Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #30

Hello people…………. Here i am……… Firstly m soo sooo soooooo sorry for the delay,hope you aren’t angry with me.And secondly it’s 30th chapter of my story,i don’t believe that it succeeded. I don’t even know what came in my mind that i thought of writing an ff. It just happened in the heat of a thought and here we are exploring a beautiful story (if you consider it as one)………and how can i forget the person who inspired me for this, Richa (author of Agar Tum Sath Ho ; TU),her story inspired me alot and the credit goes to you only so thank you so much for inspiring me…………..And as my promise here is the bombastic chapter ahead…….. enjoy reading it and let me know how was it……………

Sonakshi kept tossing and turning on the bed. She remember about that time when she first shared the bed with him. Though it wasn’t planed and they actually weren’t aware of each other’s presence but still at that time also she felt the same scent getting into her nerves. His pale face kept flashing in front of her whenever she closes her eyes. It’s been 2 hours she was just trying to sleep but she couldn’t.After failing every effort of sleeping, she eventually wakes up from the bed and goes towards her room to see if dev is sleeping properly or not.

It’s 3 am.The door of her room was open.she peep in from outside of the door to check if ramnath is awake or not. The very next moment ramnath who just slept on the couch,after checking dev’s temperature,which was normal now,noticed her peeping in and chuckles seeing her desperateness but pretends to be asleep,sonakshi didn’t knew that she was caught so she immediately goes inside without making any sound. Dev was sleeping calmly and she again checks his temperature. His temperature was normal and he was sleeping peacefully along with ayaan. Finally after long 2 hours,she had a sign of relief. Ramnath fakes cough,sona immediately get up and runs from there quietly.

She comes into his room and tugged herself in to his bed. She didn’t knew that why she was being so restless. Why he was affecting her so much. Sleep was still away from her eyes. She was just starring at the ceiling of the room and kept thinking about him,his love for his family,ayaan and prakrati,his anger for akhil,his deal with akhil. He actually has a split personality,she thought to herself,after remembering his different avatars at different places.

*Next Morning*

It’s 9 in the morning. The sun has raised fully now. Dev was still sleeping in her room. Sun rays starts peeping in into her room from the crack between the curtains. Some sun rays falls on his face,giving a frown on his forehand. He squeezes his eyes,getting disturbed by the sun rays. His eyes popped out when reality hits him that it’s morning. Then he saw sonakshi sitting on the bed near him and having a big smile on her face.He rolls his eyes in the room and find out that he isn’t in his room. He smiles back seeing her and was about to get up when she vanished in front of his eyes.

So finally you woke up. You almost scared us yesterday. Everybody was so worried about you ; ramnath says this to him coming out of washroom,breaking his reverie.Dev who was lost in his la la land comes into his senses,hearing him,and sits straight on the bed and passes a warm smile to his father.

Thanks to sonakshi. She took good care of you whole night. She was so concerned about you that she kept checking you,time by time even though i sent her into your room. She is actually a gem ; ramnath says this with a satisfied smile. Ramnath was already impressed with her but now somewhere in his heart he starts loving her as niki and dev,which she truly deserves. Dev was just listening to his words and a sly smiles comes on his face remembering about her concern towards him.He can still feel her warm touch. All he can do now is,smile,smile wildly.

He was perfectly fine and fresh now. No one can say that he is the one who almost scared every single person on the house yesterday, with his sickness,except ayaan who is woken up now and all set to play with him. After some time everybody comes to see him. His eyes starts searching her but she was nowhere. Ishwari notices this and informs him that she is sleeping in his room because she didn’t slept whole night so she didn’t disturbed her and advised him the same.

After some time everybody left the room to let him rest for some more time. He again lay down on the bed,halfheartedly. He wanted to see her,thank her. She was angry with him but still took good care of him,forgetting about their rift. He thought to go into his room and talk with her but jerks the thought,in order to let her sleep peacefully. He was thinking about her that remembers about his deal. He immediately jerk himself up from the bed because he still has some pending work,which has to be done till evening before party. Thinking that he get up and headed towards his room and was amused to see the scenario in his room.

