Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #28

Hello guys… i am with the new update….. Today it’s sunday and my bday according to hindu panchaang ?? and m celebrating it with you……so let’s go with the story now…..


*One hour Ago*

Sonakshi was siting in the hall along with ayaan but in mind she was thinking about yesterday,somehow she was relieved that now akhil won’t harm anyone in happy home because dev assured their security but she also knew that now akhil won’t backout,now he will definately do something,he wasn’t among those,who keep quiet after whatever happened yesterday. Ishwari,who was concerned about dev,comes there and sits beside her,sadly.

Oh god!!! Why does this boy never listen to me.Now if his health becomes worse then everyone will bother;she complains to sona about his carelessness. Sona checks ayaan’s head and throat with the back of her hand,to confirm if he had fever.

But he doesn’t have fever,see,i checked him,he is ok and was fine yesterday also;sonakshi assured her.

I am not talking about ayaan,he is a good boy,i am talking about that big and stubborn kid of mine,who had a fever,even went to office,without having breakfast and now if his fever increases then he’ll be worse then ayaan ; she says this to her in her concerned voice.

Sonakshi chuckles hearing this and earned a angry look from Ishwari,who was damn concerned about his son’s health,knowing all his tantrums whenever he falls sick. Soon she stops chuckling,remembering about the reason behind his sickness and starts feeling guilty about it.

Do’nt know whether his fever lessen or not,he doesn’t even eat anything,in fever ; she finished it with a sad face.

It’s lunch time,if you don’t mind i’ll go with lunch and check him out ; sonakshi rejoins her with a hope that she’ll allow her and she will be able to lessen her guilt of sickening him.

Not a bad idea!!! Yes…..Yes…..You go and make sure that he have his lunch on time ; she says this with a big grin because she knew that sona can easily handle him.

Soon sona took his lunch and some medicine and was about to leave,in a taxi but Ishwari insists her to go in their car along with driver so that she didn’t get any difficulty going there and sona couldn’t deny,so she surrendered and goes in the car.

She reached there safely and was amused to see his office.It was so big and lavish.From the interior to furnishing,everything was damn perfect as if ment to be there only.She was capturing each and every thing with her widely open eyes and wondering how expensive would it be. After that she goes to the reception and asks about dev and get to know that he was bg in a meeting,then she decided to go and meet tina because she was the only person from his office whom she knew.

Tina welcomed her,with a friendly smile and makes her feel comfortable,until dev gets free from his meeting. It’s been 15 min,she was waiting for his arrival but to her dismay he didn’t. Impatiently, she decided to go to the confrence hall and meet him, she leaves from there,leaving the lunch box and medicine,with tina.

*Present Hour*

Sona was shocked,with the scenario,she just saw in front of her eyes. She couldn’t getting it that,why,in the whole universe,dev chosen his company to have a deal and how can he work with him after knowing his truth. He was talking with him,happily. He was the one,who beaten up him yesterday and now he was shaking hand with him happily and wants to celebrate it,also. She wasn’t even able to believe what she just saw. Her heart wasn’t ready to believe it but her mind starts hunting her with the fact,him being the so cold business tycoon,can do it,he can do this after all he is a business man and for him,it is all about earning money.Her heart wanted to believe what he said yesterday but her mind shows her the reality, which is in front of her eyes. Is he a double standard man??Did she expected too much from him??Is he really worth her trust??Her eyes were filled with anger.

Dev was shocked to see her there but luckily akhil didn’t noticed her.He goes near her,seeing him coming close to her,tears took the place of anger in her eyes. She was feeling betrayed,she was feeling like hell as if someone stabbed her back. She was cursing herself mentally to trust him,he was looking like a stranger,stranger whom she didn’t knew,after yesterday’s incident she thought that now she can trust someone,she can trust him and she did,she trusted him blindly. She thought that he’s not a ruthless man,he also has feelings,he can feel the love which she shares with those kids,she thought that he too cares for them. She didn’t know that why was her eyes were moist. Her heart was aching with the fact that he lied to her. She didn’t know why,she was so bothered with his acts. Why was he affecting her so much. Why!!Why!!!Why!!!,this was the only thing running in her mind. When he goes closer to her,he was looking pale,exhausted,his breathing were hot,so hot as much as the sun rays in a sunny day. His hot breaths were burning her delicate skin.He was looking weak yet fresh. Thou she was angry with him yet she managed to notice his each gesture.

Let’s go into my cabin. We need to talk ; he says this to her going close to her,her tears were piercing his heart. He so wanted to wipe them because he knew that she misunderstood him. He wanted to clear her doubts but was stopped by her in mid way by her. She showed him her hand,stopping him to do that and create a proper distance between them.

