her eyes were little moist but were sparkling like stars. There were so many things,so many emotions in them. She didn’t say a word to him. She didn’t wanted to say thanks to him because this word isn’t enough. She just blink her eyes and a tear rolls down from her eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by him.

I’ll take your leave now and don’t forget to have your lunch ; she finally manages to say looking intensely in his eyes. They was certain distance between them but he was still able to feel her heart beat. He can hear her unspoken words. Her eyes do all the talking which she couldn’t.

It will be great if you accompany me ;he says,narrowing his eyebrows at her,waiting for a yes.

I know you also didn’t have your lunch ;he says. She was also felling little hungry and She wonders that how does he get to know about it. She actually didn’t had her lunch because she was getting impatient to know his motive and being curious about it,she skipped her lunch and comes to meet him with his lunch box because she knew that he just recovered from his fiver and if now he skips his meal then it’s not good for his health. She has a caring nature but her care for him gives her a diffrent kind of satisfaction which she didn’t experienced from anyone.

She smiles and nods her head in a yes. He smiles back and picks his lunch box. They sit at the small dinning table in his cabin. She serves food in two plates and they starts eating their food stealing glances of each other form the corner of their eyes. They didn’t say a single word to each other and kept eating silently. Who says silence doesn’t speaks,silence speaks better then the words atleast in their case. They like to be quiet whenever they are together. It’s not like that they didn’t have anything to talk. They have so many things to say but they be quiet and let the silence do the talking. They love to observe the tiniest move of each-other in the silence. After having the lunch sonakshi was about to go when he stops her.

Why did you signed the paper without reading them. What if i had an evil motive;he asks her stopping her in her way.

Oh please….. How can i doubt on you ;she says,shrugging her shoulder in dismay.

Do you trust me ;he asks,knowing the answer of his question though he asks for his content.

You owe me Mr. Dixit ;she says and looks straight into his eyes,meaning each word that she said. He passes her a puzzled look.

The person whom you trust owns something in you ;she says,giving the explanation of her words.

Congratulations!!! From now you are the main lead of our theater’s first show,after renovation. After that you’ll be doing a film under our theater’s production……………Can i have an autograph please………I want to be the first one who had the autograph of this future star ; he says,forwarding his pen. She looks at him surprisingly and then read the papers,she signed few time ago. It was a contract with his theatre group “The Dreamers”. She knew that he owns a theatre but she didn’t knew that it’s the theatre in which she used to work. She was trying hard to get the lead role but she couldn’t because she didn’t bribe the casting director. But today he fulfilled her dream. She smiles wildly reading those paper and looks at him longingly.

*At Ishwari Niwas*

A lady was standing infront of Ishwari Niwas with a old thong in her hand.

Finally i am here. This time i’ll ruin their life ;the lady thought to herself and opens the main gate with a thud.


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