Sonakshi was sleeping on the bed. Her hands were wrapped around the pillow. She was looking like an angel. He just stopped in his way seeing her. All he can do is adore the girl who was sleeping peacefully in her deep slumber,next to him. She still had a frown on her forehand indicating her concern towards him. He goes near her and covers her body with the duvet. She is actually a gem ; he thought to himself and unwantedly goes towards his cupboard,opens it without making a noise,took his belongings and goes out. He thought to use his parent’s washroom so that her sleep didn’t get disturbed with the noise of shower. And determined that he will soon clear her all misunderstandings and give her back her smile which is missing from her face.

After freshening up and having his breakfast he goes to his office to complet his pending work. Though Ishwari denied him to go but he was too stubborn with his words,before going he promised her that he will take care of his health,will not work too much and bla bla bla. Ishwari wasn’t convinced but gives in infront of his puppy face,which he make to convince her mother. Sonakshi woke up late and the first thing she do was to check dev but to her dismay he wasn’t at home. And the news of him being in office for his so cold important work irk her. She curse herself for taking care of him.

Rest of the day went quickly, dev was busy in completing his pending work and sonakshi at the home was getting angry on him because till now he didn’t give her any explanation of his act and ignored her in the morning. She was also informed about the party,she wasn’t intrested to go but niki forced her to accompany them with her puppy face,giving in,she agreed to go. Niki smirks mentally for convincing her because she had a deal with dev that if she makes her agree to come along them then he will pay all her shopping bills for the next two months.

Sonakshi comes down wearing a black and blue full length gown. Her big almond shaped eyes were outlined with eyeliner perfectly. The mashkara,making her eyelashes look bigger. Her rosy lips were painted with blood red lipstick. The beauty of her white pearl earrings was more increased after her wearing. Her hairs were tied in a bun. Some small stubborn strands of her hairs who refuses to be in it’s place,was uncurling on her cheek. But the lively smile of hers was changed in a fake one. Somewhere she was still affected by his betrayed. Her heart and mind still having a betal inside. She was looking beautiful,any man can skip a beat seeing her beauty.

Niki was wearing a black crop top and pink & skinny coloured skirt. Looking preety as always.

Ayaan was wearing a Tuxedo Formal Romper Suit with a red bow chosen by sona,Being the kid of the Mumbai’s youngest business tycoon,he has to look presentable. He is looking as handsome as his dad ; sona thought to herself seeing the cute little baby jumping happily on his place. Ayaan just loves going out and was very happy with his look and eagerly waiting to go out.–tuxedo-suit-boys-tuxedo.jpg

Ishwari and Ramnath was already gone to the venue and dev had his clothes in the office so that he could meet them directly at the party. Sonakshi along with niki and ayaan goes to the venue. They were running late and ramnath had called them twice till now. Sonakshi didn’t wanted to face Akhil. She didn’t knew that how would she react if she again saw him with dev. Jerking her all thoughts away she sits in the car and the driver drove off to the venue.

The party was arranged in a 5 star Hotal. The arrangements of the party was perfectly done according to dixits prestige,After all It was the first party organized by dixits in Mumbai. The whole media was present there to cover the biggest party of buisness tycoon. Every single person from the business comunity present there. Some celebrities were also present there to add some more thadka in the party by there presence.The party was already started. Akhil joined the party and directly goes to the bar area,as expected from a drunkard.

After some time dev comes there in his car. He was wearing a Grey Tweed Three Piece suit. The time he entered into the party hall,the ladies who were present there starts checking him out.He was supposed to be there,but he called his father early so that he can welcome the guests and he himself went for another important work.–mens–piece-suits-three-piece-suits.jpg

The party was at it’s full swing but the reason behind the party wasn’t revealed till now. Dev was waiting for sonakshi’s arrival impatiently.He wasn’t sure that she’ll came but his heart kept telling him that she will come and later he was informed by his mother that they are on the way then He engaged himself in greeting the guest and kept an eye on Akhil who was busy in drinking shots one by one and checking the girls with his greedy eyes.

He was busy chatting with his guests when suddenly his eyes fell on the entrance gate and he saw the most beautiful thing. Sonakshi was coming inside,holding ayaan in her arms lovingly followed by niki who was busy with her phon as always. She was looking breath taking beautiful. His heart skipped a beat seeing her,seeing the way she was holding ayaan,lovingly. Both of them were looking cute with each other. Ayaan had his signature grin,which only appears in sona’s presence. He was pulling her cheeks,kissing her. Seeing them together no one can say that they just met few days ago. She was smiling seeing every person who crosses her way while she was coming in but inside her heart she wasn’t happy. Her smile didn’t have that spark and this thing didn’t go unnoticed by him. He knew that somewhere he was the reason behind her.

