Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #1

Thank you so much guys for your views. It really helps me out while writing. Honestly i wrote 3 episodes already but when i read your views then i realize that it was too mysterious for all of you to handle. So let me tell you one thing that sona’s secret will not be reviled easily and even have any flash back so you have to wait for it for a long time. That’s it from my side so lets start with the episode ??

The episode starts with a Audi car stopping in front of The Dreamer Group of Theaters. The driver comes out of the car and opens the back gate of the car. A man comes out of the car wearing a three piece grey suit. He asks someone for the trustee’s Office and followed his instructions. Girls were checking him out while all boys were getting jealous. Everyone was talking about him.
Na jaane kha se aaya hai ??
Na jaane kha ko jaayega ??
Deewana kisse bnayega yeh ladka ??
Naa naa nana naa naa hHeh heh heh hehheh hehheh
(Hindi movie song plays in the background )
Girl 1 :- Aww he is so handsome just look at him ??
Girl 2 :- Oh my god who is he ??
In the way two workers who were caring a big mirror were going from there in which his face reflects and everyone (like who is reading got to see his face ??)
Boy 1 :- His name is Dev Dixit one of biggest business tycoon of Mumbai right now. He just shifted in Mumbai 2 days ago ??
Every news paper of Mumbai has his article with his big picture that’s why he needs no introduction ??
When everyone was busy checking him out a girl comes in the theatre running and humming a song. She was wearing a white crop top and shorts ( It is 21st century and she lives in Mumbai and also wants to be a actress so she should be like this only ??) her long hairs were all open and was playing with her face while running. And same works goes from there also and the mirror reflects her face also ??
And the same song which plays for dev plays for her but the female version ??
Naa jaane kha se aayi hai ??
Naa jaane kha ko jaayegi ??
Deewana kisse bnayegi yeh ladki ??
And her secret admirers were admiring her beauty ?? and their other girl friends were getting jealous of her ??She goes to the bunch of people who were siting in the canteen and sits with them giving a blissful smile which makes all of them smile.
Other scene
Dev comes to the trustee’s office and knocks the door.
In the cabin an old man was siting on the seat and gives him the permission to come in.
Dev :- Hello sir i am Dev… Dev Dixit
Old man :- You don’t need to give your introduction to anyone. Everyone knows you ??
Dev :- ??
Old man :- So here are the paper you can check it and then sign it.
Dev :- Thank you so much for this i will always be grateful to you.
Old man :- You the biggest business tycoon of the city right now young man so why did you brought this theatre. What is the use of buying this.
(Background music play of Krpkab which was used when it was dev’s introduction * That woh ho ho ho woo woo*)
Dev (while signing the papers) :- Sometimes dreams are bigger the the needs. I am just fulfilling someone’s dream.
And a drop of tears escapes from his eyes and he tries to hide it.
Dev’s Pov :-
Finally today i fulfilled her another wish. In this last year my life is all about fulfilling your dreams and this is also one of them. I wish that it will make you happy.( The identity of this girl will be revealed in the story soon)
Dev’s Pov ends here
Other scene
In the corridor the girl who was first setting in the canteen running alone shouting for help. Hearing this everyone comes out of their rooms where people were rehearsing and doing there own works and dev also comes out. He was also going to the corridor and suddenly the girl bump into him and was about to fall but dev holds her with his hands.
(Krpkab soft tune plays in the background)
Dev’s Pov :-
I was all shocked seeing her running but i was unable to see her face because her hairs covered her face completely and before i could see her face i saw her hand was all red. It seems like blood was coming from her wrist and she was getting unconscious because of blood lose maybe she was running to get some help and was scared of someone. I took her up and was about to run for the hospital and then suddenly i heard the sound of clapping and hooting from my back and before i turn i heard that girl’s laugh who was unconscious just a sec ago and she run towards the group of people leaving me shocked ??
Dev’s Prv ends here
Girl :- So i won again ??
Everyone was shocked ?? including dev
(In the canteen where the girl was siting with some people)
Boy 1 :- So finally you came today. I thought you won’t because today its your dare.
Girl :- I am not like other girl. I am a dazzler. You just wait and watch. I will do this. Otherwise my name is not Sonakshi and she smirks ??
(And the Krpkab bg music plays which was played in sona’s entry)
Boy 2 :- Hey you are forgetting something (showing her the bottle of red color)
Sonakshi :- Yes give it to me and get all your positions.
Saying this she goes to the corridor where the drama begins
************Flashback Ends**********
Dev’s face become red with anger and he goes to her and holds her tight.
Dev :- Are you mad or what. Who the hell do you think yourself. Why you do all this drama.
Sonakshi (While doing efforts to make her from his tight grip) :- Ohh hello Mr. Three piece. Why are you shouting at me like this. And by the way for your kind info you are standing here in a theatre where only one thing happens which is drama. So chill don’t take it seriously and she again smirks.
Dev (Pointing his finger towards her with anger) :- You ??
Sonakshi (Getting angry with his behavior) :- Yes me
(And the background music plays which used to play in serial when the used to fight *hope you all remember*)
He was about to say something when the old man comes and take him from there saying it happens here daily and smiles to keep him calm.
And they both part their ways in different sides.
Sonakshi’s Pov :-
I was so happy because i won the bet but my happiness fade away when that man holds me tight by my shoulders that was hurting me. First i got so angry on him but when i saw in his eyes all my anger vanished in a sec. I just lost myself in them. They were so deep that i can’t control myself for falling in them. It seemed like those eyes have my everything i was so lost in his eyes but his tight grip which was hurting me took me to the reality. How can he even touch me. If there was anyone else him i would slapped him so hard for hurting me that he never dares to touch anyone in his whole life. But why i can’t slapped him ??
And sona’s Pov ends here