Con….Congratulations Mr. Dixit……I hope you get all that you want from this deal……All the best……..Party hard. Take care of your health ; she says in her choking voice,while this hot pair of tears descended down to her cheeks,making them wet.

Unable to control on her growing sobs she ran away from there,leaving a hopeless dev there.Mi….Miss neni……… Dev follows her,he didn’t knew why but he wanted to clear her doubt at that moment,he wanted to give her a proper explanation of his act,the thought of being the reason of her cry piercing his heart,continuously. He never felt that kind of pain in his whole life,which he was feeling at that moment. He follows her calling her,grabbing the attention of his whole office,which didn’t mattered to him. She comes out from his office,instead of going in the car she stopped a taxi and sits inside her.Dev comes there and insists her to open the window of the taxi by patting on it but she didn’t pay any heed towards his pleads and goes from there,she starts sobbing loudly. Both were hurt,he was hurt to hurt her unknowingly,she was hurt to trust him,trust him,blindly.She was expert in hiding her emotions but whenever she saw into his eyes she ended up with showing them in front of him. No matter what kind of emotion she was feeling,her eyes reflects it whenever she saw him.

He dialed her number.

AYM, name flashed on her phone’s screen. She immediately rejected his call and switched it off,sobbing terrifically. She didn’t knew the reason behind her this state,she trusted him and he betrayed he,that’s it. He wasn’t the only person who betrayed her,broke her trust,then why, she was behaving like this.

Failing in his attempt to call her,he goes inside his office,dishartedly. Her crying face kept flashing in front of his eyes,making him more weak. His face become mare pale. He didn’t pay any heed towards his surrounding,whole staff was watching him with their wide open eyes. He directly goes into his cabin and sits on his seat,disappointingly. Tina knocks on his door. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t listened it. Getting no response from inside,Tina popped in immediately,knowing about his sickness.

She evoked him,loud enough to grab his attention,breaking his reverie. She had the lunch box,which sona brought for him.

Tina,not now please. I have so much to do,please go from here ; he says this to her,picking the file from the table and pretends to be busy.

Ahmm….Sorry sir but Miss Sonakshi brought this for you,Mam had sent these food and medicine to you with her. She was also worried about your health, so she was waiting for your,to free so that she could feed you and go ; tina says this to him in her meekly voice. She was also concerned about his boss’s health. He was working continuously forgetting about his sickness.

Ohk…i’ll have it and yes i want everything perfect morrow. The party would be grand and. Morrow is a very special day ; he says this to her in his feck voice. Mentally he makes a note that to have a talk with sonakshi at home.He was ill and his sickness was increasing over time but he wanted to finish all his work until morrow. Tina takes his leave noting his each word,mentally.

He looks at the lunch box from the corner of his eyes. He wasn’t in a mood to have his lunch because of his sickness just then he gets bethink about sona’s threatening,which she did yesterday,when he showed tantrums to have,milk. His lips curved into a little smile,Making his faded face cheerful. The thought of her,getting angry on him for not having food,she brought for him,made him eat it,without any tantrum. He eat the whole khichdi,which was in the lunch box,although he hates khichadi alot but eat it like an obedient kid and gulp down the medicine quietly. He never agreed to his mother nor anyone,to have food and medicine,on time,whenever he gets sick but today he did all this,thinking about sona’s scolding.

Sonakshi was felling so low that instead of going to Ishwari niwas,she decided to be alone for some time and goes to her secret place.

After having his lunch he again engrossed himself into his work forgetting about the mess,happened few mins ago. There are alot of things to be done until morrow.

Sona comes Ishwari niwas after some time,Ishwari asked her about dev’s health,listening about him she gets bethink about whatever happened there. She assures her about his well being thinking about his happy face when he was talking with akhil about their deal.She hides all her sorrow in her fake smile and easily convinced Ishwari with her talks.

Ramnath comes home early because he wanted to accompany his leading ladies in a mid night show,demanded by his lovely daughter. Dev didn’t come because he still had some pending work. Everyone insists sona to accompany them in the show but she wasn’t feeling well to go anywhere so she decided to stay at home and take care of ayaan. Somewhere deep down in her heart,she was little concerned for dev because she was the reason behind his sickness. Although she was angry with him for breaking her trust. It almost breaked her heart but still she was concerned about his health.

After biding a good bye to them,she stayed in the hall with ayaan and was waiting for dev’s arrival but to her dismay he didn’t came. Ayaan was feeling sleepy so she goes to her room and tugged him in her bed. It’s 9 pm but dev didn’t arrive home. Soon she started feeling sleepy and was about to sleep when he heard the hoarn of his car which indicates his arrival and she stood up with a jerk. She wanted to go and ask him the reason for breaking her trust. She didn’t know why,but the way from her room to the hall making her heart beat loudly in it’s place.

Precap :- What’s next now?????

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