Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #13

Hello guys…. l know that m very late but as i told you i was busy with some family issues that’s why i wasn’t available to post or reply but now my work is over so here i am at your service ???. Ok so now lets go with the story and this is About the promo which you all forget i think that’s why you continuously asked me about that so here is the link of the promo. First read it and then this. It’ll help you to relate with it.

Dev was working in his cabin just then Someone knocks on his door. He gives the permission to come in and tina comes to his cabin with some files.

Tina :- Good noon sir ; she greets him with her usual happy smile.

Dev :- So tell me whats the progress in theaters ;he asks her still working on his laptop.

Tina :- It’s going good but.

Dev :- But what ; he asks her closing his laptop and giving her his whole attention.

Tina :- But sir our main show’s lead is missing ; she says this fortifying her grip on the files.

Dev :- What do you mean about missing ; he says this jerking his jaw tight with disappointment.

Tina :- Sir we are trying but she is not taking our calls; she gets nervous with his expressions.

Dev :- I don’t want any excuse. I want the best show so do what ever can just get her. You may leave now ; saying this he again open his laptop and glued himself with the screen.

Sonakshi with Dixits is visiting film city. Niki’s excitement is worth watching. Ayan is too small to understand her excitement but he was enjoying sona’s company,he just loves to be with her and so does the other Dixits.

Niki :- Wow sona di it’s awesome. I just loved it. Thank you so much for this ; saying this she takes sona in her big warm her. Ishwari was watching this with ayan and she was all ‘aww’ with her little daughter growing bonding with sona.

Ishwari :- Yes this place is quit good. Ayan is also enjoying this ; she takes ayan in her hands and smiles seeing him happy.

Sonakshi :- But this is not the end of the tour we still have to go long so lets don’t waste our time ; saying this she takes them to another place.

It’s getting dark in the sky but all of them were so engrossed in roaming around that they didn’t noticed the time. Dev on the other hand was busy with his work as always.

Ishwari :- Oh my god!!! It’s dark outside. We are late; she says this seeing the darkness in the sky.

Sonakshi :- Don’t worry aunty ji we’ll reach on time ;saying this she took them near the car.

Niki :- Why it’s dark i want to be here for some more time di please 10 min more ; she makes a puppy face to convince her but her bad luck she didn’t pay any heed to her request.

Sonakshi :- What if your Bhaiya reached at home before us then he’ll again shout on me for this also; she says this remembering his angry face.

Niki :- But our house is very far from here then how could we reach home before him ; she says this getting confused over sona’s words.

Sonakshi :- First can you please sit in the car we are already late; she open the passenger gate of the car and sits with them in it;And there is a sort cut where we didn’t stuck in the traffic and reach home as soon as we go.

Niki :- You always have something to save me from Bhaiya’s scolding. You are the best; saying this she hugged her once again.

Sonakshi :- He’ll never shout on you,he’ll shout on me only because in his views m only responsible for the wrong things happens around him; she makes a cry baby face and then chuckles over her words.

Ishwari :- And this time he will shout on me also for this; three of them shared a good laugh after this conversation of dev and his reactions over this.

Sonakshi :- Bhaiya please take this way. This time there would be less traffic so we can reach home early; she says this after instructing driver the way.

Its been 15 mins they are going on the way shown by sona as she said the way was quit empty. Suddenly two men comes running infront of their car and one of them bumps into the car. And the driver stops the car nervously. All of them get scared of it. Sonakshi comes out of the car to check what happens with him.

Sonakshi :- We are so sorry mr. are you ohk??? ; she asks him bending down towards him to check him is he hurt or not.

The man gets a knife from his pocket and strikes on her shoulder and stands up. Blood starts flowing from her shoulder due to the cut.

Sonakshi :- Are you mad. I said sorry for that then why you are taking this so serious ;she says this standing up holding her shoulder.

