Soulmates Chap-4


Hey guys I am back, I am really sorry for the short update but I was under seriously sleepy medicines because of allergy but an that’s why it was short but this one will be long
So the episode starts with where we left
Pragya leaves the café and goes to a place where she feels good as she is alone and can think clearly. Abhi who is trying to follow her is having great difficulty following her collies with a small girl
G:(starts crying) waaaahhhh uncle ne meri ice cream gira de
Abhi who is tryng to keep an eye on Pragya says: I’ll get you one more but not now later
Girl cries even harder
A:ok ok I’ll get u one
But as he gets done wit it Pragya had already left and loses her sight
A:oh no I lost her

Scene shifts to ishveer and rabul. Their class is over as they leave bulveer are thinking of doing the things they plan to bulbul to scold purab for his cheap joke and ranveer to talk to ishani
So lets see what happens to rabul
B:hey you cheapaster(cheap person)
Purab shocked: are u calling me
B: can u see anyone around
B:so it means u
P:what did I do
B: asking me what u did and narrates everything to him
P: I didn’t do it
B: firstly do one thing and deny it and slaps purab
P:how dare u slap me
But bulbul had already left
Lets see how it went with ishveer
Rv:hey ishaani
Ishani who is walking turns around
Rv is again lost in her beauty and starts dreaming
Rv: hey ishu I like u
I: I too
Rv is about to hug but stars getting shaken by her
Ranveer ranveer

He comes out of the dream while ishaani is standing in front of him
Rv in his mind so it was just a dream
I: hey dream boy snapping her finger in front of him where are u
Rv: oh hey a (thinking of how to start) hey did u like the prof
I: well study wise he is great but he is really strict
Rv: well I can see
I: what
Rv: no no no I was saying that u threw that paperball back at me
I: when did i
Rv: u didn’t then who and narrates everything
Oh no purab tu to gaya
Hey I’ll be back
Ishaani thinking but why did he throw a ball at me and leaves
Lets get back to our abhigya
Pragya reaches the beach side a place which is very peaceful. Wind is blowing as the waves crash against the coast. Pragya is sitting on the rock crying
P:why me why can’t I be like others. Even my friends get embarrassed because of me . people why don’t people like simplicity why so much urrrh I have to be strong who cares what people say it their work to keep on criticizing but I have to silent them

Suddenly wind blows and a flyer hit Pragya face. She reads it
P: talent show
She leaves from there wiping her tears
Abhi walks in from behind
A:oh Pragya I will help u
Pragya comes backwhile passing through the halls she haers abhi
B:arree abhi tu uus Pragya ke saath kya karta hai
A:she is nice
B: yaar ye dekh talent show for pairs who will be your pair
A: I don’t know
B: tu kya Pragya ke bare mei to nahi soch raha
A:yaar if she wants to prove herself then she will surely take part
B: kabhi nahi
Riya and her gang walks in
R: and even she takes part she will never be able to go ahead
Abhi leaves from there and Pragya says to herself
P:now I will surely take part and leaves from there

The episode ends here
Guys so this one might be long and thank you all and lets see your response

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