Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #31

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They were lost into each-other’s eyes forgetting about the world. None of them said a single word to each-other. It was their eyes which were talking,they can only hear the sound of their uneven heart beats,their hot breathes were burning their cold skin,sending a shiver down to their spine. They were lost in each-other deeply. Their Terence breaks when they heard the sound of clapping. Everybody was impressed by their passionate dance. Seeing their proximity they immediately left each other with a jerk and left the dance floor,walking past through each-other. In their whole dance 3 pair of eyes were glued on them which was non other then dev’s family’s. They were amused to see them specially dev,dancing. The chemistry they shared was truly magical.

When they came towards them,niki was all set to tease them but before she could say anything,dev gave her a death glare and she gulp down her dry throat and keep mum. Both ramnath and ishwari had a ear to ear smile seeing them together. They were loving the change in dev and didn’t wanted embarrass them by talking about their proximity so they also kept mum. After their dance,rest of the party went smoothly. Devakshi didn’t talked after their dance but kept stealing glances of each-other from a distance. Both were confused with their feelings while dancing. Sonakshi was naming it as the result of realizing her fault and guilt of misunderstanding him and dev was naming it as her passion towards dance because she was the one who asked him for dance.

The party was successfully done and it was the time to go. All of them were tired and wanted to go home asap.They had two cars. Ramnath was siting beside the driver seat and niki,Ishwari,ayaan were siting on the back seat in one of their cars. Ayaan was long asleep and was snoring in his sweet slumber in Ishwari’s lap. Sona was about to step in into the car when dev stopped her in between. He goes towards ramnath and said him to go and he’ll come along with sona in his car. Ramnath just smiles and agreed. They drove off to home and devakshi were left all alone there. He wanted to have a talk with her and thank her for taking good care of him. Sonakshi was standing few steps away from him when he turned to say something but seeing him she immediately rushes towards the car and sits beside the driving seat.

He smiles foolishly at her gesture and sits beside her on the driving seat and starts the journey. Both were silently stealing glances of each-other’s from the corner of their eyes and thinking how to initiate the talk but their thoughts weren’t coming to an end. Failing in all attempts to initiate a talk, sonakshi switch on the redio.

Ek Ajnabi Sa Ehsaas Dil Ko Sataye
Shayad Yahi Toh Pyaar Hai
Betabiyon Mein Dhadkan Meri Chain Paye
Shayad Yahi Toh Pyaar Hai

Some Strange Feeling Is Teasing My Heart
Maybe this is love
In This Impatience My Heartbeat Is Still Running
Maybe this is love

Listening to the lyrics of the song both’s breathes goes uneven with the thought of love. Dev immediately changes the channel.

Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko Toh Pyaar Sajna
Laakh Karle Tu Inkaar Sajna
Dildaar Sajna
Hai Yeh Pyaar Sajna

You Have Fallen In Love,Sweetheart
You Can Deny It Hundred Thousand Times,Sweetheart
This is love,Sweetheart

It seems like the world wants to tease them with their new found felling. Both were hell embarrassed. Their already raised heartbeats increased listening to the song. Then sonakshi started changing the channels.

Chaahe Tum Kuch Na Kaho
Maine Sun Liya
Ke Saathi Pyaar Ka
Mujhe Chun Liya
Chun Liyaaa
Maine Sun Liya

Even If You Didn’t Say Anything, I’ve Heard You
That You Have Chosen Me As Your Companion In Love
You Chosen Me
I’ve heard it

Now that was enough for both of them. They greets their teeths in anger. Both extended their hands to switch of the redio and their hands brushes with each-other,sending shivers down to their spines. Sonakshi immediately jerks her hand away and dev switch it off. He stops the car taking her by a surprise. Her heart hitches wondering what will he do now.

Coffee!!!!!! ; he asks her finally breaking the silence between them,Sonakshi without wasting a sec immediately nods in a yes. He removes his over coat and places it on back seat.

He steps out of car and goes towards the coffee shop to have two cups of coffee for themselves. He comes back towards the car after sometime and saw her sifted on the bonnet of his car. He smiles seeing her settled there,freely. It was a full moon night….. Her face was glowing in the moon light.Seeing him coming,she jumps down.Loosing her balance,she was about to fall when dev places the coffee cups on the bonnet and holds her hand,saving her from falling.

Careful ; he says holding her hand and preventing her from falling. She just smiles in reply and prevents herself from going back to her la la land.

He gives her the coffee and both stands there,pasting their hips towards the car for support. Both starts sipping their coffee,silently.

It’s good ;she says,sipping the coffee. He smiles in reply. After that They kept sipping their coffee silently.

So……….M worse then Akhil ; he asks her in his soft tone,wanting to know her views about him. She looks at him,‛i didn’t mean that’ look pasted on her face.

No……. ; she literally shouts,placing the cup on the bonnet of car and starts playing with her fingers,inorder to think,how to explain him about her thoughts. He gasped at her this gesture.