Sonakshi was coming inside and the big black eyes of her were busy in searching someone. She was searching for dev. She should be angry with him and she was but inside her heart she was concerned about him too. She wanted to see him and conform that he is fine or not. She wasn’t aware about the fact that his gaze was fixed on her from the time she entered in the hall. This is the first time when she was attending a business party though she attended some page 3 parties but this party is more lavish then those crowded ones. Every person was in his best attire. Some ladies were gossiping and some were busy in grabbing some attention. Then they goes towards Ishwari and ramnath who were waiting for their arrival from a long time. Seeing them,ayaan jumps in sona’s arm. Then sonakshi places him on the floor and the very next moment ayaan hugged ramnath via his legs. This gesture of him make them feel ‛Awwww’.

Sonakshi gets busy with them unaware about his gaze. His eyes never leaves her sight,he kept gazing her with his hazel brown eyes. After sometime he excuses himself and goes towards them. Ramnath sees him coming and calls his name and asks him to join them. When ramnath calls him extending his hand,sona’s eyes immediately follows the direction and then she saw him after a whole long day. Her eyes sparkled seeing him. He was looking fresh and fine. Her heart starts fluttering fast when she saw him gazing her intensely.He looks at her and smiles but she didn’t reciprocate. Her eyes still has the same question. Seeing him smiling and gazing her,she twitches her nose angrily and ignores him,immediately.

His smile faded,when she ignored him and then he saw ayaan his bundle of joy,smiling,his smiling face made him smile too. Sonakshi wasn’t able to stand beside him. She don’t even wanted to see him because whenever she saw him,she gets bethink about his betrayed,his double standard. She just can’t take it any more so she excuses herself from them and goes towards the washroom. Grabbing the opportunity to talk with her he also excuses himself and starts following her.

She was going into the corridor when she saw akhil into the bar,drinking. Her anger grew seeing him. She fumes in anger. She stomped her foot in fit of rage and again starts walking when she saw dev coming towards her. This irk her more. She greets her teeth with anger and starts taking long steps towards the washroom. She didn’t wanted to talk with him. She was about to enter into the washroom when dev stops are way and stands in front of her. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. He looks at her annoyingly.

What the hell!!! Please leave my way ; she says this to him annoyingly,avoiding to look into his eyes and was going from another side but again he stops her way.

Miss neni. Listen to me once please don’t do this; he says to her in his pleading voice. He didn’t met her a whole long day and now when they met she is ignoring him. He didn’t know why but he isn’t liking this.

What have i done. It’s you who done all this. It’s you who broke my trust. It’s you……No…..You are right. I am doing this. It’s all my fault. It’s my fault that i trusted you. It’s my fault and i am cursing myself for that. I am cursing myself for thinking that you are a nice man. I am cursing myself for trusting you,trusting you blindly. Such a fool i am. I thought that you cares. I thought that you can understand my love towards ‛Happy Home’. I thought that you’ll take care of that jerk. You know what…..That blo*dy akhil is also good in front of you. Atleast He do what he says. You are the one who pleaded me to trust you……and this is what you give me in return. Atleast you should have thought about prakrati. She trusts you. She treats you as her hero. But why do you care. You only cares about yourself. After all, you are a businessman. And businessman only thinks about money. it’s money that matters for you. Once again Con……Congratulations for your deal ; she yelled at him in her resentful voice. While this she looked straight into his eyes,shooting daggers into him. She let out all her anger on him which she was holding from a long time and closes her eyes to suppress her tears. She didn’t wanted to cry in front of him because in her thoughts he didn’t worth it.

Dev stood there gobsmacked with her blunt words. He feels a sharp pain inside his chest. Each word of her pierced his heart badly. He was feeling dejected. His eyes were reflecting the pain he was feeling but she was so angry with him that his eyes failed to convince her. She was just believing in what she saw. Dev aside from her way and she goes from there fumbling under her breathes angrily. Dev neither stopped her nor he said a word in his favor.

Sonakshi hurries inside the washroom and the tears flow down to her cheeks making them wet. She looked herself into the mirror. She hated to cry. She wiped her tears from her hands,opens the tap and splashes the cold water on her face. She composed herself and tries to smile seeing in the mirror. She comes out after sometime and again joins niki and ayaan. Ishwari was busy in chating with some ladies. Ramnath and dev was also busy in greeting the guests. She engrossed herself in taking care of ayaan who was now started roaming around the whole freely. She was running behind him to stop him but he was enjoying it and kept running. While running around him she didn’t knew that Dev’s eyes were fixed on her from the time she came back.

