Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #11

Hello guys so m here with another update. M running pretty late today n i also didn’t prepared anything towards today’s update so lets see what i write ??

Ishwari and sonakshi are still laughing over dev’s reaction and their silent chuckles converts into a big laugh hopping the house.

Sonakshi :- My so sorry aunty ji but your sir is such a angery young man. He always keeps anger on his nose no matter what ; she says to her while controlling her laugh.
Ishwari :- My son is not so rude the way think. He just takes time to change his mentality towards a person that’s it ; she says this to her faking an angry look.

Sonakshi :- I am sorry. I….

Ishwari :- Hahaha!!! Just look at you. You are so scared.

Sonakshi :- No actually i am sorry i should’nt say that after all he is your son.

Ishwari :- But you are not so wrong. He become so angry in this one year that sometimes i too fear of him.

Sonakshi :- Ohh tragedy!!! ; she didn’t ask further but deeply she wants to know and a awkward silence spreads between them.

Ishwari :- Now you go with ayan else he will again shout on you ; she avoids sonakshi’s eagerness and goes towards her room.

Sonakshi takes Ishwari’s leaves and goes up with ayan who was sleeping peacefully in her arms. She knocks on his room’s door.

Sonakshi :- Mr. Ang..Mr. Dixit. Helloww ; she says this to annoy him more and enters into his room.

Bring him to my room,Said me like this as if i don’t bring him so will hang me up on the rope till death and now himself is sleeping peacefully. Huhhhh!! Mr aubodro ; she mimics him slowly only audiable to her and takes ayan with herself.

(Here we go with our cutipie ayan )

Its been 1 week sonakhi is working as ayan’s neni and her bond with dixit ladies is become more stronger but her equation with dev is still the same. Ishwari trys her best to convince dev that she is such a nice girl but every time they endup with another fight. He was so stubborn with his views that he just can’t see her goodness and sonakshi always loves to trouble him anyhow.

One fine day

Dev comes out of his room and bumps with sonakshi who was coming in front of him having coffee in her hand which falls on his shirt.

Sonakshi :- Oops m so sorry Mr. dixit ; she stars cleaning his blazer with her hands.

Dev :- Again. How can i go peacefully to my office when you are here. Leave it now ; he says this jerking her hand from his blazer.

Sonakshi :- It’s all because of you. Who told you to walk like this. What if you falls from stairs ; she says this again trying to clean his shirt.

Dev :- Finally again you are successful to spoil my day now you may leave please;by saying this he goes forward to go but his bad luck she again stops him.

Sonakshi :- M also not dieing to talk to you. I only came to you give this coffee which aunty ji sends to you ; she says this showing her tongue and teases him.

Dev goes ahead to go but again she stops him.

Sonakshi :- Wait. Now will you go with this stain. First change it and give it to me i’ll clean it and then you go.

Dev :- No need you will spoil it totally. Let it be i myself will clean it ; saying this he again goes to his room and shuts the door loudly with irkness.

He is actually a angry man. Anger is always there on his nose.
Dev was also irritated from her talks as always. He changes his clothes and again walks towards his office. Sonakshi was talking on her phone latently,dev finds it viewy and secretly hears her talks.

Sonakshi :- Sir.. please. One last chance i know that the Money is important but right now i don’t have this much of amount. At least give me some time m trying my best to get the Money. Please sir. Please ; she was disturbed with this.

Dev hears her talks and again starts doubting on her. He just need silly reasons to doubt on her and this was it for him.

Dev :- Now you see miss magic what i do ; he has to find out the truth of it and he was determined on this. He goes to his office after having breakfast and keep observing her actions.

On the other hand sonakshi was very about that call,i have to arrange the Money any how.

Sonakshi (on phon) :- Hello riya.

Riya :- So now you remembered me. I thought you just forget that you a friend like me; she is also sona’s friend so you can imagine her reaction over it.
Sonakshi :- Ohh Please. You can give me this lecture when we meet but first tell me about the Money!!

Riya :- Yes i tried so hard to collect that but nothing much happening with me. M still trying.

Sonakshi :- Please keep trying as much as you can. I really need this.

Dev was walking around his cabin thinking about sonakshi’s words.

Dev :- Hello tina. Send vishal into my cabin in 2 mins its urgent.

Tina :- Yes sir.

Vishal goes towards his cabin and knocks the door.

Dev :- come in.

Vishal :- Good afternoon sir. How can i help you.

Dev :- I want the information right now. So tell me about her.

Vishal :- She is a very good girl sir. She is living in Mumbai from the past 2-3 year. Want to become a actress and working as a theatre artist.

Dev :- I already know this. Tell me about her past ; he become furious about her and eagerly waiting to know about her.

Vishal :- Sir she is a artist and in Mumbai you can find thousands of people like her. Nobody knows about her past but one thing is sure that she doesn’t have a family.

Dev :- Such a useless workers i have. You can’t even get little information about a girl ; he gets angry over this and throw the files on his table with his hands angrily.

Precap :- time to go with the promo.

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