I……..I am sorry………I know i was wrong…..i shouldn’t get mad at you,without knowing the truth but it wasn’t totally my fault. You should have told me about this before. You didn’t told me about all this and i just loose my temper seeing that jerk and burst out my all anger on you ; she says to him in one go. And breathes relief that finally she confessed.

She was so fast with her words that He chuckles listening to her and she twitches her nose in anger and huffs in dismay,seeing him chuckling. He surender his hands up in the air and then bursts into laughter,seeing her nose twitching in anger. She stomps her foot in anger and goes forward.

Hey……..Please don’t get angry. I don’t feel good when you get angry with me. I didn’t mean to hurt you………. ;he says going forward to her but she didn’t reply.

Getting no response from her,He taps on her shoulder. She turns and hugs him tightly,perfectly fitting in his arms as if meant to be there only and starts sobbing.He was taken aback by her sudden action. She wrapped her hands tightly around his frame.At First he hesitates to reciprocate but sensing her agony,he gives in and hugs her back with the same passion. He could feel his shirt dampened due to her tears. He caressed her back inorder to soothe her down. She dig her head in his chest.She was sobbing quietly in his hold,getting the much needed solace and letting all her tears flow away from her eyes. She was holding her tears from a long time but seeing no one around them,she let them flow in front of him. She didn’t know that why was she behaving like this but whenever it comes to him,she can’t control her emotions and express them in front of him. The feeling she gets in his hold was blissful.They remain in the same position for sometime until her sobs stops.

After some time they parted away from each-other. He cups her face in between his palms and wipes her tears with his thumb sending shiver into her whole body. Her eyes were still moist,holding some tears in it. He had become a new lease of her life.He looked into her big black orbs. They shared a brief eye lock. The fresh air was hitting their faces.

I was scared…….scared with the thought of him,harming the kids. He’s not a good man……i wasn’t able to understand your sight…….i am sorry………. ; she says to him in her croaky voice. Her hands were still on his chest. She was feeling guilty for bawled him out.

Suhhhh……..I know…… I know it’s totally my fault. I should have told you about all this but i didn’t get time. It’s Ohk……. please don’t cry like this……see your mashkaara is smudging ; he says calmly to her,listening to his last words she immediately left him and checks her face in the rare mirror of the car.

Seeing her face in the mirror,she again looks at him,who was chuckling over her antics. Such a kid she is ; he thought to himself and smiles.

And m not as good as you think of me. I have my own motives. Meet me tomorrow in my office and This time no assumptions please ; he says in his serious tone.

We are getting late………… ; she says twitching her nose in anger and sit back into the car,not asking any questions further.

He smiles foolishly remembering her gesture and sit back into the car. Rest of the journey was quiet. Both of them were remembering their blissful hug,they shared few time ago. Soon they reached home. Everybody was already sleeping in their respective rooms.

Good night…….and remember,meet me in the office tomorrow….. ;saying this he goes up leaving a confused sonakshi in the hall.

Dev enters in his room and threw himself on the bed. He starts looking at the ceilings. The entire memories of him with sonakshi starts playing on the ceiling as if it’s the tv screen. The smile never leaves his lips. He was just replaying all the moments again and again. Unknown of his own feeling,he slept in that state. Sonakshi’s case wasn’t less then him,she was also remembering about their moment. He backed up her the way no one did. Her lips curved into a sly smile and she drifts into her sleep,thinking about him.

*Next Morning*

After doing her morning rituals sona was going towards Ishwari’s room to woke ayaan up when she saw dev exercising in the garden. She stops in her way and starts checking him out. He was doing push ups,sweat drops were reaching his pointed nose through his forehead and falls on the grass. His beefy muscles were moving up and down flawlessly. Dev was busy in his exercise,unaware of her gaze.She was checking him out shamelessly as if it’s her right. Her reverie breaks when ayaan comes towards her running,from Ishwari’s room and hugs her through her legs.

Aww…..My baby, did you miss me in the night??? I missed you alot ; she says in her babyish tone. Ayaan smiles hearing her talks and sona kisses all over his face. Hearing his chuckling,dev saw towards it’s source and saw them and his lips automatically cured into a ear to ear smile.

Hey……Come my baby…….. ; he says going towards them extending his hands towards ayaan and gesturing him to give a hug but ayaan didn’t moves an inch from his place and starts making weird faces.

You are looking so sticky and smelling bad…….that’s why he’s not coming to you ; she says clutching her’s and his nose from her hands and chuckles on her own words. Dev passes her a ‛Are You Serious’ look and checks himself,is he really smelling bad.

Did i miss something??? ; Niki says,narrowing her eyebrows,coming towards them.

No…….Nothing ; sona says,and chuckles seeing dev while he just passes a pissed off look to her.

Eww…….Bhaiya you smells so yuck ; niki says,clutching her nose with her hand,making him self concious. Sonakshi bursts into laughter after hearing this.

You are finding it very funny. wait,now i tell you that how i am smelling ; he says,going towards her. Getting his intentions,sona starts running for her life and dev starts running behind her.

They were running like crazy throughout the hall. Their laugh took the place of silence.

Precap :- Akhil’s Tandav

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