His eyes never leaves her sight. He was just assuring that she didn’t met with akhil and by any chance they met and if he again tries to misbehave with her then he himself didn’t knew what will he do with him. Finally she managed to stop ayaan by holding him just then someone taped on her shoulder. She turns to see the person and found tina standing in front of her with a tooth to tooth smile. Tina was the only person from his office whom she knew. They were quiet friendly with each other from the time they first met. Soon niki also joins them and they started their chit-chat session.

Hello everyone…….I hope that you all are having a good time here ; ramnath says this,holding a mike in his hands,grabbing their attention.

This is the first time we are hosting a party here. It’s good to know you all and i am very glad to see you all here,well here we all are gathered for a special reason which i myself didn’t know……;he says the last part jokingly,Searching for dev,to come and join him and reveal the main reason behind the party. Being a business man he didn’t have that kind of ego which usual business man had. He was as humble as he is with his family. Everyone’s attention was towards ramnath but dev was all lost in sonakshi.

He was constantly looking at her when he saw akhil coming towards her in his drunken state from her back. He clutches his fist tightly seeing him. He immediately goes towards her. Anger was clearly visible in his eyes. Akhil was going and going nearer her and sonakshi was chatting with tina unaware about his presence and niki was busy with ayaan,taking selfie with him. Seeing dev coming towards her sonakshi thought that he would come and talks with her but despite of talking he goes ahead of her and stands two steps ahead her,their backs were facing each other. He knew that his intentions were not right and he shielded her from him,standing behind her back. Their backs brushes with each other. The mere touch of each other sends chillies down to their spines.

Hey Akhil where were you??? Come let’s go. It’s time for reveal the special reason ; he says this to him controlling his anger and fakes a smile. Sona hitches a bit hearing his name.

Ah…….Mm……. H…Here!! I was here only. Just having a talk with my friends ; akhil says this to him in his intoxicated voice and balancing himself. He still had a glass full of alcohol,in his hand. Dev greets his teeth with anger but stayed calm and they goes towards the stage. Sonakshi didn’t reacts seeing them together and ignores them.

Thank you so much everyone that you all gathered here to celebrate this day with us. Today is a very special day because of a special reason. This city is quiet lucky for me. Here i get so much in just a short period of time(he smiles thinking about his happy moments with prakrati and other kids and sonakshi). Our company tied up with some of the leading companies and finally our company tied up with Ak Company. And all thanks to Mr. Akhil khana (akhil smiles and straighten himself when dev mentioned about him);sona gets angry seeing him. I know you all were wondering about this that how can we tie up with the company which is on the verge of closure but this is all about being a Entrepreneur. And the special reason behind the party is As per our deal with Ak Company we are glad to inform you that the orphanage of his father named ‛Happy Home’ now belongs to our Theatre group. Mr. Akhil named it on us because he didn’t wanted to make them suffer in his crisis. Such a thoughtful person he is. And to thank him for his thoughtfulness and trusting us on this we decided to threw this party in his honour and let you all know about his kindness; saying this dev shakes hand with akhil.

They were surrounded by the media on all sides.Akhil was so drunken that he wasn’t even able to get his words,media infest question regarding to their deal. Dev answered all their questions politely and akhil was at the edge to losing his senses All he was doing is smiling. While answering the media dev saw sonakshi, she was all shocked.She didn’t know how to react. She was numb and rooted to her place. She was just looking him with her widen eyes.

No one can understand him ; tina says this to sonakshi grabbing her attention.

Sorry……i didn’t get you?? ; sonakshi rejoins her and was puzzled with her talk.

Firstly Dev sir wasn’t convinced to sign a deal with Ak company and suddenly a night before yesterday he changed his mind. Even though he was ill,He was continuasly working on all kind of legal terms regarding to this deal. You know what he himself consulted with the lawyer and discussed the matter with him whole night and next day in sickness,he comes to the office and signed the deal. Tina narrated her the whole story behind this deal. Now she can make the head and tail of what would had happened.

