Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #3

Hello every one ☺ m here with the another episode. Hope i am not late and if i am late then its all because of my brother because of him m having some internet issues. Soon it will be over and i’ll be regular. So lets start with the episode….


The episode starts with dev working in his cabin and someone knocks the door.
Dev :- Come in
Tina comes in with a file and informs him about ayan’s neni.
Dev :- I hope that you checked all the things which were required. I don’t want any problem in future.
Tina :- Yes sir i personally took all the interviews and she is the best among all of them tho she is very young for the job but her experience is very good.
Dev :- It sounds good niki would love to have her rather then ayan and he smiles thinking of niki’s reaction.
Tina :- Here is her details and i already informed your mother about her and i think she would reached there.
Dev :- Keep it on the table i’ll see it when i get time and you may go now. Thank you for the help.
Tina :- Any time sir.
Saying this she lives from there and dev gets busy with his work because he has lots of work due to sifting the whole business.

Ayan was playing with niki and Ishwari was admiring them just then sonakshi arrives there with her luggage.
Sonakshi :- Aghh!! Till now i didn’t know that i have this much of clothes. And still i have nothing good to wear and she fumes in irritation.
Ishwari saw sonakshi struggling with her bag and goes to her.
Ishwari :- So finally you are here and smiles.
Sonakshi (Confused with Ishwari’s words ) :- I am sorry….
Ishwari :- You are ayan’s new neni right??
Sonakshi :- Ohh yes. Namaste mam. I am sonakshi ayan’s neni and she smiles brightly.
Ishwari :- Dev told me about you that you are coming today.
Sonakshi :- Yes mam.
Ishwari :- Kichu come have her luggage and bring some water to didi. So what’s about your sir name.
Sonakshi (In a low Voice) :- I don’t have any family and don’t know about it.
Ishwari ( In a way to cheer her up ) :- You are too young to the job then how could you manage to convince my son for this. I am quit impressed with you.
Sonakshi :- No mam actually tina took my interview so i didn’t know much about it.
Ishwari :- Ohh i am so dumb (actually in serial yes she is) i didn’t even get you in. Come,come in.
Sonakshi (in mind ) :- Hehehe finally you noticed. Yes mam.
Niki comes with ayan to meet her and is happy to see sonakshi as ayan’s neni because she thought that some aunty type lady would come which usually ends up with a devil neni and was laughing at her own thoughts.
Niki :- Wow you are so beautiful. My name is niki. I mean nikita Dixit and forwards her hand.
Sonakshi (Giggling) :- Shaking hand. You are also a very pretty girl. He must be ayan right… (in a baby Voice) Hello ayan i am your neni. And you are so cute and pulls his cheeks….
Niki :- Finally i will have someone like me in the house. I am so happy. Can i call you di please…
Sonakshi :- And i would loved to be called. I’ll also get a cute little sister like you. And this cute kid and she pics him up in her hands to caries him.
Ishwari :- He would also love to have you. Look at him he even started liking your company.
Sonakshi :- Mam actually i… and she hesitates to say
Ishwari :- Yes yes tina had told me about your condition and we are ohk with it. You can continue with your theatre whenever it starts. Atleast till then you can be her neni.
Sonakshi :- Thank you so much aunty ji ahmm i hope that i can call you
Ishwari (interrupting in her talk) :- I would be angry if you again called me mam and giving her a temporary angry look.
Sonakshi :- And what about ayan’s mother she questioned in a existing way.
Ishwari :- She is no more. Actually a year ago she…
Before she could complete her sentence niki interrupts them to pose for a selfie (who takes selfie between a serious talk ?? but she is niki so she could ??)
The whole day sonakshi played with ayan and makes a good bond with the family and she was totally unaware of the fact that who is dev.
Sonakshi has a very friendly nature and has the power to make people adore her in a little time (May her magic works on dev also ??)
The whole house was still little messy because it takes time to set a big house like Ishwari niwas. And Niki’s room was messy like a fish market. So she took sonakshi’s suggestions to set her room and sonakshi was helping her happily and they were so busy with that they didn’t realize about time.
Ishwari :- Niki you are so selfish that you didn’t even spare her. Leave her now she comes here for ayan not for you.
Niki :- Ohh please maa let her help me. And now we become friends so friends can help each other sees sona with a puppy face.
Sonakshi ( tired yet being helpful to her new friend) :- No aunty ji. I am all ohk with this. ayan is also sleeping and i didn’t have any work so i can help her.
Niki :- Aww…. di you are so sweet…
Ishwari :- I can’t win with you. I give up on you totally. Atleast have some food it’s dinner time. Dev will be late and ayan is about to woke up. Do this tomorrow now.
Niki :- Ok fine maa
Four of them have their dinner and sonakshi was felling relaxed that she got a good job it was like her dream job tho she wanted to become a actress but she always wanted a family. She wanted to fell that felling of being a member of a family. Its not like that she didn’t have one its like that she didn’t remember about her past.she was all busy in her own thoughts.
Ishwari :- You must be tired na sonakshi go get ayan with you and make him sleep in dev’s room and then you also go to sleep.
Sonakshi :- I can take him to my room also what if sir would come late and ayan needs something….
Ishwari :- No he will be there. He is on his way.
Sonakshi :- Ok aunty ji. Which room???
Niki :- Go up stares and left side is bhai’s room and right one is yours.she says in a sleepry Voice going into her room.
Sonakshi goes up with ayanand follows niki’s instructions. she opens the door and was so tired that she didn’t even switch on the lights and make ayan sleep on the bed and she also rests her body on the bed to let him sleep peacefully and soon she also slept with him unknowingly in dev’s room.