Episode ends

Precap :- Thin think what it could be ?? (may be your views help me out with the next episode ??)
And this is it for today so please stay tuned till the next update. ??

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  1. Akshita

    I thought they are ex lovers BT noo they are strangers nd I think dev”s 1st wife has died nd he is fulfilling her wishes??
    nd may be while all this he falls for sonakshi??
    Is my guess ryt??

    1. Priya12

      Yeah, akshita..I too think the same..

    2. Ritya

      No they are strangers but they have a connection with each other that will be revealed soon in upcoming episodes .
      And i would love to say you that you are right but your prediction is wrong

      1. Akshita

        It’s good that i’m wrong ?

  2. Awesome plss post soon

    1. Ritya

      Yes next one is under processing and will be there soon ☺

  3. Priya12

    Woww…epi is damn interesting…
    It’s so mysterious…
    Post soon..can’t wait..
    I m excited..

    1. Ritya

      Mystery is the life of my story ??

      1. Priya12

        I will be waiting

  4. V.V.harshita

    OMG !!!!
    Really confusing…..I thought whose dream Dev is fulfilling is sona’s but here …it’s so….different ….maybe it is his mom’s or ….ex-girlfrnd’s dream……??????
    Wht ever plz plzs plzs post soon….I can’t Waite ????

    1. Ritya

      He is fulfilling the dreams of his very closed one and their relation is the precious one ? and all the confusion will be cleared in upcoming episodes….

  5. Kriti249

    Nice and I have a sincere request please don’t add emoji instead write down their feelings and please don’t switch from third person’s narrative to first person’s narrative cuz it breaks the flow. I have heard people say they should not change the perspective and you can also write down their feelings in third person’s narrative too.
    Please don’t get hurt by this comment, I seriously don’t mean to hurt anyone. It’s just a suggestion.

    1. Ritya

      I will surely work on this and try to keep it simple yet full of fellings ☺ and Thank you for your views it will help me out while writing …

  6. Amazing

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ?

  7. Nice epi
    post soon

    1. Ritya

      Its up for the review you will get it soon ☺

  8. Geaniee

    Hi guyz… This is geaniee ?
    New at TU page
    A silent reader
    Fan of devakshi n arshi…
    Ritya…It’s inrstng post nxt epi soon…?

    1. Ritya

      It is on the way ☺☺

  9. Nice epi. ..with suspense…I thought tat he is fulfilling his sister’s…but not sure…but I am eager to know wat will be the next…

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