Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #29

Hello guys……….here i am with another new update….so let’s go with the story now……

Dev comes home after having a tiring day. He had Back to back meetings considering his important work. His face turned more pale. He was taking baby steps,his legs were shaking,he didn’t even had the strength to walk. Only he knew that how he came home in this state. He was feeling dizzy and fell down on the couch,unable to walk further.His fever has increased till now. His body was aching greatly. He didn’t even had the strength to call someone. He was laying on the couch sluggish.

Sonakshi comes downstairs,searching for him,but didn’t found him. She scanned the whole hall with her eyes but didn’t noticed him on the couch then she rushes outside to confirm if he actually came or not. His car was parked in the garage but he was nowhere. She again goes inside the house,and get shocked seeing him laying lifeless on the couch.

She rushes towards him,stands in front of him and calls him but he didn’t respond back. She get scared and kneel down and placed the back of her hand on his forehead. He had high fever. His body was heating with fever.She panics,seeing him in that condition. Her anger towards him vanished and she get concerned about him.

There was no one other than her and Ayaan in the house. Kichu bhaiya had gone to his village for a few days and the rest were all out. Her heart starts beating fast. M…Mr…..Dixit ; she again calls him,grumbling but he didn’t respond back. Her hands turn cold with fear. She patted his cheeks to bring him in conciousness. He swish his head,with a frown pasted on his forehead,his eyes were still closed.she inhaled a long one and had a sign of relief. She stars rubbing his hands,with her’s. He squeezes her hand as if imparting some courage into her.

Ahhh……M f…fine……… ; he mutters it trying to get up but looses his balance,he was too weak to get up by his own. He wasn’t even in the state to say something,each part of his body was aching badly.

You aren’t even able to get up by your own and you are fine………..Yes,i can see it how fine you are………. ;she scowled at him angrily and helps him in siting. He tries to get up then but failed again and this madden her more.

She inhaled a long one and twitches her nose angrily and goes from there. After few secs she came back with the thermometer and put it into his mouth to check his temperature. Dev wasn’t in his conscious state so he didn’t protest or say anything.

It’s 102 ; she says this shockingly,checking the thermometer. She immediately picked up her phone and called the doctor. She was horrified,she tries to call his parents but to her dismay,they didn’t had their phon,with them. Because niki forced them to leave it in the car so that they won’t be disturbed by anyone.

On Hearing the name of great business tycoon Mr. Dev Dixit on phon,the doctor immediately rushes for his home and reached there in just 10 mins. The perks of being a rich man; sonakshi thoughts when she saw the doctor,next to the door in just 10 mins. The doctor helps her to take him into her room,where ayaan was alone,sleeping peacefuly into his deep slumber,unaware of all happening. Even though he was very weak but he was too beafy for her and she didn’t have the strength to take him in the room alone so the doctor helped her.

They carefully lay him on the bed near Ayaan, taking care of not to break Ayaan’s sleep.Dr checked him and gave some needed medicines and guided sonakshi,things to do further and takes their leave. Dev was getting his consciousness now. After leaving the doctor to the door,Sonakshi make some soup for dev so that he can have it and take his medicine.Sonakshi rushes towards her room with a try which had a bowl full of cold water and another bowl full of soup.She goes to him and place the trey on the table near the bed and sits near him,on the edge of the bed and helps him in siting properly by placing a pillow under his back.

she raises the bowl of soup in her hands and fills one spoon full of it and takes it near the mouth of dev so that he can drink it.Dev who was now little conscious starts making faces seeing the soup and earns a death glare from her. She was already pissed of with him didn’t pay any heed to his tantrums and starts blowing some air into it and forces him to have it. Seeing no way of escaping,and witnessing her bhadra kaali avtaar he had it quietly and swallows it under his throat after that he rolls his lips outside and make funny faces.

Seeing his babyishness,she bethink about Ishwari’s words,when she mentioned about his babyish behavior during his illness and chuckles at him. This didn’t go unnoticed by him. His lips also curved into a sweet smile,seeing her. None of them were ready to initiate the talk. Sona didn’t wanted to yell at him because he was already sick and dev kept gazing her with his intense eyes. She was feeding him soup with her hands forgetting about their rift and he kept sipping it until the bowl get empty and suddenly starts coughing badly,sona get up from there and took the glass from table and make him drink water from her one hand and starts caressing his back slowly with the other hand,to calm him.

Her caring nature was her first quality he noticed. She cares about the people around her. She was hell angry with him in the afternoon and now when he is ill,she is here at his service and is taking care about ayaan’s comfort also. How can a person be so caring ;he thought to himself,when she was busy in taking care of him and ayaan too. After that she gave him the medicine given by the dr. Then she starts placing cold water strips on his forehand in order to decrease his temperature and dev kept studying the sharp feature of her face,noting each and every detail of it. Her almond shaped eyes,her log eye lashes,her pointed nose which was twitching in anger,her soft rosy lips,her sharp chin,her stubborn hair strand which refuses to be at it’s place and kept uncurling in front of her face. He didn’t know why but he was just adoring her longingly and noted each and every detail about her face. Sona was all unaware about his gaze and kept changing his cold water strips.

