Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #10

Hello everyone…… m back and my problem is finally solved so i’ll be regular like i was. So let’s start with the story now…


Dev was still standing in front of sonakshi with his *what was that* look. He was again pissed of with her. Sonakshi was now hell confused to give him a explanation. All she was doing is searching for an excuse to escape from his anger. She starts biting her nails in nervousness.

Dev :- So i am a angry young man!!! right miss neni; he was hell annoyed with her now because he was already pissed of from his office and here she was also irking him.

Sonakshi :- No!!! Not at all Mr. Dixit. I was calling you Mr. Bachan. You are also like him tall,handsome and angry young man like he was in his earlier movie; she was laughing badly under her breaths and trying to control her growing giggles. she was such a expert in making excuses.

Dev :- Ya right. I know what do you mean. Now if you are done with your la la land so can we please have our dinner ; he says this going towards the dining table.

Sonakshi :- You want to have dinner with me ; she says this while following him to the dining table.

Dev :- Can’t you have a mute button ; he asks her making her wonder over his talks.

Sonakshi :- Yes!!! But you can’t switch that off ; she passes him a sarcastic smile making him more angry over her.

Dev :- Maa was trying to woke you up for dinner but you was all losted in your la la land ; he also passed her same smile while siting on his chair.

Sonakshi :- This is why i was felling empty. How stupid i m that i don’t even remember to have my food ; she sits on her chair checking the food on table.

Dev :- And you also forget about ayan ;he says while pitching food in his plate.

Sonakshi :- He is sleeping in aunty’s room peacefully. You don’t need to worry. I know my job very well ; she says this striking spoon loudly in her plate to irk him.

Dev :- Don’t you try to forget your work or else you would be kicked out of my house very soon.

Sonakshi starts mimicking him while eating and thinks to make his mouth shut. She goes to the kitchen and picks salad plate and intentionally mixes chilli powder init to irk him more.

Sonakshi :- Wait wait wait!!! Don’t you some salad;she says this while placing the plate on the table.

Just then sonakshi slope herself into her plate that he could not get doubted about something fishy in her. Dev was so hungry that he didn’t even wonders that why she offering him salad,he just had it in his plate and starts eating.

Dev :- Aghh… Aghhh….water!!water… Aghh;he gets up from his table and starts hissing because that was too spicy for him.

Sonakshi gets up from her chair and offers him a glass of water. He immediately have it from her and swallow it down in one go but his hissing didn’t stoped and tears starts flowing from his eyes. Seeing this sonakshi’s chuckles stops. She rushes into the kitchen and comes back with roshgulla to make him eat and calm him down.

Dev hastily lend her hand and eats it with sonakshi’s finger also.
Sonakshi :- Aaooo!! You have to eat roshgulla not my hand;she says this by fluttering her finger.

Dev :- What do you think yourself. Is everything a joke for you;he says this clutching her shoulders tightly.
Sonakshi :- Look Mr. Dixit;she tries to free herself from her grip but he wasn’t even moving a inch.

Ishwari comes out of her room hearing their hustle bustle and keep her hand on her head in despair.

Ishwari :- Not again!!! You both are more kiddish then ayan. You always fights with each other; she goes closer to them and stands in front of them placing her both hands over her chest.

Dev :- Maa she intentionally mixes chili in my salad and make me eat it;he says this living sonakshi’s shoulders and goes towards her like a kid,who complains to her mother over every little thing.
Sonakshi who was standing facing his back stars chuckling slowly seeing this and catches her ears infront of Ishwari and says sorry softly to her. Ishwari smiles over her kiddish things.

Sonakshi :- Ahmmm…. No no aunty ji he is lying i didn’t do that knowingly. I toh just pick it up and placed it in front of him,i don’t know who mixed it; she says this silently pleading her not to let him know that she intentionally did that and stands near him showing herself not guilty.

Ishwari :- Ohh!! Actually i forget to tell you that i mixed chili powder init by mistake and forget to throw it;she says this to save her from his anger because she knew that this was just a joke and if he gets to know about this then he’ll surely shout at her unnecessary.

Sonakshi gives her a onesided smile for saving her from his unnecessary anger and pokes his shoulder to get his attention.Dev irkly sees her.
Dev :- Get ayan into my room after the dinner; he says this to her ignoring her indication and goes towards his room.


Precap :- Think!! Think!! Think….

So how was it…
Please let me know if i make any mistake init and give your views. It will help me to improve my writing skils ??

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  1. DramaQueen1004

    It was really amazing
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    Hahaha hilarious ????

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    Awesome….post soon

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    Really interesting epi
    Post soon
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  5. Yvonne Codner

    DWL…It was superb..The next episode will be exciting!!

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      Don’t know right now i haven’t desided anything but will make sure to give you a bombastic episode ??

  6. Ekani

    superb episode….waiting for mysterious precap…plz post soon…love u

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  8. awesome

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    Hi, today only read your ffs. It is very interesting. Just loved them all….

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