Dev comes from his office very late and was going to his room without making any noise so nobody could get disturbed but his bad lucky just then Ishwari comes from her room and sees him.
Ishwari :- Again you came so late. I told you so many times to come on time but you didn’t listen to me at all.
Dev :- You know na maa that due to shifting i had so much work in the office so i have to work to clear the mess.
Ishwari :- You always has a excuses for my every question. And btw ayan’s neni is very good.
Dev :- Really!! Don’t you have any problem with her???
Ishwari :- Honestly the first time i saw her i thought that she won’t be able to take care of ayan but she even take cares of our niki also. Ayan also gets comfortable with her in no time.while saying this a shining smile comes on her face (sona’s magic works )
Dev :- Then i have to meet her. Where is she???
Ishwari :- Sge was so tired that she went to sleep so don’t disturb her now.You can meet her tomorrow morning.
Dev :- ok then good nyt i am also going to sleep now i am also tired. He says in a very tired Voice.
Ishwari :- Don’t you have food?? Come i’ll serve you
Dev :- No i had my food.Actually i had a dinner meeting so
Ishwari :- Ohk then go and sleep and don’t make any noise ayan is sleeping in your room.
Dev :- ohk and saying this he goes up.
He also didn’t switch on the light and goes to change and comes out.He can fell someone’s presences due to the lite aroma of a perfume.niki and her perfumes and he goes to his side and was thinking something soon sleep overpower his thoughts and he sleeps unaware of the fact that sona is also sleeping on the otherside. Three of them were sleeping peacefully. ayan was holding both of their hands and was sleeping between them.

That’s it for today…..

Precap :- Mrs. SonakshiDevDixit ??

Hope you are liking the episodes. Do
share your views below the comment box. And do tell me the mistakes i make while writing i would try to not to repeat them again. And please tell me if its sort then i’ll write a big one for sure because i did’nt know that if its sort or very big to read…..
Thank you so much for reading it.
Sayonara ????

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  11. I m doing comment first time in my life to any ff.but i ‘thought it is good . So that’s why i ‘ m commenting.

    I think dev’s wife has not been dead . She is somehow survived .And uski plastic surgery ho gyi ho.bcz she doesn’t remember her past. So i think
    Maybe that is the reason that dev recognized her eyes in your previous ff.
    Please tell me am i right

    1. Ritya

      First of all thank you for the comment and secondly your prediction is totally wrong it is not ekta kapoor’s series but nice idea ??

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