Suddenly Dev starts shivering due to his fever. She took another blanket from his cupboard and covers it all around him,and took care of ayaan’s comfort also so that his sleep didn’t get disturbed. Soon medicines starts there work,after a long tiring day,he finally dozed off. The next thing she saw when he dozen off make her go ‛Awwww’. He was sleeping peacefully,like a kid,his mouth was half open. His abdomen was moving up and down rhythmically,result of his heavy breathing. His way of sleeping is so like ayaan,he was looking as cute as ayaan looks whenever he sleeps beside sona. She just love to adore the sleeping ayaan and now dev was also sleeping just the way ayaan sleeps,make her adore him. She just can’t stop herself from caressing him. She starts stroking her fingers in his hairs,like she did when ayaan sleeps. This gesture of her make him smile in his sleep. He was under the effect of medicine till her touch managed to affect him. He can feel her touch in the effect of medicine also. Just in few days,she managed to leave a strong effect on him.

After some time she again starts changing his cold water strips so that his fever can decrease because as the dr. said it’s very important to control his fever,otherwise they would have to recruit him in the hospital. She kept changing his strips until she heard the horn of a car which indicates the arrival of his family. She checks from the balcony of her room that they actually arrived or not and saw them stepping out of car. She immediately rushes down and informs his parents about his health. They got worried hearing this and rushes towards her room,where they find their son sleeping peacefully.

Ishwari goes into the room and sits beside him at the edge of the bed. She places the back of her hand on his forehand to check if he still had fever or not. And as the result of sona’s hardwork and caring,his fever is decreasing. Her eyes welled up with tears,seeing the poor condition of his son,she starts cursing herself for not being there,when her son needed her the most. Sona goes towards her and places her hand on her shoulder as if to trying give her solace. She knew how concerned she was for him since morning. Ishwari looked at her with her teary eyes.

He is fine now and his fever is also decreased. Don’t worry ; sonakshi says to Ishwari softly so that his slumber didn’t get disturbed by them because right now all he need is a peaceful slumber. They all stay there for sometime.

Seeing her sleepy state,Ishwari sends niki into her room to grab some sleep and take sonakshi along with her to have a talk meanwhile ramnath stays with dev and ayaan until they come back.

Ishwari and sonakshi were in Ishwari’s room,having a talk about dev. Sonakshi assured her that dev had his lunch and dinner on time and had took his medicine on time and also said what the dr. Said to her. Ishwari was relived and shocked at the the same time,relived because his son’s health is very improved since morning. He is now sleeping peacefully in his own house,surrounded with all the family members and was shocked because he didn’t even argued once while having his food and medicine because he is not that obedient and whenever he falls sick it’s next to impossible for everyone to even convince him to have his medicine,and here sonakshi not only gave him medicines but also forced him to eat. It was indeed a big shock for her.

After niti,she is the one who managed to rule him ;she thought to herself and take her into a warm her,thanking her nth time.

Dev was much better now and sleeping peacefully so ramnath decided to be with him and ordered sonakshi to take some rest because she wasn’t ready to leave him,the guilt of sickening him and being the reason of his this state,didn’t allow her to leave his sight but she gives in in front of ramnath’s order and dishartedly goes from there but with one condition that she will be in dev’s room which was just few steps away from her room so that she can help him if he ever needed help. Both ramnath and ishwar felt blessed to have such a caring and loving girl as their eye’s apple’s neni and was thanking dev also for choosing her as neni.

Sonakshi goes into dev’s room and threw herself on his bed ,she didn’t said but she was damn tired. Every single fiber of the bedsheet was having his scent. She can feel his presence there as if she was laying on him. The scent which was now sitting in her nerves. She totally forget about the scenario which she saw in his office until her eyes fell on his photo frame.

She jerked herself up and took the photo frame into her hands and starts caressing it a lone tear fells from her teary eyes. Why??? Why???? ; the only thing comes into her mind when she remembered about his betrayal.

Precap :- What will dev do to clear her misunderstanding???

Here you go….. i know you guys were expecting their patch up…..sorry to disappoint you but get set ready for a bombastic patch up……….keep reading it……keep loving it…..see you soon,till then………
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  3. Ritya..ur fan fiction was very nice..and I like ur way of writing and creativity about story.. Nice bonding btween and devakshi..and u revealed one name in devs life..waiting for futre episodes..u r making easy for me as u r posting in English.. Belated happy birthday wishes.. Tanq for ur ff..please post asap

    1. Ritya

      Thank you so much Nandhini ???
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  5. wow…..its amazing u will always rock with your ff Didi. Everything was good. The last part was emotional so sad of sona….

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      And m also feeling sorry for her but it is said that the happiness you get after crying is worth it so it’s just a sign of her upcoming happy life……

      1. Trishaa

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    Awsome chappy Ritya
    Perfect just perfect
    U know I seriously like ur ff from this tht is in other ff’s so fst dey make devakshi fall in love and so fast confession and so fast relationship,……but in ur ff it’s different till dey did not realise there love fr each other
    Plzs post asap -AKSHADA

    1. Ritya

      Thank you so much Akshada ???
      Even i also love this part of my ff because love is to be felt slowly and you can’t rush with things and this time which m showing will play a huge part in their realization and furture feelings……… thanks for all your love……..and i will try my best to post it asap

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  9. Awesome episode dear

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    Superb episode

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    srry for late commenting..little bit busy u know…happy to read this chap…jusy loved this new & caring wali side of sona toward dev..chapter was awesome..already commented on chapter 30 & looking forward for 31…love u

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