Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #12

Hello people…. first of all i would like to thank all of you who liked my story and read it (for those too who read it but didn’t comment on it) and secondly lets go with the story i know you all are’nt interested in my bak-bak so lets go….

Sonakshi comes down to see ayan but was totally embroiled in her own thoughts which didn’t go unnoticed by Ishwari. Ishwari has now started considering sona as her beloved one and seeing her so lost she just can’t stop herself by consoling her for everything being good or not.

Ishwari :- Sona bachha what is wrong with you ; she asks her caressing her cheeks with both of her hands.

Sonakshi :- Ahm…Na.Nothing aunty ji i was just checking ayan if he needs something or not ; she says with a fake smile on her face.

Ishwari :- M your aunty right!!! Then why are you thinking twice while sharing anything with me. Don’t you trust me ; she says this to manipulate her to say what’s going on in her mind.

Sonakshi’s eyes were filled with the glitter of affection shown by Ishwari towards her. She was felling so blessed by seeing her concern towards her thou dev always fights with her but she always takes her side and loves her like niki.But on the other hand she was fighting a inner battle rather to tell her about it or not.

Ishwari :- Now you are increasing my tension please tell me if something bothering you. Did dev again said anything to you ; her concern and love towards sona is clearly visible throw her voice.

Sonakshi :- I was just thinking about my theatre only ; saying this she tries to make her believe about the reason of her worry but her face didn’t follow her words and reflect all her anxiety.

Ishwari :- Ok if you are saying so, saying this she takes sona in warm hug making her sense her concern towards her;you can talk with me anytime you want m right there for you don’t ever hesitate over anything ohk.

While hugging Ishwari tight sona was trying to stop her tears from falling down. Expect then dev’s rude behavior towards her it was Dixit ladies’ love for which sona is still working here because she always craved for love which she didn’t found from much people and if someone loves her then she can bear all the pain of this world for that particular person. And a ear to ear grin takes the place of her tears immediately.

Niki :- Hwww you guys are so mean you are hugging each other without me ; she comes from her room and fakes her anger over them to neglect her.

Ishwari breaks the hug and indicates her to join them with ayan for a hug.Niki goes with ayan and reciprocate the hug and they all were endup with some aww moments.

Niki :- Ok then let’s just take a selfie together now so ladies please pose for the pic ; saying this she starts taking pics of them which makes sona and Ishwari laugh over her kiddish behavior.

Ishwari :- Ok now will you please end your selfie session my cheeks are getting hurt with the fake smile ; she says this while caressing her cheeks making them go awww with her.

Niki :- Ok then just go and get ready we have to go ; her exitment is clearly visible with her grin.

Ishwari :- Go!! But where ; she gives her a confused look.

Niki :- What is this maa!! Sona di!! You also forget about it ; she says this after getting the ‘what are you talking about’ look from both the ladies.

Sonakshi :- Ohh sorry i totally forget about it. We planed to visit film city today. ohh yes now i got it ; she says this while hitting her head for forgetting this.

Ishwari :- You both go na and have fun what will i do there and i’ll take care of ayan. You go ; she excuses herself from their plan but they both are too stubborn with their decision and make their puppy faces which never fails to convince her and surrendering herself over there stubbornness she inanimatly agreed.

Both sonakshi and niki started jumping with joy and all of them goes to their respective rooms to get ready. In all this emotional and loving atmosphere sonakshi somehow forget about her problem and a clam smile comes on her face with the sweet gesture of them and their love towards her.

Ishwari :- Hey!!! sona niki where are you both come fast we are getting late. We have to comeback soon so come fast ; she calls out for them who were taking time to get ready.

Sonakshi comes down with ayan wearing a black jeans, white tank top and blue denim jacket over it.×610-shirt-denim+shirt-blouse-denim+blouse-denim-blue+shirt-pants-tank-shoes-clothes-jeans–jacket-yeans-shrirt-outfits-denim+jacket-soft+fabric-light+blue-white+loose+tank-black+skinny.jpg

Ayan was wearing a cute grey white rompersuit and was all happily clapping his tiny hands.×336/424532.jpg?X56

Niki comes at the end wearing a black floweral midi which she recently brought while shopping with sonakshi (because she just loved sona’s choice as you all know)

Ishwari :- let me call dev and inform him about this ; she picks her phone up and dialed his number and keep the speaker on.

Dev was about to go in a meeting when he got Ishwari’s call and he immediately picks it up.

Dev :- Hello maa!!!

Ishwari :- Hello dev!! How are you doing my son!!! ; She stars occupying him to talk further.

Dev :- Yes maa you can tell me where are you all going ; he knows his mother so well that he immediately comes to the point.

Ishwari :- Niki was insisting to visit the film city so we thought to go and visit before she continue further fev interrupts in between…..

Dev :- You are sicking my permission as if i say no so you both won’t go. I know who’s plan is this ; he says this while thinking of sona and their recent fight.

Ishwari :- Ahhh!! We really won’t go you say so but niki will be very disappoint with this ; she really knows how to convince his son.

In this conversation only Ishwari and dev were speaking and both niki sona were making faces over their talks.

Dev :- Ok fine go. But please take care of both of you and ayan also and if you get any chance so please forget ‘miss magic’ there and come home without her.

Both Ishwari and niki starts chuckling hearing this and sona makes a sad baby face who is about to cry.

Ishwari :- What is this dev ; she says to him while showing her irkness and controling her growing chuckles.

Dev :- She is actually a magic woman. Don’t know what magic she did to all of you that you just can’t bear a single word against her ; he says this shrugging his shoulders.

Niki :- This is magic of her love bhai. You will also fell in love with her one day and then we will ask you the same ; niki says this without knowing the meaning of her words and dev cuts the call in anger.

Dev :- Love !!! My foot !!! i so wanted to kill her ; he says this while thinking over Niki’s talks and remembering their (Devakshi’s) fights and a strenge felling makes his heart beat faster then usual.

Ishwari slightly twists niki’s ear for teasing his brother over sona’s name niki says sorry for this while laughing and sona also starts chuckling thinking about Niki’s word. ‘Love !!! And so with the AYM. Never’ she thought to her self and the same strange felling makes her heart beat faster.

After the one on one talk with dev on phon and niki’s teasing they all goes to their destination which was filmcity.

Precap :- Promo to be continued.

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