Soulmates can never be separated (manmarziyan) (episode3)

Hii guys…iam back..
Hope you all didn’t forget me…
Sorry for this long gap..
Anyway I’ll provide the links of old episodes here..
episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3
One girl enters the canteen…She looks very cute and gorgeous..She is not having any makeup and all…She is very simple types..
Abeer:Meher,this is Sam…
and Sam..this is Meher ..and he is her fiance..Neil.
Sam:I know them…yaar..
Sam: how…daily you are saying about Meher na…ofcourse i will know..
Abeer and Meher are talking about their childhood moments.
Neil is reading books..
Sam is little shocked by his behavior…
Sam:I already heard that you are little bookworm types…but never expected this much..
Don’t you know anything other than studying..?
Neil:Don’t you know anything other than this blabbering…
Sam:So rude..
Neil:what..You better stay away from me..

Sam in low voice:I wish to give an award to meher for suffering this khadoos..
Neil:Did you say something?
Sam is shocked:no..not at all..
Neil :fine and please don’t disturb me..let me study.. ..
Abeer and Meher comes to them.
Abeer:so guys..Lets go for a trip..
Meher looks Neil.
Neil:no week we have exams..
Abeer:its just an exam..
Announcement:Exams are postponed to next month..
Abeer,sam and meher jumps in happiness..
Abeer:so now..there is no problem of exams..Tonight,lets have a party.
Meher:but where?
Abeer:In my house..at7pm. will be there na.
Neil without any interest:ya…

Meher jumps with happiness..
Sam looks at Neil..
They all leave to their class.
Lecture is going on..
lecturer asks a question ..
The whole class is silent..

Commonly Neil is the person who says the answer.Neil was about to stand but Sam said the answer..
Neil in his mind:oh so she know something in studies also..
The episode ends..
Precap:Neil got drunk and is saying something to Sam.
So guys how was it..
Hope you liked it..
Next episode will be posted soon.


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  2. Wait wait meher neil goinv to marry

    1. Hey yaar…the pairs are nesam and mehbeer itself..

  3. zayn ♥♥♥

    I did not 4get u but missed u ♥♥♥
    OMG here meher n neil r d pair!!!

    1. Thanks a lot for remembering me zayn…i will never forget you from now..The pairs are nesam and mehbeer…
      And by the way r u reading swaragini ffs..?

  4. Gud dr :-).

    1. Thanks liya..

  5. Nice …

    1. Thanks subha..

  6. Nice !!but where is our ardhika , don’t mistake me I love them somuch.. Pls update soon dear.

  7. Thanks yaar…There is no aardhika in my ff. …sorry..

  8. Very gud. Neil is now bookworm. Drastic chang of personality. lol. Waiting for next one.

    1. Will post next one asap

  9. Nice episode dear.

    1. Thanks yaar..

  10. Guys pls forgive me…Iam stopping this ff.

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