The second person pulls a gun and sticks in front of her. Sonakshi gets shocked with all this. She starts shaking with fear. Her throat was going dry with fear. Ishwari and niki along with ayan were shocked with all this. The driver stuck to his place due to fear.They makes their way to come out of the car but sonakshi stops them with her hand.

Sonakshi :- Wha….what the hell is this. Are you mad. It was just a accident why are behaving like this ;she says this going back to the car to stop them (Ishwari and niki) from coming out.

Man (with the knife) :- Suhhh. Just shut up and give me all the Money you have ;he says this going near her with the knife in his hand.

Sonakshi :- Money!!! I don’t have M…M…Money ; She says taking a swim with fear.

The other man with the gun goes to the other side of the car to open the gate but sonakshi shouts and make them (Ishwari & niki) lock the door and close the window not leting the man open the gate. The other man who was holding the knife slaps sonakshi for this. Because of the slap, blood starts to flow from the edges of her upper lip.

Sonakshi :- Look you want Money right. I’ll give it to you please don’t open the gate i have the Money;she says this taking out some Money from her side bag.

The other man also comes towards her holding his gun. Sonakshi took out pepper spray from her bag and sprinkle it in the eyes of the man and kicks the other man on his stomach snatching his gun from his hands.

Sonakshi :- Stay away from me else i would shoot you ; she says this going towards the car with back steps holding the gun for the safety.

The man starts screaming with pain due to the pepper spray and the other person starts retreating up his hands. Sonakshi goes near the car and knocks on the window.

Sonakshi :- open the gate slowly ; she says this to Ishwari holding gun in her hand and threaten them to stay in their places.

Ishwari opens the gate and sonakshi immediately goes into the car and the driver drives away from there immediately. All of them have a sign of relief because they safely gets out of the situation which can also goes against them but thankfully they are safe now. After a sort distance The driver again stops the car seeing police’s vehicle. Sonakshi comes out of the car still holding the gun in her hand and goes to them.

Sonakshi :- Thank god sir you came here we are also coming to you ;she says this panting heavily and gives them the gun.

Police :- Can you please explain me what are you saying And where did you got this gun ;he says this to her after watching her up to bottom and gives her “what the hell is happening” look.

Sonakshi starts taking deep breaths to calm herself down and tells him the whole story. Dixits also join her outside of the car along with the driver.

Police :- You handled the situation very bravely. I appreciate your bravery. Now you please give us the statement and your details. We will catch them soon they didn’t go far till now ; saying this he calls the other officer to take the statement and he himself goes with some others to catch the culprits.

All of them gives their statements and takes their leave to the house.

Ishwari :- You are hurt we should go to the hospital first ;Ishwari says this seeing her condition.

Niki was all shocked with all of this and watching them quitly without saying a word and ayan was all unaware of the things happening around him sleeping peacefully in niki’s sona’s lap.

Sonakshi :- Aghh!! No…No need aunty ji i’ll clean it at home we are already very late and we have to reach home before Mr. Dixit’s arrival ; she says this hold her shoulder and screams slowly with a little fear of going to the hospital.

Ishwari :- I didn’t want to listen any word from you. You already did so much for today now you just keep quit and follow my instructions only ; she says this holding her ear with her hand and scolding her like a mother and ask the driver to take them hospital first.

Ishwari calms niki down by caressing her hairs and insures her with her smile that nothing bad had happened.


Precap :- What would be dev’s reaction over this!!! Will he again blame sona fir all this or something else would happen ??

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  1. Superb episode…??? Loved it….. waiting to see Dev’s reaction ???.. update nxt episode quicker….

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    Awesome epi
    Dev should understand sona this time
    Post asap

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    AMAZINGGGG…. I just loved this epi
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  5. Awesome Episode

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    Riveting ..just didn’t want it to looking forward to tomorrow..I do hope that Mr. Dixit will be compassionate with Sonakshi… 🙂 🙂

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    Nice episode

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