Sonakshi looks towards him with her moist eyes,dev was busy in answering the questions asked by media and was stealing glances of hers in a while. Till now akhil totally loses his balance and was about to fall when dev holds him back. This is not new to akhil. His drinking habit is the biggest reason of his company’s failure. Whenever he goes into parties rather it’s official or personal he ended up with creating a scene. Dev excuses himself from the media and helped akhil. He ordered his driver to drop him to his house safely. Akhil wasn’t a nice man to be helped by him but being a gentleman man which he was,he helped him.

After hearing the whole truth from tina sonakshi was confused that how to confront him. Already she had said so much to him without knowing the truth and now when she knows the truth,she didn’t have the courage to confront him about this. She was thinking about how to talk with him when she saw him coming into the hall. He was heading towards her. Seeing him coming nearer her heart beat raised.she bits her lower lip nervously,she lowered her eyes with guilt of bashing him so rudely and being blunt with her words.

Miss…….he says this to initiate a talk but was interrupted in between by her.

Dance………. ; she asks him extending her hand towards him listening to the music. He gasps at her sudden gesture but then holds her hand. The mere touch of each other give them goosebumps.Their eyes met with each other but this time there was no questions glinting in them. They goes towards the dance floor without breaking their eye contact.

They reached at the dance floor and stands in the middle of it looking at each other. His hazel brown eyes were drowning into her big black eyes. Hearing The music He extended his right hand towards her she smiles slightly and gives her hand into his’. Then he places his another hand on her tender waist. His touch make her go weak into her knees. She places her another hand on his shoulder. They were maintaining a bountiful distance.

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein 
Sunta hoon aaj kal, aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal, aye dil bata

Sounds, what kind of sounds
I listen nowadays, hey heart tell me
Why do these unknown moments knock nowadays
Hey heart tell me

(Their gaze were fixed upto each other. Dev slightly covers the distance they were having. Their body moves rhythmicly with the lyrics. Their hearts,beats like a hammer inside their chest. His hot breaths were hitting her forehand. This sends chillies down to her spine. She wasn’t getting words to initiate the talk.Both of them were engrossed in each other’s eyes forgetting the world. Their world comes to an end at the moment.)

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hain nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Hanste hanste marr jaayein hum

There is something that because i get less sleep
There is something because my eyes are moist
There is something if you tell me
I will die happily

(The lyrics were totally defining their untold feelings towards each-other. Her eyes gets moist remembering her blunt words towards him. He swish his head in a no,seeing her eyes welled up with tears. I am so…..she said.suhhhh he interrupts. I can understand…………. saying this he stretches his right arm and moves away from him holding his hand and rools with the length of his hand without breaking their eye contact and landed on his chest. They smiles seeing each-other.)

Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakoon

If someone is more than me like me
It is you
Then I don’t know why
I can’t give my heart to you

( They bethink about their first meet,their fights,their care towards each-other,each moment they spent with each-other. Their eyes were talking with each-other.)

Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans naa aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paayein

There is something because my heart is scared
There is something that I can’t breathe
There is something that we can’t say
Which comes on the lips

(There breathes were getting uneven with the feelings. They parted for sometime breathing heavily. The feelings were same but they were confused with the it. They again comes nearer. He holds her right hand with his right hand and twirls her in circles around him. She moves effortlessly around him. Her eyes were worshiping him.)

Jo humare darmiyaan hain
Iss ko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao isme bahein

Which is between us
Why do we have to say it
What is love, it is a wave
Let’s dive into it

(They again came face to face. Their hot breathes were hitting each-other’s face. They were pleasured to dance with each-other. Their surrounding didn’t matters to them. The whole world seems to be disappeared from their eyes. They only sees each-other. The lyrics were defining their inner turmoil.)

Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Hanste hanste itna roye

There is something that we are lost
There is something that you haven’t slept
There is something that we both, as such,cried this much, smiling

( She clOSes her eyes breaking their intense eye lock as if saying sorry to him for her foolishness. He smiles seeing her this gesture. Seeing him smiling she also smiles. Both’s eyes were glittering. They smiled whole heartedly. It seems like their souls were also dancing with each other.)

Precap :- Akhil gets to know about the disaster he did. What will he do now??? Dev have something up to his sleeves……..

Finally it’s completed. It is the longest chapter of my ff and maybe the most beautiful. Their dance…….. Hope you liked the song and i also put English translation of the song who didn’t know hindi……… sorry for the delay but i was busy. So people don’t forget to give your views below the comment box and do tell me if you liked the song. See you soon,till then…………..
Sayonara ???

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